Ichinensei ni Nacchattara

Vol.05 Ch.028 When He Rode the Train

Vol.01 Ch.001 When He Became an "Ichinensei" Vol.01 Ch.002 When He Was Physically "Examined" Vol.01 Ch.003 When He Went To "The Toilet" Vol.01 Ch.004 When He Was "Liked" By a Boy Vol.01 Ch.005 When He Changed Into A "Swimsuit" Vol.01 Ch.006 When He Met The "Rokunensei" Vol.01 Ch.007 When His "Little Sister" Almost Found Out Vol.02 Ch.008 When The Woman He Like was "Confessed" to Vol.02 Ch.009 When He "Caught a Cold" Vol.02 Ch.010 When He "Wet" himself Vol.02 Ch.011 When He Chose "Lingerie" Vol.02 Ch.012 When They Were Alone Together After School Vol.02 Ch.013 When Everyone Went To The Ofuro (First Part) Vol.02 Ch.014 When Everyone Went to the Ofuro (Last Part) Vol.03 Ch.015 When He Became a "Koukousei" Vol.03 Ch.016 When He Was "Invited" To A Birthday Party Vol.03 Ch.017 When He Took The "Pinworm Test" Vol.03 Ch.018 When He Became "Popular" Vol.03 Ch.019 When He Met an "Alien" ? Vol.03 Ch.020 When He "Found" The Ero Book Vol.04 Ch.021 When he "Thought" he wasn't A Second Year High School Boy Vol.04 Ch.022 When The "Love Letter" Was Sent Vol.04 Ch.023 When He Stepped Off The "White Line" Vol.04 Ch.024 When He Went To "The Hospital" To Visit Vol.04 Ch.025 When He Was "Locked Up" In The Gym Equipment Shed Vol.04 Ch.026 When He Was With "His Mother" Vol.04 Ch.027 When He Went to a "Sleepover" Vol.05 Ch.027.5 When me went to the "sleepover" (Behind the scenes) Vol.05 Ch.028 When He Rode the Train Vol.05 Ch.029 When He Bought Sweets Vol.05 Ch.030 When His Mother Visited Vol.05 Ch.031 When His House Blew Up Vol.05 Ch.032 When He Went To The Sushi Bar Vol.06 Ch.033 When The Card Game Was In Fashion Vol.06 Ch.034 When Santa Claus came Vol.06 Ch.035 When the snow piled up Vol.06 Ch.036 When He Gave Chocolates Vol.06 Ch.045 When He Changed Back Vol.06 Ch.046 When That Person Found Out Vol.06 Ch.047 When He Became a Hero Vol.06 Ch.048 When He Succeeded and Failed Vol.06 Ch.049 When He Went to the Beach (First Part) Vol.06 Ch.050 When He Went to the Beach (Last Part) Vol.06 Ch.051 When She was Kidnapped Vol.06 Ch.052 When There was an Outbreak Vol.06 Ch.053 When Everyone Became a Loli Vol.06 Ch.057 When He Spied On The Omiai Vol.06 Ch.060 When He Became An Ichinensei
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Ichinensei ni Nacchattara contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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