Kono S o, Mi yo!

Vol.11 Ch.116 Malice

Vol.01 Ch.001 I've Lived Hiding My Ass Vol.01 Ch.002 The Birthmark's Magic Vol.01 Ch.003 Even So You're Still a Good for Nothing Vol.01 Ch.004 BARE YOUR FANGS!! Vol.01 Ch.005 You're Making Fun of Me... Vol.01 Ch.006 I Got It!! Vol.01 Ch.007 Just a Little Bit... Vol.01 Ch.008 As a Man... Vol.02 Ch.009 I'm Sorry Vol.02 Ch.010 Like Me Vol.02 Ch.011 My First Time... Vol.02 Ch.012 Farewell!! Vol.02 Ch.013 Thr Birthmark's Limit Vol.02 Ch.014 You Wanted to Take It? Vol.02 Ch.015 Until We Get Married Vol.02 Ch.016 Don't Trust Her! Vol.02 Ch.017 I'm Not Going to Let Go! Vol.02 Ch.018 Ya———h!! Vol.03 Ch.019 In hear,in heat, in heat!! Vol.03 Ch.020 I Believe in Her!! Vol.03 Ch.021 Meeting Place Vol.03 Ch.022 That Look Vol.03 Ch.023 Postponement Vol.03 Ch.024 That's an Order! Vol.03 Ch.025 Old Lady Vol.03 Ch.026 I Knew It Vol.03 Ch.027 From the Beginning Vol.03 Ch.028 Sharing Happiness Vol.03 Ch.029 Bad Woman Vol.04 Ch.030 What Am I Stupid!! Vol.04 Ch.031 To Hell with Love Vol.04 Ch.032 Bad Older Sister Vol.04 Ch.033 Anxiety Vol.04 Ch.034 I Don't Get It Vol.04 Ch.035 What the Hell Am I Doing? Vol.04 Ch.036 Sex with Rin Vol.04 Ch.037 Night of Sex Vol.04 Ch.038 Rin-kun's Fault Vol.04 Ch.039 I Love You Vol.04 Ch.040 About the Birthmark Vol.05 Ch.041 Ways of Expressing Feelings Vol.05 Ch.042 I'm Not Gonna Lose!! Vol.05 Ch.043 The Man of My Life Vol.05 Ch.044 So It Was True Vol.05 Ch.045 After One Year Vol.05 Ch.046 Screw, or Be Screwed Vol.05 Ch.047 Don't Fuck with Me!! Vol.05 Ch.048 Aren't We in the Same Boat? Vol.05 Ch.049 It's Me, Chizuru..... Vol.05 Ch.050 Chizuru's Memories I Vol.05 Ch.051 Chizuru's Memories II Vol.06 Ch.052 Chizuru's Memories III Vol.06 Ch.053 Chizuru's Memories IV Vol.06 Ch.054 Chizuru's Memories V Vol.06 Ch.055 Jump, Dolphin, Jump Vol.06 Ch.056 Piggyback Vol.06 Ch.057 Like I Thought Vol.06 Ch.058 Individual Feelings Vol.06 Ch.059 Madeleine Vol.06 Ch.060 I Can't Take It Vol.06 Ch.061 I Won't Hand Her Over Vol.06 Ch.062 I Should Just Use It Vol.07 Ch.063 Even Then, I''ll Vol.07 Ch.064 Adult Vol.07 Ch.065 The Two of Them on That Day Vol.07 Ch.066 Don't Trouble Me Vol.07 Ch.067 I Love You, Rin-kun Vol.07 Ch.068 Like a Dream Vol.07 Ch.069 Something I Want to Show You Vol.07 Ch.070 Show Me Your Mark ♥ Vol.07 Ch.071 Breasts Vol.07 Ch.072 Envy Vol.07 Ch.073 Oral Vol.08 Ch.074 Tristan and Isolde Vol.08 Ch.075 Not Letting Go Vol.08 Ch.076 A Cruel Choice Vol.08 Ch.077 Forever Together Vol.08 Ch.078 Nothing Vol.08 Ch.079 Ootori and Chizuru Vol.08 Ch.080 Ghost Gentleman Vol.08 Ch.081 The Power to Cause Unhappiness Vol.08 Ch.082 Pimp!! Vol.08 Ch.083 Claiming it Vol.08 Ch.084 Marry me! Vol.09 Ch.085 Money and Love Vol.09 Ch.086 Bought Vol.09 Ch.087 Awakening Vol.09 Ch.088 I‘m Ready Vol.09 Ch.089 Doesn't Mean Anything Vol.09 Ch.090 The Happiness of Both Vol.09 Ch.091 Money Rules Vol.09 Ch.092 She Saw Me!! Vol.09 Ch.093 Angel Eyes Vol.09 Ch.094 Crossing the Line Vol.09 Ch.095 You are wrong! Vol.10 Ch.096 Somebody Else Vol.10 Ch.097 The Destined One Vol.10 Ch.098 Stop Being Facetious!! Vol.10 Ch.099 Indecisive Vol.10 Ch.100 Delusional Captive Vol.10 Ch.101 Dangerous Woman Vol.10 Ch.102 I Will Release You Vol.10 Ch.103 My Responsibility Vol.10 Ch.104 Respective Determinations Vol.10 Ch.105 Punishment Vol.10 Ch.106 The Importance of Money Vol.11 Ch.107 Vol.11 Ch.108 Lumped Together Vol.11 Ch.109 That's not it!! Vol.11 Ch.110 Ootori Shinya Vol.11 Ch.111 Ootori Shinya II Vol.11 Ch.112 Ootori Shinya III Vol.11 Ch.113 Ootori Shinya IV Vol.11 Ch.114 True Colours Vol.11 Ch.115 The Forbidden Mark Vol.11 Ch.116 Malice Vol.12 Ch.117 Not a Lie Vol.12 Ch.118 Declaration Vol.12 Ch.119 Camera Play Vol.12 Ch.120 Actually Vol.12 Ch.121 Bruises and Wounds Vol.12 Ch.122 Bruises and Wounds II Vol.12 Ch.123 Bruises and Wounds III Vol.12 Ch.124 Bruises & Wounds IV Vol.12 Ch.125 Bruises and Wounds V Vol.12 Ch.126 Bruises and Wounds VI
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