Keroro Gunsou

Vol.05 Ch.041 Birthday Blitz!!

Vol.01 Ch.001 Sergeant Keroro Vol.01 Ch.002 Captain of the Hinata Household Vol.01 Ch.003 Multiple Personality Girl, Nishizawa Momoka Vol.01 Ch.004 Sergeant's House Examination Vol.01 Ch.005 State of the Hinata Household (+Alpha) Report Vol.01 Ch.006 Sergeant Surveillance Plan Vol.01 Ch.007 Advent of Combat During Rainy Season Vol.01 Ch.008 Sergeant and Momoka's Southern Sea Plan Vol.01 Ch.009 Playful Perfect Paradise Paid Vacation Vol.01 Ch.010 The Sublime Revelation on the Hinata Family Vol.02 Ch.011 A New Life-Form Attacks! Vol.02 Ch.012 Battle Royale Keroro vs. Giroro Vol.02 Ch.013 Seargent Reaches the Critical Point Vol.02 Ch.014 Top Secret Operations Rally!! Vol.02 Ch.015 Momoka's Love A Narrow Escape Vol.02 Ch.016 Battle Royale Keroro vs. Giroro Vol.02 Ch.017 Operation Relative Interception! Vol.02 Ch.018 Operation Chocolate Shock! Vol.02 Ch.019 The 623 Incident! Vol.02 Ch.020 A Fourth Visitor Vol.03 Ch.021 Welcome to Radio-Free Keroro Vol.03 Ch.022 Natsumi's Number Is Up! Vol.03 Ch.023 General Mom's Charge to Relive Her Youth Vol.03 Ch.024 Operation Swimsuit Issue Vol.03 Ch.025 A Horror Showdown! Vol.03 Ch.026 Lady Moa Grows Up Fast Vol.03 Ch.027 Enter the Other Momoka! Vol.03 Ch.028 Momoka Platoon Strikes Back Vol.03 Ch.029 A Very Keroro Christmas Vol.03 Ch.029.5 Bonus Chapter Sumomo A Mission of Love Vol.04 Ch.030 True Confessions! A Shocking New Year Vol.04 Ch.031 The Revenge of the Red Goblin!! Vol.04 Ch.032 To the Death! The First Snowball Fight Vol.04 Ch.033 The Sergeant Gets What He Deserves Vol.04 Ch.034 Number Three Molar The Devil's Residence!! Vol.04 Ch.035 I Am You and You Are Me Vol.04 Ch.036 Hacked by Kiriku Vol.04 Ch.037 A Hinata Family Reunion Vol.05 Ch.038 Beat the Heat! Attack From Below!! Vol.05 Ch.038.5 Beat the Heat! Attack from Below!! Vol.05 Ch.039 Crash the Sports Festival!! Vol.05 Ch.040 Dazzle the Heavenly Hosts!! Vol.05 Ch.041 Birthday Blitz!! Vol.05 Ch.042 New Year's Parchessi!! Vol.05 Ch.043 Momoka Goes Awol? The Father Descends!! Vol.05 Ch.044 Lord of Terror, Go! Go! Go! Vol.05 Ch.045 Back to The Subject-- Forward March!! Vol.05 Ch.045.5 Bonus Chapter The Monsters of the Hinata Family Vol.06 Ch.046 Target The Hinata Home!! Vol.06 Ch.047 A Motion For Demotion?! Vol.06 Ch.048 Water Battle Natsumi vs. Frog!! Vol.06 Ch.049 Danger in the Deep Sea!!! Vol.06 Ch.050 Matsuri Battle Alien vs. Iron Man!! Vol.06 Ch.051 A Jerk and a Genius! The Legend of a Sergeant-Major Vol.06 Ch.052 Feelings All the Way! The Legend of a Corporal Vol.06 Ch.053 The World's Smallest Invasion Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.053.1 Special Stand-Alone Issue Sergeant Keroro Vol.06 Ch.053.2 Encyclopedia Keronia Vol.07 Ch.054 [Includes chapters 54-61 + Extras, see forum for chapter names] Vol.08 Ch.062 [Includes chapters 62-69, see forum for chapter names] Vol.09 Ch.070 Ch 70-76 Vol.10 Ch.077 [Includes chapters 77-83 + Bonus, see forum for chapter names] Vol.11 Ch.084 [Includes chapters 84-91, see forum for chapter names] Vol.12 Ch.092 [Includes chapters 92-100 + Bonus, see forum for chapter names] Vol.13 Ch.101 [Includes chapters 101-109 + Bonuses, see forum for chapter names] Vol.14 Ch.110 [Includes chapters 110-117 + Bonus, see forum for chapter names] Vol.15 Ch.118 [Includes chapters 118-125 + Bonuses, see forum for chapter names] Vol.16 Ch.126 [Includes chapters 126-135, see forum for chapter names] Vol.18 Ch.146 Approved For Publication! Momoka Nishizawa Is On Fire! Vol.18 Ch.147 What's the Buzz, Little Bug? Take Wing! Vol.18 Ch.148 Summer Gone Wild?! Attack on the High Seas! Vol.21 Ch.166 The Creation!! Of Our Special Ultimate Move!! Vol.21 Ch.167 Scroll of The Tiger Vol.22 Ch.176 The Sticky Sticker Blitzkrieg! Vol.22 Ch.177 Operation Keron Harvest Moon! Vol.22 Ch.178 Invasion From Castle Kerocula! Vol.22 Ch.179 New Year's Forever Vol.22 Ch.180 It's Potato-Diggin' Time! Vol.22 Ch.181 Operation Pekoponian Hunting Season! Vol.22 Ch.182 Inter-Dimensional Spicy Sauce On Rice Vol.22 Ch.183 Start From the Very Beginning! Vol.22 Ch.184 The Keron Military Starts a New Phase (Part 1) Vol.22 Ch.185 The Keron Military Starts a New Phase (Part 2) Vol.23 Ch.186 A Terrifying New... Volume
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