High School

Vol.01 Ch.002 According to Ho Rah

Vol.01 Ch.001 According to Jo Pae Vol.01 Ch.002 According to Ho Rah Vol.01 Ch.003 According to Han Ryu Vol.01 Ch.004 Chills on the Roof Vol.01 Ch.005 A Certain Min Soo Vol.01 Ch.006 Wildflowers Vol.02 Ch.007 Ho Rah, the New Boss Vol.02 Ch.008 To Become the Best Vol.02 Ch.009 It Hurts Vol.02 Ch.010 What's That? Vol.02 Ch.011 What a Fucking Mess! Vol.02 Ch.012 What a Beautiful Fight Vol.03 Ch.013 Come on, Ho Rah! Vol.03 Ch.014 The Look in Your Eyes that Day Vol.03 Ch.015 What Is Your Dream? Vol.03 Ch.016 Jo Pae the Great Vol.03 Ch.017 Jo Pae Eats up the School Vol.03 Ch.018 Jo Pae's Troubles Vol.04 Ch.019 Don't Pull It Out! Vol.04 Ch.020 Poor Boy Vol.04 Ch.021 Bike Fight Vol.04 Ch.022 Just How Far Did We Go? Vol.04 Ch.023 We Got Our Kicks, and That's Enough! Vol.05 Ch.024 Don't Ignore the Boss' Voice Vol.05 Ch.025 Yeon Jang School's Hitman Vol.05 Ch.026 Tremble in Fear Vol.05 Ch.027 Why Do You Fool Around with Tools in Front of Me? Vol.05 Ch.028 Respect Me Vol.05 Ch.029 Exit Vol.06 Ch.030 I Didn't Realize Vol.06 Ch.031 Continue with the Race? Vol.06 Ch.032 Youth's Flame Burns! Vol.06 Ch.033 Ho Rah Groove Vol.06 Ch.034 My Empire, to End This Frustration Vol.06 Ch.035 Jo Pae Becomes Legendary Vol.07 Ch.036 Defeat? Vol.07 Ch.037 Han Ryu Arrives Vol.07 Ch.038 The Counterattack Vol.07 Ch.039 Dash Vol.07 Ch.040 Another Danger Vol.07 Ch.041 It's only the Beginning... Vol.07 Ch.042 A Bad Day Vol.07 Ch.043 Setting on Fire Vol.08 Ch.044 Love Love Vol.08 Ch.045 Reunion Vol.08 Ch.046 Wounded Pride Vol.08 Ch.047 This Is My Area Vol.08 Ch.048 Do Not Provoke Me! Vol.08 Ch.049 The Kidnapping Vol.08 Ch.050 Ho Rah's Crisis 1 Vol.08 Ch.051 Ho Rah's Crisis 2 Vol.09 Ch.052 Get Lost Vol.09 Ch.053 Jo Pae's Arrival! Vol.09 Ch.054 The Rope Vol.09 Ch.055 Special Training part 1 (I Want My Vacation!) Vol.09 Ch.056 Special Training Part 2 (We're Lost!) Vol.09 Ch.057 Special Training Part 3 (Awaking of the Animal Instinct) Vol.09 Ch.058 Special Training Part 4 (We're Going Back Home!) Vol.09 Ch.059 I Am Joe Pea(?)! Vol.09 Ch.060 Jo Pae Is Back! Vol.10 Ch.061 Declaration of War Vol.10 Ch.062 Jo Pae's Disaster Vol.10 Ch.063 A Dangerous Bag Vol.10 Ch.064 Ember Vol.10 Ch.065 I'm Taking Matters into My Own Hands Vol.10 Ch.066 Joe Pae, a Guy with Class?! Vol.10 Ch.067 Jo Pae Is One Uncanny Guy! Vol.10 Ch.068 Bad News Vol.11 Ch.069 Jo Pae... Dead?! Vol.11 Ch.070 The Escape Vol.11 Ch.071 A New Danger Vol.11 Ch.072 Han Ryu... What Class! Vol.11 Ch.073 Let's Go Save Our Friend Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.074 Let's Go Save Our Friend Part 2 Vol.11 Ch.075 Should We Fight? Vol.11 Ch.076 Another Legend Vol.12 Ch.077 It's Time to End This - Part 1 Vol.12 Ch.078 It's Time to End This - Part 2 Vol.12 Ch.079 Assassins Vol.12 Ch.080 Jo Pae's Gang, Ambushed Vol.12 Ch.081 Back Home Part 1 Vol.12 Ch.082 Back Home - Part 2 Vol.12 Ch.083 Han Ryu's Choice Vol.12 Ch.084 A Dangerous Man Vol.12 Ch.085 The Challenge Continues
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