Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection

Vol.07 Ch.002 Out of Its Element

Vol.01 Ch.001 Tomie Vol.01 Ch.002 Photograph Vol.01 Ch.003 Kiss Vol.01 Ch.004 Mansion Vol.01 Ch.005 Revenge Vol.01 Ch.006 The Basin of the Waterfall Vol.02 Ch.001 Tomie Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.002 Basement Vol.02 Ch.003 Painter Vol.02 Ch.004 Murder Vol.02 Ch.005 Hair Vol.02 Ch.006 Orphan Girl Vol.03 Ch.001 The Long Hair in the Attic Vol.03 Ch.002 Permission Vol.03 Ch.003 The Bee Hive Vol.03 Ch.004 Dying Young Vol.03 Ch.005 Headless Statues Vol.03 Ch.006 Flesh Coloured Horror Vol.04 Ch.001 Face Burglar Vol.04 Ch.002 Scarecrows Vol.04 Ch.003 Falling Vol.04 Ch.004 Red String Vol.04 Ch.005 My Dear Ancestors Vol.04 Ch.006 The Hanging Balloons Vol.05 Ch.001 Fun Summer Vacation Vol.05 Ch.002 Fun Winter Vacation Vol.05 Ch.003 Souichi's Diary of Delights Vol.05 Ch.004 Souichi's House Call Interview Vol.05 Ch.005 Mannequin Teacher Vol.05 Ch.006 Souichi's Birthday Vol.06 Ch.001 Souichi's Selfish Curse Vol.06 Ch.002 The Room with Four Walls Vol.06 Ch.003 Vol.06 Ch.004 Rumors Vol.06 Ch.005 Fashion Model Vol.07 Ch.001 Slug Girl Vol.07 Ch.002 Out of Its Element Vol.07 Ch.003 Mold Vol.07 Ch.004 Coldness / The Chill Vol.07 Ch.005 Ryokan Vol.07 Ch.006 The Groaning Drain Vol.07 Ch.007 Bio House Vol.08 Ch.001 Blood Bubble Bushes Vol.08 Ch.002 Unbearable Labyrinth Vol.08 Ch.003 Sword of the Re-animator Vol.08 Ch.004 The Will Vol.08 Ch.005 The Bridge Vol.08 Ch.006 Demonology Vol.08 Ch.007 The Conversation Room Vol.09 Ch.001 Hallucinations Vol.09 Ch.002 Bog of the Living Dead Vol.09 Ch.003 Penpal Vol.09 Ch.004 Intruder Vol.09 Ch.005 Further Tales of Oshikiri Vol.09 Ch.006 Further Tales of Oshikiri - The Wall Vol.10 Ch.001 Ice Cream Bus Vol.10 Ch.002 Clubhouse Vol.10 Ch.003 The Smoking Club Vol.10 Ch.004 Second-hand Record Vol.10 Ch.005 Den of the Sleep Demon Vol.10 Ch.006 The Gift Bearer Vol.10 Ch.007 House of Puppets Vol.11 Ch.001 The Town Without Streets Vol.11 Ch.002 Near Miss! Vol.11 Ch.003 Maptown Vol.11 Ch.004 Village of the Sirens Vol.11 Ch.005 The Supernatural Transfer Student Vol.12 Ch.001 The Bully Vol.12 Ch.002 A Deserter in the House Vol.12 Ch.003 Heart of a Father Vol.12 Ch.004 Memory Vol.12 Ch.005 The Back Alley Vol.12 Ch.006 Love as Scripted Vol.12 Ch.007 In The Soil Vol.13 Ch.001 The Circus is Here Vol.13 Ch.002 Gravetown Vol.13 Ch.003 The Window Next Door Vol.13 Ch.004 Sleuth Kids The Assembly of Fallen Ghost Vol.13 Ch.005 Sleuth Kids The Second Daughter's Lover Vol.14 Ch.001 Long Dream Vol.14 Ch.002 The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel Vol.14 Ch.003 The Bronze Statue Vol.14 Ch.004 Drifting Spores Vol.14 Ch.005 Blood Sickness of the White Sands Village Vol.15 Ch.001 The Intersection's Pretty Boy Vol.15 Ch.002 The Troubled Woman Vol.15 Ch.003 Shadow Vol.15 Ch.004 Night of Screams Vol.15 Ch.005 Sequel The White Clothed Pretty Boy Vol.15 Ch.005.1 Ribs Woman Vol.15 Ch.005.2 Phantom Mansion Vol.16 Ch.001 Frankenstein Vol.16 Ch.002 Hell O'dolly Vol.16 Ch.002.1 Fixed Face Vol.16 Ch.003 A Shit To Remember Vol.2.1 Ch.008 Old and Ugly
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