Kokou no Hito

Vol.01 Ch.001 School Building Ascension

Vol.01 Ch.001 School Building Ascension Vol.01 Ch.002 Rope Partner Vol.01 Ch.003 Climbing Shoes Vol.01 Ch.004 Image Climbing Vol.01 Ch.005 Onsite Vol.01 Ch.006 Climb Observation! Vol.01 Ch.007 Moves Vol.01 Ch.008 Takatori Mountain Vol.01 Ch.009 Vision Vol.02 Ch.010 Solo Climber Vol.02 Ch.011 Seeking Independent Action Vol.02 Ch.012 Buntarou's Shadow Vol.02 Ch.013 Emergency Stairs Vol.02 Ch.014 Personal Limitations Vol.02 Ch.015 Path Vol.02 Ch.016 Futago Mountain Vol.02 Ch.017 Falling Accident Vol.02 Ch.018 Life-saving Vol.02 Ch.019 Antihero Vol.02 Ch.020 Heartlessness Vol.03 Ch.021 Dawn at Yatsugatake Vol.03 Ch.022 Snowy Mountain Baptism Vol.03 Ch.023 Sleet Vol.03 Ch.024 Climb Vol.03 Ch.025 Town Lights Vol.03 Ch.026 Two People's Grudges Vol.03 Ch.027 Climb to Flight Vol.03 Ch.028 Truth Vol.03 Ch.029 Karmic Overturn Vol.03 Ch.030 Memory of Falling Vol.03 Ch.031 Do or Die Vol.04 Ch.032 Silent Return Vol.04 Ch.033 Some Years Quietly Flow Vol.04 Ch.034 Porter Vol.04 Ch.035 What to Avoid Vol.04 Ch.036 Memorial Mountain Vol.04 Ch.037 Scout Vol.04 Ch.038 Untrodden Ice Wall Vol.04 Ch.039 Cost Vol.04 Ch.040 Plaintive Encounter Vol.04 Ch.041 Pure Heart and Impure Vol.04 Ch.042 Carnal Desires Vol.05 Ch.043 Muddy Stream Departure Vol.05 Ch.044 Test for Extreme Altitudes Vol.05 Ch.045 Free from Worldly Thoughts Vol.05 Ch.046 Regulation in the Mountains Vol.05 Ch.047 Friction Vol.05 Ch.048 Stardust Path Ridge Walk Vol.05 Ch.049 True Nature Vol.05 Ch.050 Buntarou and Society Vol.05 Ch.051 First Snow Capped Peak Vol.05 Ch.052 Those Who Climb Vol.06 Ch.053 Resolve Vol.06 Ch.054 Tenacious Man Vol.06 Ch.055 Niimi Taku's Karma Vol.06 Ch.056 For What Reason Does He Climb Vol.06 Ch.057 Self-Admonition Vol.06 Ch.058 Wandering the Cycle of Rebirth Vol.06 Ch.059 Self Projection Vol.06 Ch.060 Attack and Defense Vol.06 Ch.061 Taught by Mountains Vol.06 Ch.062 Amalgam Team Vol.07 Ch.063 Visit Vol.07 Ch.064 Utopia Vol.07 Ch.065 God of War's Deep-Rooted Delusion Vol.07 Ch.066 Non-Fruit-Bearing Flower Vol.07 Ch.067 Men in the Flames of Hell Vol.07 Ch.068 Enduring Man Vol.07 Ch.069 Solo Climber's Struggle Vol.07 Ch.070 Kaerazu no Ken Vol.07 Ch.071 Sorrowful Decision Vol.07 Ch.072 Isolated Mountain Vol.08 Ch.073 Guidepost of Ice and Snow Vol.08 Ch.074 Climb Dying Hope Vol.08 Ch.075 Wedge Vol.08 Ch.076 Memento Mori Vol.08 Ch.077 Trace Vol.08 Ch.078 Dangerous Ridge Traversal Path Vol.08 Ch.079 Gate of Judgement Vol.08 Ch.080 The Cross Called "Returning Alive" Vol.08 Ch.081 Niimi Taku's Loneliness Vol.08 Ch.082 Nighthawk Vol.09 Ch.083 Dying Words