Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Vol.09 Ch.081 Dropping Honorifics

Vol.01 Ch.001 Eraser Vol.01 Ch.002 Pool Vol.01 Ch.003 Making Faces Vol.01 Ch.004 Muscle training Vol.01 Ch.005 Empty cans Vol.01 Ch.006 Day Duty Vol.01 Ch.007 Umbrella Vol.01 Ch.008 Cold Vol.01 Ch.009 Bookstore Vol.01 Ch.009.5 Omake Vol.02 Ch.010 Rain Shelter Vol.02 Ch.011 Test Study Vol.02 Ch.012 Test Results Vol.02 Ch.013 Letter Vol.02 Ch.014 Cleaning Duty Vol.02 Ch.015 Riding Together Vol.02 Ch.016 Arm Wrestling Vol.02 Ch.017 Dream Vol.02 Ch.017.1 Extra Seat Change Vol.02 Ch.017.5 Omake Vol.02 Ch.017.9 Special Vol.03 Ch.018 Test of Courage Vol.03 Ch.019 Question Vol.03 Ch.020 Who's Tallest? Vol.03 Ch.021 Changing Seats Vol.03 Ch.022 English Translation Vol.03 Ch.023 Gymnastics Vol.03 Ch.024 Sides Vol.03 Ch.025 Calligraphy Vol.03 Ch.026 Tailing Vol.03 Ch.026.5 Extra Vol.03 Ch.027 Cell Phone Vol.03 Ch.027.5 Valentine's Special pt.1-2 Vol.03 Ch.028 His Room Vol.03 Ch.028.5 Extra Vol.03 Ch.029 Fortune Telling Vol.03 Ch.029.5 21 Game Vol.03 Ch.030 Marathon Vol.03 Ch.031 Memories Vol.03 Ch.032 Invitation Vol.03 Ch.032.5 Cat Vol.03 Ch.033 Poker Vol.03 Ch.034 Picture Vol.03 Ch.034.5 Extra Vol.03 Ch.035 Water Spigot Vol.03 Ch.036 Turning Point Vol.03 Ch.037 Shopping Vol.03 Ch.038 Swimsuit Vol.03 Ch.039 Coffee Vol.03 Ch.040 Typhoon Vol.03 Ch.041 Would You Rather Vol.03 Ch.042 Horror Vol.03 Ch.043 Treasure Hunting Vol.03 Ch.044 Worries Vol.03 Ch.045 Valentine's Vol.03 Ch.046 Ice Vol.03 Ch.047 Mano-chan the Classmate Vol.03 Ch.047.5 Extras Vol.03 Ch.048 Entrance Ceremony Vol.03 Ch.049 Rock Kicking Vol.03 Ch.050 Portrait Vol.03 Ch.051 Fitness Test Vol.03 Ch.052 Revenge Vol.03 Ch.053 Date Vol.03 Ch.054 Daifuku Vol.03 Ch.055 T-Shirt Vol.03 Ch.056 Eyedrops Vol.06 Ch.057 Pool (part 1) Vol.06 Ch.058 Pool (part 2) Vol.06 Ch.059 Pool (part 3) Vol.06 Ch.060 SouVenir Vol.06 Ch.061 TextBook Vol.06 Ch.062 SnowMan Vol.06 Ch.063 Hypnotism Vol.06 Ch.064 Stone Skipping Vol.06 Ch.065 Kendama Vol.06 Ch.066 Lottery Vol.06 Ch.067 Bicycle Vol.06 Ch.068 Infirmary Vol.06 Ch.069 End of the Year Vol.06 Ch.070 End of the Year 2 Vol.06 Ch.073 NishiKata Vol.06 Ch.074 AppeaRance Vol.06 Ch.075 DodgeBall Vol.06 Ch.076 Text Vol.06 Ch.077 April Fool's Vol.06 Ch.078 Sneeze Vol.06 Ch.080 Counting Steps Vol.08 Ch.071 Shed Vol.09 Ch.072 Indirect Kiss Vol.09 Ch.079 Hide and Seek Vol.09 Ch.081 Dropping Honorifics Vol.09 Ch.081.5 Vol.9 Extra Vol.09 Ch.082 Acchi Muite Hoi Vol.09 Ch.083 Candy Vol.09 Ch.084 Vertical Text Vol.09 Ch.084.5 Vol.09 Ch.085 Dog Vol.09 Ch.086 fan Vol.09 Ch.087 box Vol.09 Ch.088 Cookies Vol.09 Ch.089 Fishing Vol.09 Ch.090 Blood Type Vol.09 Ch.091 Bag Inspection Vol.09 Ch.092 Sunburn Vol.09 Ch.093 Jealousy Vol.09 Ch.094 Vol.09 Ch.095 Vol.09 Ch.096 Vol.09 Ch.097 Crocheting Vol.09 Ch.098 UFO Vol.09 Ch.098.5 Valentine's Short (2019) Vol.09 Ch.099 Returning the Favor Vol.09 Ch.100 Praying Vol.09 Ch.101 Vol.09 Ch.102 Vol.09 Ch.103 Grip Strength Vol.09 Ch.104 Vol.09 Ch.105 Vol.09 Ch.106 Crane Games Vol.09 Ch.106.5 Nishikata-chan Vol.09 Ch.107 Second Years Vol.09 Ch.108 Confession Vol.09 Ch.109 Nighttime Vol.11 Ch.110 Glico Vol.11 Ch.111 Dog Walk Vol.11 Ch.112 Swimming at the Beach Vol.12 Ch.113 Chorus Vol.12 Ch.114 Type Vol.12 Ch.115 Sunset Vol.12 Ch.116 Hatsumode Vol.12 Ch.117 Price Guessing Game Vol.12 Ch.118 Vol.13 Ch.119 Chocolate Vol.13 Ch.120 Rain Vol.13 Ch.121 Bean Throwing Vol.13 Ch.122 Detour (Part 1) Vol.13 Ch.123 Detour (Part 2) Vol.13 Ch.124 Detour (Part 3) Vol.13 Ch.125 Vol.13 Ch.126 Vol.13 Ch.127 Vol.13 Ch.128 Vol.14 Ch.129 Vol.14 Ch.130 Paper Airplane Vol.14 Ch.131 High Score Vol.14 Ch.132 Anime Scenes Vol.14 Ch.133 Vol.14 Ch.134 Vol.15 Ch.135 Dropped Something
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