Hotaru no Hikari

Vol.01 Ch.004 Dried Fish's Stormy Night

Vol.01 Ch.001 Dried Fish, Thrown into the Ocean Vol.01 Ch.002 Dried Fish's Love, First Step Vol.01 Ch.003 Dried Fish's Big Strategy for a Date Vol.01 Ch.004 Dried Fish's Stormy Night Vol.01 Ch.005 Dried Fish's First Sleep Over Vol.01 Ch.006 Dried Fish and Autumn's Intruder Vol.02 Ch.007 The Night Before Christmas for Dried Fish Women Vol.02 Ch.008 Attack! Dried Fish's Home Visit Vol.02 Ch.009 The Dried Fish Goes Back to Her Hometown Vol.02 Ch.010 The Dried Fish's Diet Vol.02 Ch.011 Dried Fish on a Business Trip Vol.02 Ch.012 Dried Fish on a Business Trip - II - Vol.03 Ch.013 Himono Onna vs. Lovely Lady Vol.03 Ch.014 Himono, Love History Vol.03 Ch.015 Himono, Announcement Vol.03 Ch.016 The Relationship Between Himono and her Housemate Vol.03 Ch.017 Himono Onna vs. Lovely Lady, Again Vol.03 Ch.018 Himono's House Date Challenge Vol.04 Ch.019 Himono's Summer Vacation Vol.04 Ch.020 Summer, Himono, and Fireworks Vol.04 Ch.021 Himono's Friendship Vol.04 Ch.022 Himono Onna and the Feudal Lord Vol.04 Ch.023 Himono Onna and the Lordly Man Vol.04 Ch.024 Himono Onna and the Lord Vol.05 Ch.025 Himono's Confession Vol.05 Ch.026 Himono and Buchou, A Holiday for Two Vol.05 Ch.027 Himono, Visited By Her Boyfriend Vol.05 Ch.028 Himono's Outdoor Life Vol.05 Ch.029 Natural Himono Vol.05 Ch.030 Sayonara, Himono Vol.06 Ch.031 Himono Left Buchou Vol.06 Ch.032 Buchou's Himono STAR Observation Log Vol.06 Ch.033 Himono's View on Marriage Vol.06 Ch.034 Himono and Camping -1- Vol.06 Ch.035 Himono and Camping -2- Vol.06 Ch.036 Himono's Nephew Appears Vol.07 Ch.037 Himono and Housemate Once More Vol.07 Ch.038 Himono and Proposal Vol.07 Ch.039 Himono, to the Northern Land Vol.07 Ch.040 Himono, To the Northern Land part 2 Vol.07 Ch.041 Himono, Return with Tears Vol.07 Ch.042 Himono's Boyfriend Vol.08 Ch.043 Himono's Determination Vol.08 Ch.044 Himono, after the Determination Vol.08 Ch.045 Over the Dead Body of Himono Vol.08 Ch.046 Himono's Choice Vol.08 Ch.047 Dried Fish, Knows the Secret! Vol.08 Ch.048 Himono's Nursing Journal Vol.09 Ch.049 Himono, Love's Terminal Station Vol.09 Ch.050 5 Ways to Cheer Up Himono Vol.09 Ch.051 Himono's Heartbreak Restaurant Vol.09 Ch.052 Himono's Proclamation of Defeat Vol.09 Ch.053 Jilted Himono Vol.09 Ch.054 A New Start!? Vol.10 Ch.055 Himono and Buchou, A New Relationship Vol.10 Ch.056 Light 56 - Himono and the Fine Feathers Vol.10 Ch.057 Himono Family Vol.10 Ch.058 Himono and the Lord's Christmas - Part 1 Vol.10 Ch.059 Himono and the Lord's Christmas - Conclusion Vol.11 Ch.060 Once Again - Himono the Woman and Milord the Man Vol.11 Ch.061 Trying to go with the Flow, Himono? Vol.11 Ch.062 Vol.11 Ch.063 Vol.11 Ch.064 Vol.11 Ch.065 Vol.11 Ch.066 Vol.11 Ch.067 Vol.11 Ch.068 Vol.11 Ch.069 Vol.11 Ch.070 Vol.11 Ch.071 Vol.11 Ch.072 Vol.11 Ch.073 Vol.11 Ch.074 Vol.11 Ch.075 Vol.11 Ch.076 Vol.11 Ch.077 Vol.11 Ch.078 Vol.11 Ch.079 Vol.11 Ch.080 Vol.11 Ch.081 Vol.11 Ch.082 Vol.11 Ch.083 Vol.11 Ch.084
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