Initial D

Vol.48 Ch.719.6 Extra Story 2 Takumi's Side Story

Vol.01 Ch.001 Let's Buy an Eight-Six! Vol.01 Ch.002 The Fastest!! The Rotary Brothers! Vol.01 Ch.003 Ultimate Tofu-Vendor Drift! Vol.01 Ch.004 Iketani's Touching Determination!! Vol.01 Ch.005 Declaration of Revenge!! Roaring 13B Turbo! Vol.01 Ch.006 Natsuki's Secret...!? Vol.01 Ch.007 Oh No! Iketani Crashes!! Vol.01 Ch.008 The Battle Begins!! Vol.01 Ch.009 Hear!! The Roar of the 4A-G! Vol.01 Ch.010 Downhill Specialist! Vol.02 Ch.011 Takumi!! Lighning Speed! Vol.02 Ch.012 Dogfight! Vol.02 Ch.013 Conclusion!! Takumi's Special Technique! Vol.02 Ch.014 The Ocean Is So Big and Wide Vol.02 Ch.015 Showdown at the Peak!! Vol.02 Ch.016 Iketani's Valuable Experience Vol.02 Ch.017 A New Challenger!! Vol.02 Ch.018 Takumi's Pride Vol.02 Ch.019 I'm Not Afraid of No GT-R!! Vol.02 Ch.020 Give the Eight-Six Back, You Stupid Old Man!! Vol.02 Ch.021 The GT-R's Weak Spot Vol.03 Ch.022 Takumi's Full Throttle Drift Vol.03 Ch.023 Close In with the GT-R!! Vol.03 Ch.024 Battle of Limits!! Vol.03 Ch.025 Exploding 5 Serial Hairpins!! Vol.03 Ch.026 Precise Control! Vol.03 Ch.027 Itsuki's Levin Appears!! Vol.03 Ch.028 Friendship-Power Levin Race!! Vol.03 Ch.029 Another Downhill Specialist! Vol.03 Ch.030 Dangerous Shingo! Vol.03 Ch.031 Takumi vs. Shingo! Vol.03 Ch.032 Deathmatch of Madness! Vol.04 Ch.033 Evolutionary Genius! Vol.04 Ch.034 Panicking Shingo! Vol.04 Ch.035 Counter Attack! Art of Downhill! Vol.04 Ch.036 The Real Downhill! Vol.04 Ch.037 Takumi Is Confused Again! Vol.04 Ch.038 Nonchalant, Bunta's Potential! Vol.04 Ch.039 White Comet! Ryousuke Takahashi's Start! Vol.04 Ch.040 Surprise Tuning! Vol.04 Ch.041 Nervous! Takumi Is an Idiot Around Girls! Vol.04 Ch.042 The Night Before the Rival Competition! Vol.04 Ch.043 Forward, Takumi! Time of Fate! Vol.05 Ch.044 Drift vs. Drift! Vol.05 Ch.045 Takumi's Tough Battle, First Time Pressure! Vol.05 Ch.046 Last Resort! Vol.05 Ch.047 Painful Mistake! Vol.05 Ch.048 Ryousuke's Miscalculation! Vol.05 Ch.049 Beautiful Pass! Vol.05 Ch.050 Going Towards a New Level! Vol.05 Ch.051 Maybe I'm in Love with the Wrong Person? Vol.05 Ch.052 Dark Clouded Love! Vol.05 Ch.053 Iketani's Brave, Pure Love! Vol.05 Ch.054 Mako Gave Her Panties! Vol.06 Ch.055 For You, I Will Do Anything! Vol.06 Ch.056 The Unknown Challenge! Vol.06 Ch.057 Buntai's Predictions. Takumi Will Not Lose! Vol.06 Ch.058 Hot Wind! Intense! Usui Hills! Vol.06 Ch.059 Takumi, the Charm of Superior Drifting! Vol.06 Ch.060 Comeback! The Free Feeling of Control! Vol.06 Ch.061 The Final Battle! Vol.06 Ch.062 No Retreat! Vol.06 Ch.063 End of the Summer Love! Vol.06 Ch.064 End of the Summer Love! End Edition(?) Vol.06 Ch.065 The Big Plan! Vol.07 Ch.066 Keisuke Takahashi Doesn't Have a Blind Spot! Vol.07 Ch.067 Fierce Hill Climbing Battle! Vol.07 Ch.068 Conflicting Pride! Vol.07 Ch.069 Chasing Strange High Tech Fighters! Vol.07 Ch.070 How Far Can the FD-3S Go!? Vol.07 Ch.071 Keisuke Takahashi, a Sharp Man! Vol.07 Ch.072 Starting Information!? Vol.07 Ch.073 Downhill in the Rain!! Vol.07 Ch.074 Eerie Outside Power! Vol.07 Ch.075 75 The Terror of a Rain Battle! \ 76 Unsurpassed Driver, Standout Genius! Vol.08 Ch.077 77 Shocker at Myogi! \ 78 Great Racers Cast Long Shadows Vol.08 Ch.079 Doomsday Weapon of the Mountain Roads Vol.08 Ch.080 How to Soup Up an Eight Six Phase One Vol.08 Ch.081 Forever Rivals Vol.08 Ch.082 Chance of Victory Zero Percent Vol.08 Ch.083 Evo IV Attacks! Vol.08 Ch.084 The Threat Known as Emperor Vol.08 Ch.085 Next Victim