Hourou Musuko

Vol.01 Ch.008 Everything I Want

Vol.01 Ch.001 I Am a Girl Vol.01 Ch.002 Forever a Transient Son Vol.01 Ch.003 Oscar and André Vol.01 Ch.004 Transient Daughter Vol.01 Ch.005 Notori-Kun's Birthday Vol.01 Ch.006 Words of a Friend Vol.01 Ch.007 Takatsuki-san's Misfortune Vol.01 Ch.008 Everything I Want Vol.02 Ch.009 Love and a Hairpiece Vol.02 Ch.010 Hope and Dreams Vol.02 Ch.011 You Poor Child Vol.02 Ch.012 Girl under Stress Vol.02 Ch.013 Grade School Student Diary Vol.02 Ch.014 A Strange Pair Vol.02 Ch.015 School Trip The Day Before Vol.02 Ch.016 School Trip Day 1 Vol.02 Ch.017 School Trip Day 2 Vol.03 Ch.018 Together with Onee-chan Vol.03 Ch.019 A Hectic Day Vol.03 Ch.020 Half in Frenzy Vol.03 Ch.021 A New Friend Vol.03 Ch.022 A Date on Sunday Vol.03 Ch.023 Takatsuki Yoshino's Determination Vol.03 Ch.024 It keeps getting weirder Vol.03 Ch.025 Everyone's Song Vol.04 Ch.026 Onee-chan's Love Vol.04 Ch.027 Grieving Young Mister Princess Vol.04 Ch.028 Romontic Elopement Vol.04 Ch.029 Kiss Riot Vol.04 Ch.030 Not Even Spring; But… Vol.04 Ch.031 31 Confession \ 32 Riven Again Vol.04 Ch.033 Ah...Junior High Students Vol.05 Ch.034 The Mysterious Sarashina Vol.05 Ch.035 Refreshing Class Vol.05 Ch.036 Class Getting Along Vol.05 Ch.037 Beautiful Monday Vol.05 Ch.038 Sensei Loves Mystery Vol.05 Ch.039 Girl Rehearsal Practice Vol.05 Ch.040 The Door to Summer Vol.05 Ch.041 Revival Vol.06 Ch.042 The Beginning of Summer Vacation Vol.06 Ch.043 Around the Middle of Summer Vacation Vol.06 Ch.044 The End of Summer Vacation Vol.06 Ch.045 Preparations for the Banquet (1) Vol.06 Ch.046 Preparations for the Banquet (2) Vol.06 Ch.047 Preparations for the Banquet (3) Vol.06 Ch.048 It's the Festival! Everyone Assemble!! (First Part) Vol.06 Ch.049 It's the Festival! Everyone Assemble!! (Second Part) Vol.07 Ch.050 Mako's Feelings Vol.07 Ch.051 A Maiden's Wish Vol.07 Ch.052 Yoshino's Pleasant Prayer Vol.07 Ch.053 Secretive Nitori-kun Vol.07 Ch.054 Ripple Vol.07 Ch.055 Clear Up the Snow Vol.07 Ch.056 Go Skiing with Me (First Part) Vol.07 Ch.057 Go Skiing with Me (Last Part) Vol.08 Ch.058 Spring Vol.08 Ch.059 The Opposite of Like Vol.08 Ch.060 Sister's Approval Vol.08 Ch.061 Shakino Vol.08 Ch.062 The Song's Soul Vol.08 Ch.063 The Morning They Set Off Vol.08 Ch.064 Dam Vol.08 Ch.065 Breakdown Vol.09 Ch.066 The Long Day Vol.09 Ch.067 Too Late Vol.09 Ch.068 A License for Kindness Vol.09 Ch.069 Puberty Vol.09 Ch.070 Catch Me If You Can Vol.09 Ch.071 Going Around in Circles Vol.09 Ch.072 Roaring Business Vol.09 Ch.073 Transient Boy Transient Girl Vol.10 Ch.074 The First Step Vol.10 Ch.075 Summer Vacation Vol.10 Ch.076 Grate Vol.10 Ch.077 Sensation Vol.10 Ch.078 Mako's Love Vol.10 Ch.079 Doi-kun Vol.10 Ch.080 Plus Minus Vol.10 Ch.081 Glass Generation Vol.10 Ch.082 Love Me, Please Love Me Vol.11 Ch.083 The First Storm of Spring Vol.11 Ch.084 Sprout Vol.11 Ch.085 Passing By Vol.11 Ch.086 A School Excursion for Everyone 01 Vol.11 Ch.087 A School Excursion for Everyone 02 Vol.11 Ch.088 A School Excursion for Everyone 03 Vol.11 Ch.089 Each to Their Own Vol.11 Ch.090 Stylish Connections Vol.11 Ch.091 An Exciting Idea Vol.12 Ch.092 Kindred Spirits Vol.12 Ch.093 On a Holy Night Vol.12 Ch.094 The Cherry Blossom Season Vol.12 Ch.095 Isn't Spring Here Yet? Vol.12 Ch.096 Tyltyl and Mytyl Vol.12 Ch.097 A New World Vol.12 Ch.098 Debut Vol.12 Ch.099 Totally at a Loss Vol.13 Ch.100 Spiral Outline Vol.13 Ch.101 The Quiet Before the Storm Vol.13 Ch.102 Half Knowledge Vol.13 Ch.103 Mii-tan's Father 1 Vol.13 Ch.104 Mii-tan's Father 2 Vol.13 Ch.105 Mind Game Vol.13 Ch.106 Whispered Words Vol.13 Ch.107 Positive Dance Vol.13 Ch.108 Dizzy Girl Vol.14 Ch.109 Growing Up Vol.14 Ch.110 Unbalanced Vol.14 Ch.111 Sprout Vol.14 Ch.112 Mako's Adventure Vol.14 Ch.113 Level-Headed Mako Vol.14 Ch.114 Love Me Delicately Vol.14 Ch.115 Suki Tokimeki to Kisu Vol.14 Ch.116 State of Mind Vol.14 Ch.117 Future Diary Vol.14 Ch.118 Snow Drop Vol.15 Ch.119 Dreaming Girl Vol.15 Ch.120 First Voice Vol.15 Ch.121 Love Vol.15 Ch.122 My Rose-Colored Life Vol.15 Ch.123 For You
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