Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou

Vol.02 Ch.015 A Lovely Girl? A Daring Girl!!?

Ch.000 [Oneshot] Vol.01 Ch.001 Izumo, Is a Woman Vol.01 Ch.002 Transfer Destination Is a Celebrity School! Vol.01 Ch.003 Conditions of an Adult Princess's Charm Vol.01 Ch.004 Female Role's Secret Vol.01 Ch.005 In Time!!? On the Eve of the Performance!! Vol.01 Ch.006 Stage Production of Charm and Seduction!! Vol.01 Ch.007 Princess!!? House Kunisaki's Great Offensive!! Vol.01 Ch.008 Performer Conditions Playful Princess!!? Vol.02 Ch.009 Separate the Real Enemy!? Minamoto Kuroe's Astonishment!! Vol.02 Ch.010 The Princess Who Creeps Around at Night Vol.02 Ch.011 The Ordeal of Kabuki!? Minamoto House's Revolt! Vol.02 Ch.012 Towarding the Climax! Miss Kunisaki?!! Vol.02 Ch.013 A Crisis Call!? The Iron Rule of the Kabuki World? Vol.02 Ch.014 Fascination and Nuisance!? The Forbidden Trio!! Vol.02 Ch.015 A Lovely Girl? A Daring Girl!!? Vol.02 Ch.016 Outdoor Play Is NSFW!!? Vol.02 Ch.017 On the Actual Stage!!? Theatre Inspection!! Vol.02 Ch.018 The Princess Gets Exposed?! A Big Uproar in Club Activities!!! Vol.03 Ch.019 Who Is the Criminal!? The Princesses's Great Investigation!!! Vol.03 Ch.020 A Challenge to Kunisaki House?!! Vol.03 Ch.021 To Know the Enemy Princess's Dedication Vol.03 Ch.022 Let the Princess Clear Up the Family Dispute???!!! Vol.03 Ch.023 Guidance to Resolve Infighting Princesses!!? Vol.03 Ch.024 The Princess's Transformation Triggers a Change of Heart in the Brothers!!? Vol.03 Ch.025 The Brothers' Dispute Sparks... Vol.03 Ch.026 Win the Game and Keep the Secret!? Vol.03 Ch.027 Summer Night,The Princess's Secret Vol.03 Ch.028 No Matter How Frightened I am, I Must Show My Manly Image Vol.04 Ch.029 Natural Enemy of the Performance!? A Dull Young Man. Vol.04 Ch.030 Continuation of the Sponsership!? Tactics of the Ryuuguujyou. Vol.04 Ch.031 If the Princess Is in High Spirits, Even Kids Will Dance!? Vol.04 Ch.032 Is Oiwa's Grief Conveyed to the Father-Son Pair!? Vol.04 Ch.033 Izumo, Revolt of the Maid!? Vol.04 Ch.034 On the Night of the Festival, Beauties Suit Each Other. Vol.04 Ch.035 Izumo Escapes from the Hated Kunisaki House? Vol.04 Ch.036 There's Premonition of Strife at the Boarding House Vol.04 Ch.037 The Desired (!!?) Zankabuki Audition!!! Vol.04 Ch.038 Don't Lose, Izumo!! A Princess Isn't Suited to Tears!! Vol.05 Ch.039 That Noble Youth Has a Secret Vol.05 Ch.040 If the Princess Smiles Courage Increases a Hundredfold Vol.05 Ch.041 Taking Advantage of the Master's Absence!!? Vol.05 Ch.042 To Kill or Get Killed!! The Zankabuki Official Stage Vol.05 Ch.043 Maids and Women and Pride Vol.05 Ch.044 Bad News, Izumo!! Friends Are Coming Over to Watch the Kabuki Performance!! Vol.05 Ch.045 School Romance!!? Bishoujo's devotion to Izumo!!! Vol.05 Ch.046 The Princess hesitates about the apprentice candidate!? Vol.05 Ch.047 Princess Izumo Style!!? Apperentice-in Take Test!! Vol.06 Ch.048 Some Personal Problems of Izumo Kunisski Vol.06 Ch.049 The Princess, The Test and The Nadai Exam!! Vol.06 Ch.050 Some Personal Problems of Izumo Kunisski Vol.06 Ch.051 Read Online Vol.06 Ch.052 Showdown between the East and West!!? Vol.06 Ch.053 Stage 53 Kamigata's play stirs up trouble!!? Vol.06 Ch.054 Solo Acting is the Start of Losing One's Way!!? Vol.06 Ch.055 Enkindle the Flame Within Tojiro!! Vol.06 Ch.056 Pay Attention to the Emotions of Sonezaki Forest Vol.06 Ch.057 Izumo's Special but Complicated Day Vol.06 Ch.058 A Phantasmagoria?! The Duty of a Princess! Vol.06 Ch.059 Vol.06 Ch.060
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