The Eight Six! Vol.08 Ch.086 High Tech Versus Extreme Skills Vol.08 Ch.087 Premonition of Defeat Vol.09 Ch.088 Look Out! Hawk's Getting Pissed Off Vol.09 Ch.089 Lightning Bolt in the Steering Column Vol.09 Ch.090 The Trouble with Slow Turns Vol.09 Ch.091 Tak's Killer Move The Gutter Hook! Vol.09 Ch.092 Time for a Miracle! Vol.09 Ch.093 Assault on Akagi Vol.09 Ch.094 Natalie Likes to Watch Vol.09 Ch.095 Let Tak Do the Driving! Vol.09 Ch.096 How to Make Tsukamoto Faint Vol.09 Ch.097 Kyle Sudoh's Secret Weapon Vol.09 Ch.098 I'm in Love with the Boy Vol.10 Ch.099 Inquiring Minds Want to Know Vol.10 Ch.100 The Last Thing Tak Wanted to See Vol.10 Ch.101 Do or Die in Akagi Vol.10 Ch.102 "There's a Crazy Look in His Eyes!!" Vol.10 Ch.103 Kyle Sudoh Has the Moves of a Pro Vol.10 Ch.104 My Engine's Bigger Than Your Engine!! Vol.10 Ch.105 The Evo III Refuses to Lose Vol.10 Ch.106 Countdown to Catastrophe Vol.10 Ch.107 Sayonara, My Sweet Eight Six Vol.10 Ch.108 Grieving for a Dead Engine Vol.10 Ch.109 The Solemn Vow of K.T. Takahashi Vol.10 Ch.110 Mystery of the Second Eight Six Vol.11 Ch.111 Spitfire in Black and White Vol.11 Ch.112 Subtle Interaction at 350 HP! Vol.11 Ch.113 A Nightmare Comes True! Vol.11 Ch.114 Twilight of a Racing Idol Vol.11 Ch.115 A New Level of Terror!! Vol.11 Ch.116 He Shoots! He Scores! Vol.11 Ch.117 A New Legend Picks Up Speed Vol.11 Ch.118 That Car Is Too Dangerous! Vol.11 Ch.119 First Contact Vol.11 Ch.120 Is it Spring...or Still Autumn? Vol.11 Ch.121 Dawn of the Eight Six Levin Turbo Vol.12 Ch.122 122 Day of the Eight Six Levin Turbo \ 123 K.T. Takes the Levin Challenge Vol.12 Ch.124 Close Shave for the FD!! Vol.12 Ch.125 There's Always a First Love Vol.12 Ch.126 The Breakthrough! Vol.12 Ch.127 Opposites Attract Vol.12 Ch.128 The Seal Shall Be Broken Vol.12 Ch.129 This Means War! Vol.12 Ch.130 Night of Wild Emotions Vol.12 Ch.131 The Private Pact Vol.12 Ch.132 Showdown at Dawn Vol.12 Ch.133 Turbo vs. Racing Engine! Vol.13 Ch.134 Saitama, Land of Many Colors Vol.13 Ch.135 Here Comes the Mighty Turbo! Vol.13 Ch.136 Prepare for a Rude Awakening! Vol.13 Ch.137 Breakout Time! Vol.13 Ch.138 War Amidst the Exhaust Vol.13 Ch.139 Racing Down!! Vol.13 Ch.140 The Virtues of Horsepower Vol.13 Ch.141 A Sudden Turnabout Vol.13 Ch.142 The Final Round Vol.13 Ch.143 As Suddenly as It Began Vol.13 Ch.144 Resolutions Vol.13 Ch.145 Time of the Season Vol.14 Ch.146 The White Comet Option Vol.14 Ch.147 An Intriguing Proposition Vol.14 Ch.148 Challenge at Iroha Hill! Vol.14 Ch.149 A Battle Never Fought Vol.14 Ch.150 Power Under Pressure!! Vol.14 Ch.151 He's Got the Skills That Shock! Vol.14 Ch.152 Misfire Vs. Low Center of Gravity Vol.14 Ch.153 The Prodigy Vs. The Iron Man Vol.14 Ch.154 A Plan for Victory Vol.14 Ch.155 Three Bridges to Victory--Part One Vol.14 Ch.156 Three Bridges to Victory--Part Two Vol.14 Ch.157 The Provocation Vol.14 Ch.158 The Solution Vol.15 Ch.159 Agreement at Dawn Vol.15 Ch.160 A Worthy Competitor Vol.15 Ch.161 Under Very Similar Circumstances Vol.15 Ch.162 Under Very Similar Circumstances (Part Two) Vol.15 Ch.163 Kogashiwa's Career Vol.15 Ch.164 Strategies Intertwined Vol.15 Ch.165 Special Traits of the Midship Vol.15 Ch.166 More Strategies Intertwined Vol.15 Ch.167 Putting the "In" in Inverse Cornering Vol.15 Ch.168 The Tricky Line Vol.15 Ch.169 Bunta's Advice Vol.15 Ch.170 The Father and Son Counter Attack!! Vol.16 Ch.171 Aerial Battle Vol.16 Ch.172 The Search Vol.16 Ch.173 First Snow Vol.16 Ch.174 Power of the Tears Vol.16 Ch.175 New Part-Timer Vol.16 Ch.176 New Part-Timer (2nd Chapter) Vol.16 Ch.177 White Christmas Vol.16 Ch.178 White Christmas (2nd Chapter) Vol.16 Ch.179 Time Limit Vol.16 Ch.180 Conquerer of the Winter Vol.16 Ch.181 Natsuki's Crisis Vol.16 Ch.182 Natsuki's Crisis (2nd Chapter) Vol.16 Ch.183 White Silver Battle Vol.16 Ch.184 White Silver Battle (2nd Chapter) Vol.17 Ch.185 Letting Your Significant Other Know Vol.17 Ch.186 It's Hard to Go Through a Valentine's Day Vol.17 Ch.187 Footsteps of Spring Vol.17 Ch.188 Heading Towards the Big Dream Vol.17 Ch.189 Each Person Has His Own Path Vol.17 Ch.190 Separate Ways Vol.17 Ch.191 Journey Against All Odds Vol.17 Ch.192 Project D Vol.17 Ch.193 Challengers from the Gunma Area Vol.17 Ch.194 Double Aces Vol.17 Ch.195 Ill at Ease Vol.17 Ch.196 Downhill Berzerker!! Matsuji Tetsu Vol.17 Ch.197 Buried Talents Vol.17 Ch.198 Who's More Reckless? Vol.18 Ch.199 Battle of Recklessness (II) Vol.18 Ch.200 Overcoming the Exposed Gutters!! Vol.18 Ch.201 Overcoming the Exposed Gutters (II) Vol.18 Ch.202 Touru Overturned Vol.18 Ch.203 Full Speed Uphill Battle Vol.18 Ch.204 Full Speed Uphill Battle II Vol.18 Ch.205 Proof of Maturity Vol.18 Ch.206 The Battle of the Most Powerful FD Vol.18 Ch.207 Skills Greater Than Horsepower Vol.18 Ch.208 Akina Buddies Vol.18 Ch.209 Project D Encirclement Vol.18 Ch.210 Project D Encirclement II Vol.18 Ch.211 Daiki's Strength Vol.18 Ch.212 Daiki's Strength II Vol.19 Ch.213 Countdown Before Battle Vol.19 Ch.214 Daiki vs. Takumi Vol.19 Ch.215 Daiki vs. Takumi II Vol.19 Ch.216 Daiki's Astonishing Prowess Vol.19 Ch.217 Don't Look Behind Vol.19 Ch.218 First Class Braking Expert Vol.19 Ch.219 Another Piece of Advice Vol.19 Ch.220 Another Piece of Advice II Vol.19 Ch.221 Strategy Vol.19 Ch.222 Takumi Attacks! Vol.19 Ch.223 Miscalculation Vol.19 Ch.224 Daiki Accelerates Vol.19 Ch.225 Counterstrikes Vol.19 Ch.226 Eyeing for Victory Vol.19 Ch.227 Breakthrough Vol.20 Ch.228 Racer That Operates FF Vol.20 Ch.229 Short Final Battle Vol.20 Ch.230 Short Final Battle (II) Vol.20 Ch.231 Keisuke Took the Bait Vol.20 Ch.232 Sudden Conflict Vol.20 Ch.233 When the Smile Fades Vol.20 Ch.234 The Final Outcome Vol.20 Ch.235 Geared Up OB Vol.20 Ch.236 The Record That Was Rewritten Vol.20 Ch.237 The Record That Was Rewritten (II) Vol.20 Ch.238 A Call from Kyoichi Vol.20 Ch.239 Who Will Answer the Challenge!? Vol.20 Ch.240 Trial Run Vol.20 Ch.241 Trial Run (II) Vol.20 Ch.242 Marching Toward a Victorious Start Vol.21 Ch.243 Marching Toward a Victorious Start (II) Vol.21 Ch.244 The First Corner Vol.21 Ch.245 The First Corner (II) Vol.21 Ch.246 Doubt Vol.21 Ch.247 Doubt (II) Vol.21 Ch.248 The Criteria for a Professional Racer Vol.21 Ch.249 The Disappearing Line Vol.21 Ch.250 Toudou Juku's Miscalculation Vol.21 Ch.251 Point of Return Vol.21 Ch.252 Blind Pursuit Vol.21 Ch.253 The Strength of a Professional Racer Vol.21 Ch.254 Approaching the End Vol.21 Ch.255 The Final Stretch Vol.21 Ch.256 The Ending Point Climax Vol.21 Ch.257 The Ending Point Climax (II) Vol.22 Ch.258 Nightmarish Vehicle Vol.22 Ch.259 Nightmarish Vehicle (II) Vol.22 Ch.260 85 Turbo Vol.22 Ch.261 An Eventful Test Drive Vol.22 Ch.262 Proof of Maturity Vol.22 Ch.263 Proof Of Maturity (II) Vol.22 Ch.264 Defeat the Fatso Vol.22 Ch.265 The Rotary Prince Vol.22 Ch.266 The Rotary Prince (II) Vol.22 Ch.267 The Feelings of Love Vol.22 Ch.268 We Meet Again Vol.22 Ch.269 An Upheaved Heart Before the Race Vol.22 Ch.270 Knight in Shining Armor Indeed Vol.22 Ch.271 FD vs. FD Vol.22 Ch.272 The Driving Force of Kyoko's Love Vol.23 Ch.273 A Battle of the Spectators Vol.23 Ch.274 A Battle of the Spectators (II) Vol.23 Ch.275 Single Turbo vs. Twin Turbo Vol.23 Ch.276 High-Stress Emotions Vol.23 Ch.277 High-Stress Emotions (II) Vol.23 Ch.278 The Ability to "Awaken" Vol.23 Ch.279 The Ability to "Awaken" (II) Vol.23 Ch.280 The Sad Result Vol.23 Ch.281 Kyoko Proves Her Sincerity Vol.23 Ch.282 Kyoko Proves Her Sincerity (II) Vol.23 Ch.283 Nobuhiko's Discovery Vol.23 Ch.284 Nobuhiko's Discovery (II) Vol.23 Ch.285 Keisuke and Kyoko Vol.23 Ch.286 Trapping the Hachi Roku Vol.23 Ch.287 Trapping the Hachi Roku (II) Vol.23 Ch.288 The Biggest Obstacle Vol.24 Ch.289 The Biggest Obstacle Vol.24 Ch.290 The Unknown Factor Vol.24 Ch.291 The Unknown Factor (Part 2) Vol.24 Ch.292 A Short Rest Vol.24 Ch.293 The Start of a Fierce Battle Vol.24 Ch.294 The Start of a Fierce Battle (II) Vol.24 Ch.295 Contemplation Comes to a Halt Vol.24 Ch.296 Ryousuke's Miscalculation Vol.24 Ch.297 A Mistake Vol.24 Ch.298 Plus Alpha Vol.24 Ch.299 Plus Alpha (Part 2) Vol.24 Ch.300 The Ultimate Technique Has No Effect Vol.24 Ch.301 The Ultimate Technique Has No Effect (II) Vol.24 Ch.302 The Straightaway of Conflicting Emotions Vol.24 Ch.303 The Straightaway of Conflicting Emotions (II) Vol.24 Ch.304 The Final Conclusion Vol.24 Ch.305 Supercharged Levin Vol.25 Ch.306 Supercharged Levin (Part 2) Vol.25 Ch.307 Wataru's Improvement Vol.25 Ch.308 Wataru's Improvement (Part 2) Vol.25 Ch.309 Motivation's Secret Vol.25 Ch.310 The Sense of Rivalry Vol.25 Ch.311 The Sense of Rivalry (Part 2) Vol.25 Ch.312 Burdensome Fatigue Vol.25 Ch.313 Burdensome Fatigue (Part 2) Vol.25 Ch.314 A New Enemy Vol.25 Ch.315 Victory Vol.25 Ch.316 Victory (Part 2) Vol.25 Ch.317 The Nightmare Car Appears Again Vol.25 Ch.318 Confusion Vol.25 Ch.319 Confusion (Part 2) Vol.25 Ch.320 Itsuki Gets Lucky Vol.25 Ch.321 Itsuki Gets Lucky (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.322 Confusion and Loneliness Vol.26 Ch.323 Confusion and Loneliness (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.324 Itsuki Runs Wild Vol.26 Ch.325 Itsuki Runs Wild (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.326 Itsuki, You're Blunt Vol.26 Ch.327 A Man's Resolve Vol.26 Ch.328 A Man's Resolve (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.329 To the Hotel Vol.26 Ch.330 To the Hotel (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.331 Into Open Arms Vol.26 Ch.332 The Two Hachi-Roku Masters Vol.26 Ch.333 The Two Hachi-Roku Masters (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.334 The Last Saitama Area Battle Vol.26 Ch.335 The Last Saitama Area Battle (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.336 Keisuke Falls into the Trap Vol.26 Ch.337 Keisuke Falls into the Trap (Part 2) Vol.26 Ch.338 A Huge Cost Vol.26 Ch.339 Time Limit Vol.27 Ch.340 The Roaring Rotary from the Depths of Despair Vol.27 Ch.341 The Roaring Rotary from the Depths of Despair (Part 2) Vol.27 Ch.342 The Hillclimb of Anger Vol.27 Ch.343 The Hillclimb of Anger (Part 2) Vol.27 Ch.344 LanEvo, King of the Streets Vol.27 Ch.345 An Explosive High-Speed Battle Vol.27 Ch.346 An Explosive High-Speed Battle (Part 2) Vol.27 Ch.347 Passing Vol.27 Ch.348 The Difference in Class Vol.27 Ch.349 Pre-Battle Nuances Vol.27 Ch.350 The Bullet Downhill Vol.27 Ch.351 The Bullet Downhill (Part 2) Vol.27 Ch.352 A Small Discovery Vol.27 Ch.353 The Approaching Danger Vol.27 Ch.354 The Approaching Danger (Part 2) Vol.27 Ch.355 All Downhill from Here Vol.27 Ch.356 A