Vol.13 Ch.125 Waiting Man

Vol.01 Ch.001 Doesn't Feel Like a Stranger Vol.01 Ch.002 A Man's Instinct Vol.01 Ch.003 What a Coincidence Vol.01 Ch.004 That's How It Goes...I Guess Vol.01 Ch.005 I Can Tell by the Smell!! Vol.01 Ch.006 My Instincts Vol.01 Ch.007 Mere Instinct... Vol.01 Ch.008 Talking about Boxing Here... Vol.02 Ch.009 Isn't Welcome Vol.02 Ch.010 Those Moves Vol.02 Ch.011 I Remembered! Vol.02 Ch.012 Just Before the Summer Holiday... Vol.02 Ch.013 A Face You Could Bump into Anywhere. Vol.02 Ch.014 Like I Was Boasting Vol.02 Ch.015 Spar with Me Vol.02 Ch.016 The Kid from the Convenience Store Vol.02 Ch.017 Well Done Vol.02 Ch.018 Hey There, Mr. Celebrity Vol.03 Ch.019 That's a Shame Vol.03 Ch.020 The Nice Person, Me.... Vol.03 Ch.021 Don't Be Conceited Vol.03 Ch.022 What She Fell in Love With Vol.03 Ch.023 Are You Trying to Kill Her? Vol.03 Ch.024 You Sure Have Grown Vol.03 Ch.025 Take a Stance Vol.03 Ch.026 Please.... Vol.03 Ch.027 Mizutani Won't Lose Vol.03 Ch.028 Not Yet... Vol.04 Ch.029 Just Swear It Vol.04 Ch.030 We'll Have You Two Fight Vol.04 Ch.031 Incredible! Vol.04 Ch.032 It's Incredible! Vol.04 Ch.033 ...So It Seems Vol.04 Ch.034 He Does Have a Powerful Punch Vol.04 Ch.035 Until He Lost Conciousness... Vol.04 Ch.036 Naive Bastard Vol.04 Ch.037 Dream That Never Changed Vol.04 Ch.038 I Can't Crush Him Vol.05 Ch.039 As Long as I'm Around... Vol.05 Ch.040 It Was Fate Vol.05 Ch.041 We're Rivals Vol.05 Ch.042 The Last Day of Summer Vol.05 Ch.043 Whatever Vol.05 Ch.044 Weight Handicap Vol.05 Ch.045 Though Summer Is Over Vol.05 Ch.046 Master Vol.05 Ch.047 Win by KO Vol.05 Ch.048 Killed Vol.06 Ch.049 Not to You Vol.06 Ch.050 Playing Around Vol.06 Ch.051 The Boxer Who Knocked Him Down Vol.06 Ch.052 Unreasonable Request Vol.06 Ch.053 The Promise Vol.06 Ch.054 Prepare to Fight Vol.06 Ch.055 The Crows Vol.06 Ch.056 The Rules of Victory Vol.06 Ch.057 Vision Vol.06 Ch.058 The Time Has Come Vol.07 Ch.059 Eat or Be Eaten Vol.07 Ch.060 Really Vol.07 Ch.061 Luck and Skill Both Vol.07 Ch.062 Left Plan Vol.07 Ch.063 Starting Vol.07 Ch.064 He Lost Vol.07 Ch.065 For Three Vol.07 Ch.066 Just Watching Vol.07 Ch.067 Watching Bonus Vol.07 Ch.068 Handicap Vol.08 Ch.069 Just the Two Vol.08 Ch.070 Record - setting Vol.08 Ch.071 As a Dream Vol.08 Ch.072 Thaw!? Vol.08 Ch.073 The Gong Rings Again Vol.08 Ch.074 Skill Gap!? Vol.08 Ch.075 Big Star Vol.08 Ch.076 Really, Truly Vol.08 Ch.077 Before the Storm... Vol.08 Ch.078 Him Vol.09 Ch.079 Outside the Ring Vol.09 Ch.080 Hurdle Vol.09 Ch.081 Why... Vol.09 Ch.082 Once Again... Vol.09 Ch.083 I'll Show You Vol.09 Ch.084 Chosen... Vol.09 Ch.085 Too Early? Vol.09 Ch.086 The Pitch... Vol.09 Ch.087 Special Prize Vol.09 Ch.088 As Seen by Society Vol.10 Ch.089 First Bout Vol.10 Ch.090 Benefactor Vol.10 Ch.091 Before the Grave Vol.10 Ch.092 Me Too Vol.10 Ch.093 Well Vol.10 Ch.094 Satoyaaama! Vol.10 Ch.095 What I'm Thinking Vol.10 Ch.096 Plain Vol.10 Ch.097 Beat Him! Vol.10 Ch.098 Poor Thing Vol.11 Ch.099 You Too Vol.11 Ch.100 First Love Vol.11 Ch.101 Shared Memories Vol.11 Ch.102 Fear Vol.11 Ch.103 Revenge Vol.11 Ch.104 Whose Boxing Vol.11 Ch.105 Video Vol.11 Ch.106 Rabbit Sakaguchi Vol.11 Ch.107 Like Vol.12 Ch.108 Heroine Vol.12 Ch.109 Glasses and a Face Mask Vol.12 Ch.110 Katsuki-chan Vol.12 Ch.111 A Nice Guy Vol.12 Ch.112 Beloved Son Vol.12 Ch.113 Loved One Vol.12 Ch.114 Caught Vol.12 Ch.115 Stupid Stuff Vol.12 Ch.116 Time Vol.12 Ch.117 Satisfied Vol.13 Ch.118 I Remeber Vol.13 Ch.119 Me First! Vol.13 Ch.120 Deadline Vol.13 Ch.121 Heroine Vol.13 Ch.122 Called Out Vol.13 Ch.123 Hard Time Vol.13 Ch.124 What About Vol.13 Ch.125 Waiting Man Vol.13 Ch.126 Nice Guy Vol.13 Ch.127 The Real Deal Vol.14 Ch.128 The Guy from the Soba Place Vol.14 Ch.129 Okonomiyaki Vol.14 Ch.130 Love Boxing Vol.14 Ch.131 BodyGuard Vol.14 Ch.132 Yakiniku Vol.14 Ch.133 Conclusion Vol.14 Ch.134 Forgotten Vol.14 Ch.135 Full Power Vol.14 Ch.136 Neighbour Vol.14 Ch.137 Beauty Vol.15 Ch.138 Best Friend Vol.15 Ch.139 Planning Vol.15 Ch.140 Rumor Vol.15 Ch.141 One-Two Vol.15 Ch.142 Boy Vol.15 Ch.143 Last Night Vol.15 Ch.144 Won't Vol.15 Ch.145 Just Nostalgic Vol.15 Ch.146 World Champion Vol.15 Ch.147 Anonymous Vol.16 Ch.148 Don't Worry Vol.16 Ch.149 And It's OB Vol.16 Ch.150 Melon Vol.16 Ch.151 Sigh Vol.16 Ch.152 Not Baseball Vol.16 Ch.153 First and Last Vol.16 Ch.154 Even So Vol.16 Ch.155 Baton Vol.16 Ch.156 Dream Vol.16 Ch.157 Hydrangea
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