Kongou Banchou

Vol.04 Ch.035 2-A's Iai Banchou

Vol.01 Ch.001 Akira Kongou Appears!! Vol.01 Ch.002 Kongou Banchou Vol.01 Ch.003 The 23 District Project Vol.01 Ch.004 Petals of Fresh Blood Vol.01 Ch.005 Kongou Banchou vs Iai Banchou Vol.01 Ch.006 The Start of a Fierce Battle Vol.01 Ch.006.5 23 Disctrict Conquest Map \ Kongoh Bancho Character File Vol.02 Ch.007 The Evil Influence of Nenbutsu Banchou Vol.02 Ch.008 God, or Devil? Vol.02 Ch.009 Kongou Banchou vs Nenbutsu Banchou Vol.02 Ch.010 Ridiculously Strong Man Vol.02 Ch.011 The Truth Behind the Mystery Vol.02 Ch.012 Kongou Banchou vs Gouriki Banchou Vol.02 Ch.013 Cheers! Vol.02 Ch.014 Dancing Rose Vol.02 Ch.015 The Evil Influence of Hikyou Banchou Vol.02 Ch.016 Kongou Banchou vs Hikyou Banchou Vol.02 Ch.016.5 Kongoh Bancho Character File Vol.03 Ch.017 Fairly and Cowardly Vol.03 Ch.018 Let's Follow Kongou Banchou!! Vol.03 Ch.019 Kongou Banchou's Grief Counselling Vol.03 Ch.020 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Vol.03 Ch.021 Kongou Banchou vs Sasori Banchou Vol.03 Ch.022 The Futility of Revenge, That Man's Name Is... Vol.03 Ch.023 Blood Relative Origins Vol.03 Ch.024 Raid on Raimei High School!! Vol.03 Ch.025 Tryouts Vol.03 Ch.026 Kongou Banchou vs Five Dark Vows Vol.03 Ch.026.5 Kongoh Bancho Character File Vol.04 Ch.027 Banchou Clash Vol.04 Ch.028 2-A, Banchou Gathering Vol.04 Ch.029 Hikyou Banchou vs Kabuki Banchou Vol.04 Ch.030 Gouriki Banchou vs Kangoku Banchou Vol.04 Ch.031 Rampaging Pretty Face Vol.04 Ch.032 Nenbutsu Banchou vs Nenchaku Banchou Vol.04 Ch.033 Sublime! Batou Kouron Vol.04 Ch.034 Iai Banchou vs Douke Banchou Vol.04 Ch.035 2-A's Iai Banchou Vol.04 Ch.036 Hide and Seek Vol.05 Ch.037 Jintoukyou Crumbles!! Vol.05 Ch.038 Kongou Banchou vs Bakunetsu Banchou Vol.05 Ch.039 Nenbutsu Banchou's Resolve Vol.05 Ch.040 Two Conclusions Vol.05 Ch.041 Report Vol.05 Ch.042 The Cool-Headed Hunter Vol.05 Ch.043 Noise Vol.05 Ch.044 Kongou Banchou vs Machine Banchou Vol.05 Ch.045 Kongou Banchou Falls Vol.06 Ch.046 The Dark Avenger Vol.06 Ch.047 Steel Demon Vol.06 Ch.048 Answer Vol.06 Ch.049 The Light of Courage Vol.06 Ch.050 Countdown to Despair Vol.06 Ch.051 Kongou Banchou Reborn Vol.06 Ch.052 Kongou Banchou vs Machine Banchou, Again Vol.06 Ch.053 A Contradictory Fact Vol.06 Ch.054 Invoking Violent Mode Vol.06 Ch.055 My Own Will Vol.07 Ch.056 What He Wants to Protect Vol.07 Ch.057 Farewell, Steel Soldier... Vol.07 Ch.058 Don't Call Me Nasty!! Vol.07 Ch.059 Monopolizing Angels Is Forbidden Vol.07 Ch.060 Enveloping Dark Clouds Vol.07 Ch.061 One Who Expresses Love Vol.07 Ch.062 Lamentation Vol.07 Ch.063 Something Wrong in the Banchou War Vol.07 Ch.064 The Mysterious White Uniform Vol.07 Ch.065 Trembling Canaria Vol.08 Ch.066 Severe Earthquake Vol.08 Ch.067 "Decimation Crisis!! 23 District Banchous" Vol.08 Ch.068 Sasori Banchou vs GauGau Banchou Vol.08 Ch.069 The Banchous Won't Be Stopped Vol.08 Ch.070 Are You Prepared? Vol.08 Ch.071 The Sea's Baptism Vol.08 Ch.072 The Sea Fog Hotel Vol.08 Ch.073 Guardian Angel Vol.08 Ch.074 Some Things Are More Important Than Myself Vol.08 Ch.075 Battle Start, the Eternal Stage Vol.08 Ch.075.5 Character File Vol.09 Ch.076 Pure Greed Vol.09 Ch.077 Hikyou Banchou vs Jiryoku Banchou Vol.09 Ch.078 Hikyou Banchou's Tenacity Vol.09 Ch.079 Sasori Banchou vs Drill Banchou Vol.09 Ch.080 A Woman's Soul Vol.09 Ch.081 I'm Already Here...!! Vol.09 Ch.082 The Puzzling Colossus Vol.09 Ch.083 ... Imagine It!! Vol.09 Ch.084 Hidden Secrets Vol.09 Ch.085 Kongou Banchou vs Bungaku Banchou Vol.09 Ch.085.5 Gaiden & Banchoh Character File Vol.10 Ch.086 The Nightmare Awakens Vol.10 Ch.087 Battlefield Mugenjima Vol.10 Ch.088 The Banchou Alliance vs Hakai Banchou Vol.10 Ch.089 Our Proof Vol.10 Ch.090 Protect Akiba!! Vol.10 Ch.091 The Man Who Lived Vol.10 Ch.092 The Reuniting Strike Vol.10 Ch.093 The Price of Softness Vol.10 Ch.094 Hikyou Banchou vs Iai Banchou Vol.10 Ch.095 True Friends Vol.11 Ch.096 Tokyo Revolution Vol.11 Ch.097 What's Japan Coming To! A Young Girl's Cry!! Vol.11 Ch.098 The Final Banchou War Begins!! Vol.11 Ch.099 Fear! The Four Heavenly Kings Vol.11 Ch.100 The Person Robbed Of All Vol.11 Ch.101 Hikyou Banchou vs Gedou Banchou Vol.11 Ch.101.5 Gaiden Vol.11 Ch.102 Warning Notice The Banchou Hunt Vol.11 Ch.103 Opening the Door of Fate Vol.11 Ch.104 Out of Control!! Vol.11 Ch.105 Entrusted Hearts Vol.12 Ch.106 Iai Banchou vs Kenpei Banchou Vol.12 Ch.107 The Secret Sword Oborotachi Vol.12 Ch.108 The Rhapsody of Beasts Vol.12 Ch.109 Prelude to the End Vol.12 Ch.110 Dead or Alive Vol.12 Ch.111 Kongou Akira vs Kongou Takeshi Vol.12 Ch.112 Kongou Banchou vs Nippon Banchou Vol.12 Ch.113 Farewell, Kongou Banchou!! Vol.12 Ch.114 ...And Five Years Later
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