Conclusion! And a Dilemma! Vol.28 Ch.357 A Conclusion! And a Dilemma! (Part 2) Vol.28 Ch.358 A Break from the Battles Vol.28 Ch.359 Keisuke and Kyoko (Part 1) Vol.28 Ch.360 Keisuke and Kyoko (Part 2) Vol.28 Ch.361 Lonely Racer (Part 1) Vol.28 Ch.362 Lonely Racer (Part 2) Vol.28 Ch.363 To a New Region (Part 1) Vol.28 Ch.364 To a New Region (Part 2) Vol.28 Ch.365 FD Revived Vol.28 Ch.366 Middle-Aged Racers - "Purple Shadow" Vol.28 Ch.367 Toughest Battles Ahead Vol.28 Ch.368 Practice Vol.28 Ch.369 Pressure Vol.28 Ch.370 Showdown (Part 1) Vol.28 Ch.371 Showdown (Part 2) Vol.28 Ch.372 Single-Handed Steering (Part 1) Vol.28 Ch.373 Single-Handed Steering (Part 2) Vol.29 Ch.374 Premonition to a War of Exhaustion Vol.29 Ch.375 Most Powerful Cornering Machine Vol.29 Ch.376 Most Powerful Cornering Machine (Last Half) Vol.29 Ch.377 Ghost Line Vol.29 Ch.378 Ghost Line (Last Half) Vol.29 Ch.379 Amazing Pace Control Vol.29 Ch.380 Amazing Pace Control (Last Half) Vol.29 Ch.381 The True Line Vol.29 Ch.382 Predetermined Harmony Vol.29 Ch.383 Predetermined Harmony (Last Half) Vol.29 Ch.384 God Arm Panics!! Vol.29 Ch.385 Break Down the One Hand Steer!! Vol.29 Ch.386 Break Down the One Hand Steer!! (Last Half) Vol.29 Ch.387 Blind Gutter Hook Vol.29 Ch.388 Endless Battle Vol.29 Ch.389 Endless Battle (Last Half) Vol.30 Ch.390 Going Off Balance Vol.30 Ch.391 Expert Vol.30 Ch.392 Critical Point Vol.30 Ch.393 Critical Point (Last Half) Vol.30 Ch.394 I Will Be the One to Defeat God Foot Vol.30 Ch.395 395 Unworldly GT-R \ 396 […] (Last Half) \ 397 Cooling System \ 398 Ryosuke's Motive \ 399 […] (Part 2) \ 400 […] (Last Part) Vol.30 Ch.401 Turning Point Vol.30 Ch.402 Turnig Point (Last Half) Vol.30 Ch.403 Invisible Dog Fight Vol.30 Ch.404 Invisible Dog Fight (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.405 Accelerating Keisuke Vol.31 Ch.406 Accelerating Keisuke (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.407 Overlapping Coordinates Vol.31 Ch.408 Overlapping Coordinates (Middle Part) Vol.31 Ch.409 Overlapping Coordinates (Last Part) Vol.31 Ch.410 Crashing Wave-Like Goal Vol.31 Ch.411 Position Change Vol.31 Ch.412 Position Change (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.413 Unexpected Breakthrough Vol.31 Ch.414 Unexpected Breakthrough (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.415 Keisuke Driven into the Ropes Vol.31 Ch.416 Keisuke Driven into the Ropes (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.417 Clashing Pride Vol.31 Ch.418 Clashing Pride (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.419 To the Final Stage Vol.31 Ch.420 To the Final Stage (Last Half) Vol.31 Ch.421 Goal Line of Thin Ice Vol.32 Ch.422 Dual Run Vol.32 Ch.423 Dual Run (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.424 Unfaltering Stable Control Vol.32 Ch.425 Appearance of an Imposter!? Vol.32 Ch.426 Appearance of an Imposter!? (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.427 Which One Is Real!? Vol.32 Ch.428 The Destined Encounter Vol.32 Ch.429 The Destined Encounter (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.430 The Revival of Hachiroku Vol.32 Ch.431 The Revival of Hachiroku (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.432 The Imposter Under Siege Vol.32 Ch.433 The Imposter Under Siege (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.434 The Real Drift Vol.32 Ch.435 The Real Drift (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.436 Case Closed Vol.32 Ch.437 Case Closed (Last Half) Vol.32 Ch.438 Brief