Haru wo Daite Ita

Vol.02 Ch.002 One Night Gigolo

Vol.01 Ch.001 He hagged hooker Vol.01 Ch.002 Focus Flash Vol.01 Ch.003 Fresh Flute Vol.01 Ch.004 One Cours Porno Vol.01 Ch.005.1 Imitation Room Vol.01 Ch.005.2 Extra ~ Leap Over The Fence Vol.02 Ch.001 Selfish Gene Vol.02 Ch.002 One Night Gigolo Vol.02 Ch.003 Family tree Vol.02 Ch.004 Raison D'etre Vol.02 Ch.005 Nude Dancer Vol.03 Ch.001 Paradox Dogs Vol.03 Ch.002 Innocent Vamp Vol.03 Ch.003 Vol.03 Ch.004 First Cry Vol.03 Ch.005 First Cry Vol.04 Ch.001 Equality Lover Vol.04 Ch.002 Cross Game Vol.04 Ch.003 Inside Report Vol.04 Ch.004 His Best Vol.04 Ch.005 Mothers Rouge Vol.05 Ch.001 Silent Killer Vol.05 Ch.002 Vol.05 Ch.003 Always asking for the moon Vol.05 Ch.004 extra- winter cicada Vol.06 Ch.001 Linkage Map Vol.06 Ch.002 Vol.06 Ch.003 Love Symbol Vol.06 Ch.004.1 Heaven and Earth Vol.06 Ch.004.2 Heaven and Earth Vol.06 Ch.005 Kiss of Fire Vol.07 Ch.001 Vol.07 Ch.002 Vol.07 Ch.003 Vol.07 Ch.004 double casting Vol.07 Ch.004.2 Vol.07 Ch.004.3 Vol.07 Ch.005 Air Castle Vol.08 Ch.001 Unlocked Cellar Vol.08 Ch.002 Film Paddock Vol.08 Ch.003 Trickster Vol.08 Ch.004 Noise Reduction Vol.08 Ch.005 Water Proof Vol.09 Ch.001 Witch Doctor Vol.09 Ch.002 Loss Leader Vol.09 Ch.003 Geramblr Race Vol.09 Ch.004.1 Vol.09 Ch.004.2 truth river(ch 34) part b Vol.09 Ch.004.3 Extra Vol.09 Ch.004.4 Extra Vol.10 Ch.001 Puppet Mate Vol.10 Ch.002 Hermit Crab Vol.10 Ch.003 Jamais Vu Vol.10 Ch.004 Hazard Light Vol.10 Ch.005 Extra! Love Squall Vol.10 Ch.006 EXTRA! Both Vol.11 Ch.001 Hazard Map Vol.11 Ch.002 Vol.11 Ch.003 Surivior's Patio Vol.11 Ch.004 Core Curriculum Vol.11 Ch.005 Sleeping Bomb Vol.11 Ch.006 Extra Vol.12 Ch.001 Precious seat Vol.12 Ch.002 Flight Control Vol.12 Ch.003 Soul Position Vol.12 Ch.004.1 Vol.12 Ch.004.2 Extra Vol.13 Ch.001 One Grain Of Sand Vol.13 Ch.002 10% