Hayate x Blade

Vol.05 Ch.030 Idiot a la Carte

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Idiot Who Came Late Vol.01 Ch.002 The Lost Idiot Vol.01 Ch.003 Idiot Fighting All Out Vol.01 Ch.004 The Idiot Who Fights for Excellence Vol.01 Ch.005 A Fool Stopping at Nothing Vol.01 Ch.006 The Idiot Who Jumped Out Vol.02 Ch.007 An Idiot's Intention Vol.02 Ch.008 That Stupid Thing Vol.02 Ch.009 Exactly Because She's an Idiot Vol.02 Ch.010 Those Idiots Who Believe Will Be Saved Vol.02 Ch.011 Idiots and Airheads Vol.02 Ch.012 Made an Idiot for One Full Year Vol.02 Ch.013 A Festival for Idiots Vol.03 Ch.014 What's Wrong with Being an Idiot? Vol.03 Ch.015 She Who Rings the Bell Is an Idiot Vol.03 Ch.016 Idiots Gather at the Center of the World Vol.03 Ch.017 Life Has It's Ups and Downs Idiot Vol.03 Ch.018 Stubbornness and Idiocy Two Sides of the Same Coin Vol.03 Ch.019 Various Idiots Vol.04 Ch.020 Companions in Idiocy Vol.04 Ch.021 Wriggling Idiots Vol.04 Ch.022 Idiots Who Don't Get Along Vol.04 Ch.023 Between You and the Idiot Vol.04 Ch.024 Two Years on Idiocy Alone Vol.04 Ch.025 Battle for Idiots Vol.04 Ch.025.5 Idiots in Order Vol.05 Ch.026 The Verge of Idiocy Vol.05 Ch.027 Idiot Explosion Vol.05 Ch.028 Idiots Can Overcome Everything Vol.05 Ch.029 Bustling Idiots Vol.05 Ch.030 Idiot a la Carte Vol.05 Ch.030.5 Missing Chapter - Forgotten Idiots Vol.05 Ch.030.8 Extra Chapter - Fill-in Idiot Vol.06 Ch.031 Idiot Carnival Vol.06 Ch.032 Idiot Festival Vol.06 Ch.033 Idiot Survival Vol.06 Ch.034 Idiot Interval Vol.06 Ch.035 Idiot Rival Vol.06 Ch.036 Idiots Struggle Vol.07 Ch.037 The Idiot Revival Vol.07 Ch.038 Idiots Persist Vol.07 Ch.039 Sins and Idiots Vol.07 Ch.040 One-shot Idiots Vol.07 Ch.041 God Save the Idiots Vol.07 Ch.042 Rock Around the Idiot Vol.08 Ch.043 Idiots Move Three Steps Forward and Two Steps Back Vol.08 Ch.044 Idiots and Vacation Vol.08 Ch.045 Creeping Up Idiots Vol.08 Ch.046 Heat Up Idiot Vol.08 Ch.047 Tenchi's Mouth, Idiot's Paradise Vol.08 Ch.047.5 Missing Number - Monopoly! Idiot's 60 Minutes Vol.09 Ch.047.6 Idiocy Cannot Be Cured No Matter How Many Times You Try Vol.09 Ch.048 Merry Christmas, Mr. Idiot Vol.09 Ch.049 Written as Serious, Read as Idiot Vol.09 Ch.050 The Heaven and Earth Idiots See Vol.09 Ch.051 The One Who Becomes an Idiot, That Guidepost Vol.09 Ch.052 Hit the Road Idiot Vol.09 Ch.053 The Idiot Arrived Suddenly Vol.09 Ch.054 The Star that the Idiot Dropped Ch.096.5  Idiot Quest Vol.10 Ch.055 With or Without the Idiot (Part 1) Vol.10 Ch.056 With or Without the Idiot (Part 2) Vol.10 Ch.057 Springtime Banbakabakabaka Vol.10 Ch.058 You Are the Idiot that Makes Me Shine Vol.10 Ch.059 School Idiots Tour Vol.10 Ch.060 Fair Travels with an Idiotic Feeling Vol.10 Ch.060.5 Read Online Vol.11 Ch.061 Stupid is as Idiots Do Vol.11 Ch.062 The Morning of My Idiotic Decision Vol.11 Ch.063 Nothing's Gonna Change Idiot World Vol.11 Ch.064 Do You Remember Idiots? Vol.11 Ch.065 When I First Began to Know Idiocy Vol.11 Ch.066 Buffoon '66 Vol.11 Ch.067 Ah! The Sky! The Free and Easy Idiots! Vol.12 Ch.068 Bakasuka Wars Vol.12 Ch.069 Hold Close the Shivering Idiot Vol.12 Ch.070 Kill All the Idiots Vol.12 Ch.071 Gone with the Idiots Vol.12 Ch.071.5 Big Idiot Vol.13 Ch.072 The Idiot's Garden Vol.13 Ch.073 Can Idiots Be Far Behind? (1) Vol.13 Ch.074 If Spring Comes, Can Idiots Be Far Behind? (2) Vol.13 Ch.074.5 Real Idiot Tag Vol.13 Ch.075 Let Idiots Be Vol.13 Ch.076 Idiot in the Sky with Diamonds Vol.13 Ch.076.5 Excluded Idiots Vol.14 Ch.077 Gold-Dumb Slumbers Vol.14 Ch.078 Two of Us Idiots Vol.14 Ch.079 She's Stupid, And I Love Her Vol.14 Ch.080 Black-Birdbrain (Take Your Stupid Wings and Learn to Fly) Vol.14 Ch.081 Across the Idiotverse Vol.14 Ch.082 Stupid Fields Forever Vol.15 Ch.083 I, Moron Vol.15 Ch.084 Idiot After Idiot Vol.15 Ch.085 Runway Idiot Vol.15 Ch.086 Baka to the Future Vol.15 Ch.087 Back to the Future, Part II Vol.15 Ch.088 Baka to the Future, Part III Vol.15 Ch.089 Next Stop Idiocy Vol.15 Ch.090 Interview with the Idiot Vol.15 Ch.091 The Idiot General Vol.16 Ch.092 Because I Like Your Idiocy Vol.16 Ch.093 Over-the-Top Idiocy Vol.16 Ch.094 Vol.16 Ch.095 Vol.16 Ch.096 Vol.16 Ch.097 Vol.16 Ch.098 Vol.16 Ch.099 Vol.17 Ch.030.6 Vol.17 Ch.054.5 Vol.17 Ch.064.5 Vol.17 Ch.066.5 Vol.17 Ch.100 Vol.17 Ch.101 Vol.17 Ch.102 Vol.18 Ch.103 Stupid Magnolias Vol.18 Ch.104 Vol.18 Ch.105 Vol.18 Ch.106
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