Moment of Peace and Quiet Vol.32 Ch.439 Brief Moment of Peace and Quiet (Last Half) Vol.33 Ch.440 A Driving Genius Is Also a Normal Boy Vol.33 Ch.441 Perfection Vol.33 Ch.442 Perfection (Last Half) Vol.33 Ch.443 Food for Growth Vol.33 Ch.444 The New Battlefield Vol.33 Ch.445 The First Line Vol.33 Ch.446 The First Line (Last Half) Vol.33 Ch.447 Practice Rush Vol.33 Ch.448 Practice Rush (Last Half) Vol.33 Ch.449 Information Battle Vol.33 Ch.450 Information Battle (Middle Part) Vol.33 Ch.451 Information Battle (Last Part) Vol.33 Ch.452 The Decisive Dattle Day Vol.33 Ch.453 Hill Climb Start Vol.33 Ch.454 Evo with no Blind Spots Vol.34 Ch.455 Evo with no Blind Spots (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.456 Kobayakawa's Dissatisfaction Vol.34 Ch.457 Kobayakawa's Dissatisfaction (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.458 Keisuke Becomes Silent Vol.34 Ch.459 North Kantou Fastest Fireball Boy Vol.34 Ch.460 North Kantou Fastest Fireball Boy (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.461 Tension Max Vol.34 Ch.462 Final Phase Vol.34 Ch.463 Oomiya's Fear Vol.34 Ch.464 Oomiya's Fear (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.465 Premonition of a Fierce Battle Vol.34 Ch.466 Premonition of a Fierce Battle (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.467 A Similar Concept Vol.34 Ch.468 Local Advantage Vol.34 Ch.469 Local Advantage (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.470 Passing the Halfway Point Vol.34 Ch.471 Passing the Halfway Point (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.472 Oomiya Awakening Vol.34 Ch.473 Oomiya Awakening (Last Half) Vol.34 Ch.474 Critical Moment Vol.34 Ch.475 GT Wing Vol.34 Ch.476 GT Wing (Last Half) Vol.35 Ch.477 Start of the Troubles Vol.35 Ch.478 Side-by-Side Vol.35 Ch.479 Side-by-Side (Last Half) Vol.35 Ch.480 Deadline Vol.35 Ch.481 Deadline (Last Half) Vol.35 Ch.482 To the End!! Vol.35 Ch.483 To the End!! (Last Half) Vol.35 Ch.484 The 2nd Line Vol.35 Ch.485 The 2nd Line (Last Half) Vol.35 Ch.486 Let's Go to the Sea Vol.35 Ch.487 Warrior's Rest Vol.35 Ch.488 A Hair's Breadth Vol.36 Ch.489 First-Name Basis Vol.36 Ch.490 Roll Cage Vol.36 Ch.491 Midship Specialist Vol.36 Ch.492 Midship Specialist (Last Half) Vol.36 Ch.493 Practice Vol.36 Ch.494 Practice (Last Half) Vol.36 Ch.495 Takumi Sortie Vol.36 Ch.496 Takumi Sortie (Last Half) Vol.36 Ch.497 Opening Phase Vol.36 Ch.498 Fujiwara Zone Vol.36 Ch.499 Fujiwara Zone (Last Half) Vol.36 Ch.500 Middle Game Vol.36 Ch.501 Middle Game (Last Half) Vol.36 Ch.502 Craftsman of the Mountain Pass Vol.37 Ch.503 Ryosuke's Reading Vol.37 Ch.504 The First Stage Rocket Vol.37 Ch.505 Pro's Sprint Vol.37 Ch.506 Artisan vs. Athlete Vol.37 Ch.507 Artisan vs. Athlete (Last Half) Vol.37 Ch.508 Psychological Warfare Vol.37 Ch.509 Psychological Warfare (Last Half) Vol.37 Ch.510 Braking Battle Vol.37 Ch.511 Braking Battle (Part 2) Vol.37 Ch.512 The Final Phase Vol.37 Ch.513 The Final Phase (Part 2) Vol.37 Ch.514 The Conclusion of Victory Vol.37 Ch.515 Keisuke Go! Vol.37 Ch.516 Keisuke Go! (Part 2) Vol.37 Ch.517 The Traditional Group Vol.37 Ch.518 The Traditional Group (Part 2) Vol.38 Ch.519 Forecast Vol.38 Ch.520 Forecast (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.521 Intensive Training Vol.38 Ch.522 Intensive Training (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.523 523 Growth \ 524 Growth (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.525 The Quiet Before the Storm Vol.38 Ch.526 The Quiet Before the Storm (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.527 Sounding the Bell's Decisive Battle with a Resounding Strike!! Vol.38 Ch.528 Sounding the Bell's Decisive Battle with a Resounding Strike!! (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.529 Gran Turismo Vol.38 Ch.530 Gran Turismo (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.531 Emulation Vol.38 Ch.532 Keisuke's Anxiety Vol.38 Ch.533 Keisuke's Anxiety (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.534 Final Phase Vol.38 Ch.535 Final Phase (Last Half) Vol.38 Ch.536 The End Vol.38 Ch.537 The End (Last Half) Vol.39 Ch.538 Triumphal Return Vol.39 Ch.539 Triumphal Return (Last Half) Vol.39 Ch.540 Sympathy Vol.39 Ch.541 Sympathy (Last Half) Vol.39 Ch.542 Shinigami (Part 1) Vol.39 Ch.543 Shinigami (Part 2) Vol.39 Ch.544 Connection (Part 1) Vol.39 Ch.545 Connection (Part 2) Vol.39 Ch.546 Connection (Part 3) Vol.39 Ch.547 Professional D vs. Spiral (Part 1) Vol.39 Ch.548 Professional D vs. Spiral (Part 2) Vol.39 Ch.549 The Fact That It Runs? Vol.39 Ch.550 Natural Material Vol.39 Ch.551 Wet Condition Vol.39 Ch.552 Wet Condition (Last Half) Vol.39 Ch.553 Zero vs. Keisuke Vol.39 Ch.554 Zero vs. Keisuke (Last Half) Vol.39 Ch.555 Mind of Nothing Vol.39 Ch.556 Mind of Nothing (Middle Part) Vol.39 Ch.557 Mind of Nothing (Last Part) Vol.40 Ch.558 Quiet the First Stage (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.559 Quiet the First Stage (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.560 Ryosuke Strategy (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.561 Ryosuke Strategy (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.562 White Devil (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.563 White Devil (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.564 Zero Theory vs. Fastest Public Roads Theory (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.565 Zero Theory vs. Fastest Public Roads Theory (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.566 Full Throttle (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.567 Full Throttle (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.568 Defeat of Zero Vol.40 Ch.569 Dangerous Downhill (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.570 Dangerous Downhill (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.571 White Wing Vol.40 Ch.572 Start of Acceleration (Part 1) Vol.40 Ch.573 Start of Acceleration (Part 2) Vol.40 Ch.574 Wings That Fly Over the Sky Vol.40 Ch.575 Fujiwara Zone (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.576 Fujiwara Zone (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.577 Shinigami vs. Ryosuke (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.578 Shinigami vs. Ryosuke (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.579 Independent Action Vol.41 Ch.580 Confrontation of Fate Again (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.581 Confrontation of Fate Again (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.582 Blank (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.583 Blank (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.584 Unexpected Participation (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.585 Unexpected Participation (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.586 Charisma Awaking (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.587 Charisma Awaking (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.588 Dead or Alive (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.589 