Vol.09 Ch.084 Parting Vol.09 Ch.085 Tactics Vol.09 Ch.086 This is the K2 East-Face Vol.09 Ch.087 Solo Climber Mori Buntarou Vol.09 Ch.088 Stand-alone Peak Vol.09 Ch.089 Believed in Path Vol.09 Ch.090 Challenger to the K2 East-Face Vol.09 Ch.091 Buntarou's Thoughts Vol.09 Ch.092 Word of God Vol.10 Ch.093 Snow Vol.10 Ch.094 Crystal Vol.10 Ch.095 The Man Who Returned Vol.10 Ch.096 Farewell Note Vol.10 Ch.097 Mountain of Memories Vol.10 Ch.098 Classmates Vol.10 Ch.099 Cherry Vol.10 Ch.100 Blue Impulse Vol.10 Ch.101 Sinful Pride Vol.10 Ch.102 Time Man Vol.11 Ch.103 Heaven and Earth Vol.11 Ch.104 Rules of a Simple Game Vol.11 Ch.105 Falling Vol.11 Ch.106 This Dizziness, Drunkenness Vol.11 Ch.107 Things Like Love and Work Vol.11 Ch.108 Turbulent Air Vol.11 Ch.109 Whiteout Vol.11 Ch.110 Wild Fire Vol.11 Ch.111 Marble Vol.11 Ch.112 Immortal Solo Climber Vol.12 Ch.113 Katou Buntarou Vol.12 Ch.114 The Oxygen-less Situation Called Loneliness Vol.12 Ch.115 Lost Youth Vol.12 Ch.116 Unapproved Advancement Vol.12 Ch.117 Prepared for Death Journey Vol.12 Ch.118 Question Vol.12 Ch.119 Adventurer Vol.12 Ch.120 Stone Wall of Lamentation Vol.12 Ch.121 Utmost Summit Vol.12 Ch.122 Funeral Vol.13 Ch.123 Best Time Vol.13 Ch.124 We Are Here Vol.13 Ch.125 Impulse That Cannot Be Wiped Away Vol.13 Ch.126 Greatest Trial Vol.13 Ch.127 Death Is in Between Illusion and Reality Vol.13 Ch.128 Provocation Vol.13 Ch.129 Mountains or Family Vol.13 Ch.130 Impulse That Can Be Silent Vol.13 Ch.131 Buntarou's Choice Vol.13 Ch.132 To K2 Vol.14 Ch.133 Attack Vol.14 Ch.134 Antithesis Vol.14 Ch.135 Pure Sport Aspiration Vol.14 Ch.136 High Pressure Vol.14 Ch.137 Abnormally High Vol.14 Ch.138 Freezing Temple Vol.14 Ch.139 Overture Vol.14 Ch.140 Gravity's Aggression Vol.14 Ch.141 Impregnable Vol.14 Ch.142 Volunteer Vol.15 Ch.143 Despair and Secret Vol.15 Ch.144 Regretful Decision Vol.15 Ch.145 The Elevation Sickness Called Love and Hate Vol.15 Ch.146 Hero Vol.15 Ch.147 Clmb-Reaching Nirvana Vol.15 Ch.148 Chance Meeting Vol.15 Ch.149 Chance Meeting Vol.15 Ch.150 Apostle Vol.15 Ch.151 Parting Regrets Vol.15 Ch.152 Prayer Vol.16 Ch.153 At Home Vol.16 Ch.154 Solo Climber Vol.16 Ch.155 Ecstasy Vol.16 Ch.156 Immorality Vol.16 Ch.157 Enjoying Pleasure Together Vol.16 Ch.158 Inhuman Vol.16 Ch.159 Conflict Vol.16 Ch.160 Alder King Vol.16 Ch.161 Rivalry Vol.16 Ch.162 Information Vol.17 Ch.163 Remorse Vol.17 Ch.164 Determination Vol.17 Ch.165 Annulment Vol.17 Ch.166 Loneliness Vol.17 Ch.167 Last Farewell Vol.17 Ch.168 Instinct Vol.17 Ch.169 Grace Vol.17 Ch.170 Survivor
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