Hero - Gyakkyou no Touhai

Vol.03 Ch.017 Decision

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Watch of A God Vol.01 Ch.002 Binding Shackles Vol.01 Ch.003 Rotation Vol.01 Ch.004 Mind's Eye Vol.01 Ch.005 The Predicament Vol.01 Ch.006 A Decoy Vol.01 Ch.007 The Cell Phone Vol.02 Ch.008 Monster Vol.02 Ch.009 Foundation Vol.02 Ch.010 Fate Vol.02 Ch.011 White Darkness Vol.02 Ch.012 Deadly Poison Vol.02 Ch.013 Tell Vol.02 Ch.014 Proof Vol.02 Ch.015 Misstep Vol.03 Ch.016 Refutation Vol.03 Ch.017 Decision Vol.03 Ch.018 Trace Vol.03 Ch.019 Habit Vol.03 Ch.020 Contradiction Vol.03 Ch.021 Communication Vol.03 Ch.022 Half Vol.03 Ch.023 Different Kind Vol.04 Ch.024 Vol.04 Ch.025 Vol.04 Ch.026 Vol.04 Ch.027 Vol.04 Ch.028 Vol.04 Ch.029 Vol.04 Ch.030 Vol.04 Ch.031 Vol.04 Ch.032 Vol.04 Ch.033 Vol.04 Ch.034 Vol.04 Ch.035 Vol.05 Ch.036 Inconceivable Vol.05 Ch.037 Karma Vol.05 Ch.038 Anticipation Vol.05 Ch.039 Promise Vol.05 Ch.040 Betrayal Vol.06 Ch.041 Problem Vol.06 Ch.042 Notation Vol.06 Ch.043 Heavens Vol.06 Ch.044 Message Vol.06 Ch.045 Disadvantage Vol.06 Ch.046 Obstruction Vol.06 Ch.047 Into Battle Vol.06 Ch.048 Enemy Vol.06 Ch.049 Dealings Vol.07 Ch.050 Hatred Vol.07 Ch.051 Signature Vol.07 Ch.052 Unknown Vol.07 Ch.053 Misunderstanding Vol.07 Ch.054 Verge of Death Vol.07 Ch.055 Melting Vol.07 Ch.056 Transfer Vol.07 Ch.057 Calculation Vol.07 Ch.058 Heterogeneous Vol.08 Ch.059 Revival Vol.08 Ch.060 Feng Shui Vol.08 Ch.061 Equal Match Vol.08 Ch.062 Anguish Vol.08 Ch.063 Fate Vol.08 Ch.064 First-Rate Vol.08 Ch.065 Heavenly Eye Vol.08 Ch.066 Superiority Vol.08 Ch.067 Big Catch Vol.09 Ch.068 Deception Vol.09 Ch.069 Impatience Vol.09 Ch.070 Unexpected Vol.09 Ch.071 Serpent Vol.09 Ch.072 Proficency Vol.09 Ch.073 Injustice Vol.09 Ch.074 Co-Stars Vol.09 Ch.075 Experiment Vol.09 Ch.076 Bright Idea Vol.10 Ch.077 Alive Vol.10 Ch.078 Divine Wind Vol.10 Ch.079 Grip Vol.10 Ch.080 Demon Vol.10 Ch.081 Bizarre Plan Vol.10 Ch.082 Break Vol.10 Ch.083 Conspiracy Vol.10 Ch.084 Siege Vol.10 Ch.085 Cornered Rat Vol.11 Ch.086 Sorcery Vol.11 Ch.087 Raging Flames
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