Dead or Alive (Part 2) Vol.41 Ch.590 Deadly Side Press (part 1) Vol.41 Ch.591 Deadly Side Press (part 2) Vol.41 Ch.592 Abandonment (Part 1) Vol.41 Ch.593 Abandonment (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.594 Conflict (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.595 Conflict (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.596 Accident Vol.42 Ch.597 Clash on the Bridge Vol.42 Ch.598 Understeer (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.599 Understeer (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.600 Running Wild (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.601 Running Wild (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.602 Kaori (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.603 Kaori (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.604 Conclusion (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.605 Conclusion (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.606 Anxiety Vol.42 Ch.607 I Want to Strike But I Can't (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.608 I Want to Strike But I Can't (Part 2) Vol.42 Ch.609 Afterimage Vol.42 Ch.610 Another natural (Part 1) Vol.42 Ch.611 Another natural (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.612 My Brother and His Brother Vol.43 Ch.613 Mother and Child (Part 1) Vol.43 Ch.614 Mother and Child Vol.43 Ch.615 Practice Vol.43 Ch.616 Practice (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.617 20 Percent Chance of Victory Vol.43 Ch.618 20 Percent Chance of Victory (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.619 Heavy Air Vol.43 Ch.620 Heavy Air (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.621 Relaxation Vol.43 Ch.622 Relaxation (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.623 Advantage Vol.43 Ch.624 Race Denial (Part 1) Vol.43 Ch.625 Race Denial (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.626 Hojo Brothers Vol.43 Ch.627 Hojo Brothers (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.628 Leading NSX !! Vol.43 Ch.629 Leading NSX !! (Part 2) Vol.43 Ch.630 Common Feature Vol.44 Ch.631 Common Feature (Part 2) Vol.44 Ch.632 Vol.44 Ch.633 Vol.44 Ch.634 Vol.44 Ch.635 Vol.44 Ch.636 Vol.44 Ch.637 Vol.44 Ch.638 Vol.44 Ch.639 Vol.44 Ch.640 Vol.44 Ch.641 Vol.44 Ch.642 Vol.44 Ch.643 Vol.44 Ch.644 Vol.44 Ch.645 Vol.44 Ch.646 Vol.44 Ch.647 Vol.44 Ch.648 Vol.44 Ch.649 Vol.44 Ch.650 Vol.45 Ch.651 Vol.45 Ch.652 Vol.45 Ch.653 Vol.45 Ch.654 Vol.45 Ch.655 Vol.45 Ch.656 Vol.45 Ch.657 Vol.45 Ch.658 Vol.45 Ch.659 Vol.45 Ch.660 Vol.45 Ch.661 Vol.45 Ch.662 Vol.45 Ch.663 Vol.45 Ch.664 Vol.45 Ch.665 Vol.45 Ch.666 Vol.45 Ch.667 Vol.45 Ch.668 Vol.46 Ch.669 Vol.46 Ch.670 Vol.46 Ch.671 Vol.46 Ch.672 Vol.46 Ch.673 Vol.46 Ch.674 Vol.46 Ch.675 Vol.46 Ch.676 Vol.46 Ch.677 Vol.46 Ch.678 Vol.46 Ch.679 Vol.46 Ch.680 Vol.46 Ch.681 Vol.46 Ch.682 Vol.46 Ch.683 Vol.46 Ch.684 Vol.46 Ch.685 Vol.46 Ch.686 Vol.46 Ch.687 Vol.46 Ch.688 Vol.46 Ch.689 He's Keeping Up!? Vol.46 Ch.691 Vol.46 Ch.692 Vol.46 Ch.693 Vol.46 Ch.694 Vol.46 Ch.695 Vol.46 Ch.696 Vol.46 Ch.697 Vol.46 Ch.698 Vol.46 Ch.699 Vol.46 Ch.700 Vol.47 Ch.701 Vol.47 Ch.702 Vol.47 Ch.703 Vol.47 Ch.704 Vol.47 Ch.705 Vol.47 Ch.706 Vol.47 Ch.707 Vol.47 Ch.708 Vol.48 Ch.709 Vol.48 Ch.710 Vol.48 Ch.711 Vol.48 Ch.712 Vol.48 Ch.713 Vol.48 Ch.714 Vol.48 Ch.715 Vol.48 Ch.716 Vol.48 Ch.717 Vol.48 Ch.718 Vol.48 Ch.719 Vol.48 Ch.719.5 Story Beyond Impact Blue Vol.48 Ch.719.6 Extra Story 2 Takumi's Side Story
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