Vol.07 Ch.032 Combat

Vol.01 Ch.001 1 The Meeting \ 2 The Tree of Life \ 3 The Mission \ 4 The Popular Tradition Vol.02 Ch.005 5 The Violent God \ 6 The Friend \ 7 The Battle \ 8 Zero \ 9 The Memory Vol.03 Ch.010 10 The Supreme Observer \ 11 The Resonance \ 12 23 \ 13 The Escape \ 14 The Infection Vol.04 Ch.015 15 The Certainty \ 16 The Gaze of God \ 17 Reunion \ 18 The Memory \ 19 Peace, Doubt, the World and a Poem \ About "Inugami Awakens" Vol.05 Ch.020 Angel Vol.05 Ch.021 Tokonoyo, the Imaginary Country Vol.05 Ch.022 Vol.05 Ch.023 Premonition of Separation Vol.05 Ch.024 Mimic Vol.06 Ch.025 The New Species Vol.06 Ch.026 Hope Vol.06 Ch.027 Pursuit Vol.06 Ch.028 The Immune System Vol.06 Ch.029 Counter Attack Vol.07 Ch.030 Pain Vol.07 Ch.031 The Signal Vol.07 Ch.032 Combat Vol.07 Ch.033 Battlements of the Heart Vol.07 Ch.034 The Vision Vol.08 Ch.035 Reunion and... Vol.08 Ch.036 Bonds Vol.08 Ch.037 Tear Vol.08 Ch.038 Mankind Vol.08 Ch.039 Contact Vol.09 Ch.040 Eight Vol.09 Ch.041 Fetal Movement Vol.09 Ch.042 Possession Vol.09 Ch.043 Twentythree Vol.09 Ch.044 Erosion Vol.10 Ch.045 Fumiki Vol.10 Ch.046 Collapse Vol.10 Ch.047 The Past Vol.10 Ch.048 Bird of Ill Omen Vol.10 Ch.049 Good and Bad Vol.11 Ch.050 Ambition Vol.11 Ch.051 Reign of the God of Violence Vol.11 Ch.052 Warm-up Vol.11 Ch.053 Eternity Vol.11 Ch.054 Bloody Future Vol.12 Ch.055 Survivors Vol.12 Ch.056 Loss Vol.12 Ch.057 False God Vol.12 Ch.058 The Arch of Tokonoyo Vol.12 Ch.059 The Other Fumiki Vol.12 Ch.060 Genesis Vol.13 Ch.061 Immortals Vol.13 Ch.062 Peace & Serenity Vol.13 Ch.063 The Arch Vol.13 Ch.064 Place of Bliss Vol.13 Ch.065 Beyond the Threshold Vol.13 Ch.066 A Day Without End Vol.14 Ch.067 Eternal Youth Vol.14 Ch.068 Be Yourself Vol.14 Ch.069 Incantation Vol.14 Ch.070 The Way of Life Vol.14 Ch.071 Promise Vol.14 Ch.072 In Bloom Again...
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