Hekikai no AiON

Vol.09 Ch.036 An Imperishable Sin

Vol.01 Ch.001 Low Calibur Vol.01 Ch.002 Small Fry Vol.01 Ch.003 Vagrant Girl Vol.01 Ch.004 The Family's Turnaround Vol.02 Ch.005 The Witch's Holiday Vol.02 Ch.006 Route to Infection Vol.02 Ch.007 The Mermaid's whisper Vol.02 Ch.008 A Secret Vol.02 Ch.008.5 [Omake] Vol.03 Ch.009 How to Put It On Vol.03 Ch.010 Conclusion Vol.03 Ch.011 The Witch's Weakness Vol.03 Ch.012 The Girl in the Infirmary Vol.03 Ch.012.5 [Omake] Vol.04 Ch.013 Insecure Heart Vol.04 Ch.014 Dark Clouds That Creep Up Vol.04 Ch.015 True Memories Vol.04 Ch.016 The Sea and Tears Vol.05 Ch.017 A Start of a New Semester Vol.05 Ch.018 Love Triangle Vol.05 Ch.019 Anger Vol.05 Ch.020 The Pierced Relationship Vol.06 Ch.021 The Devil's Choice Vol.06 Ch.022 Escape Vol.06 Ch.023 The Strange Looking Sea Vol.06 Ch.024 The Mermaid's Broken Heart Vol.06 Ch.028.5 [Extra Chapter 1] Hekikai no AiON X Karin Vol.06 Ch.028.6 [Special Chapter 2] A Story Long Before Seine Met Tatsuya Vol.07 Ch.025 The Girl Doesn't Know Happiness Vol.07 Ch.026 The Fated Day Vol.07 Ch.027 Magician Simon Magus Vol.07 Ch.028 Renewing Moods Vol.08 Ch.029 Signs Vol.08 Ch.030 Inside the Fog Vol.08 Ch.031 3000m Deep Sea Vol.08 Ch.032 Runaway Mermaid Vol.09 Ch.033 A Slighty Disappointing CHild Vol.09 Ch.034 To Remember and Keep Vol.09 Ch.035 Remember That Time Vol.09 Ch.036 An Imperishable Sin Vol.10 Ch.037 A love that has already ended Vol.10 Ch.038 Kiss of Vows Vol.10 Ch.039 The Hate Vol.10 Ch.040 I Don't Care If I Die Vol.10 Ch.041 A Love That Exceeds 320 Years Vol.11 Ch.042 The Simon Inside the Mermaid Vol.11 Ch.043 I Want You to be Happy Vol.11 Ch.044 AiON from the Blue Sea [End]
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