Hito Hitori Futari

Vol.03 Ch.024 Declaration to the People

Vol.01 Ch.001 Down from the Sky Vol.01 Ch.002 The Prime Minister and Riyon Vol.01 Ch.003 Blackout Vol.01 Ch.004 First Contact Vol.01 Ch.005 Declaration Vol.01 Ch.006 Voice of the Heart Vol.01 Ch.007 Psychic Prime Minister Vol.02 Ch.008 Izumi Daiki Vol.02 Ch.009 Izumi Family Vol.02 Ch.010 Kubo Kouji Vol.02 Ch.011 Skill Vol.02 Ch.012 Access Vol.02 Ch.013 Exchange Vol.02 Ch.014 Contact Vol.02 Ch.015 Black Spiral Vol.02 Ch.016 Core Government Vol.02 Ch.017 Prime Minister vs Prime Minister Vol.02 Ch.018 A Message From the Izumi Family Vol.03 Ch.019 Home Town Vol.03 Ch.020 Lie on a Road Vol.03 Ch.021 Love System Vol.03 Ch.022 White Balls Vol.03 Ch.023 Evil's Indiscrimination Vol.03 Ch.024 Declaration to the People Vol.03 Ch.025 Remaining Life Vol.03 Ch.026 Friction Vol.03 Ch.027 Yuzuki and Emiri Vol.03 Ch.028 Family Vol.03 Ch.029 Black Emotion Vol.04 Ch.030 Takagi's Notebook Vol.04 Ch.031 Pole-And-Line Fishing Vol.04 Ch.032 Clairvoyance Vol.04 Ch.033 Core Government Launch Vol.04 Ch.034 One Person 1 Million Vol.04 Ch.035 Japan Purification Project Vol.04 Ch.036 Vs. Nuclear Power Vol.04 Ch.037 Counter Attack of "Taboo" Vol.04 Ch.038 Dirty Electricity Vol.04 Ch.039 Block Vol.04 Ch.040 The Prime Minister's Job Vol.05 Ch.041 Landing Vol.05 Ch.042 On the Road Vol.05 Ch.043 Chief and Style Vol.05 Ch.044 Blue Sky of Unit 4 Vol.05 Ch.045 Message Vol.05 Ch.046 My Body, Japan Vol.05 Ch.047 Guardian Spirit of the Country Vol.05 Ch.048 To Tokyo Vol.05 Ch.049 The People's Will, Moving Vol.05 Ch.050 Black Reaction Vol.05 Ch.051 Rules Vol.06 Ch.052 Black Action Vol.06 Ch.053 Black File Vol.06 Ch.054 Kubo's Past 1 Vol.06 Ch.055 Kubo's Past 2 Vol.06 Ch.056 Kubo's Past 3 Vol.06 Ch.057 Kubo's Past 4 Vol.06 Ch.058 From Hand to Hand Vol.06 Ch.059 Black Present Vol.06 Ch.060 Nuclear Power Equals Vol.06 Ch.061 Hated Things Vol.06 Ch.062 Full-Scale Attack Begins Vol.07 Ch.063 Black Hole Vol.07 Ch.064 Life Ball Vol.07 Ch.065 To Cold Shutdown Vol.07 Ch.066 Deep Within the Darkness Vol.07 Ch.067 Root of the Tragedy Vol.07 Ch.068 White Path Vol.07 Ch.069 Sawako's Awakening Vol.07 Ch.070 Taking Away Vol.07 Ch.071 Farewell Vol.07 Ch.072 Son! Vol.07 Ch.073 Riyon's Changes Vol.08 Ch.074 Last Request Response Vol.08 Ch.075 Baton Vol.08 Ch.076 Eishun Academy Orphanage Vol.08 Ch.077 To the Darkness World Vol.08 Ch.078 Kasuga Souichirou's Resolve Vol.08 Ch.079 The Flame of Life Vol.08 Ch.080 Purification of Darkness Vol.08 Ch.081 Person One Person Two People Vol.08 Ch.082 Remaining Life of 3 Days Vol.08 Ch.083 Beautiful Japan Vol.08 Ch.084 Thank You
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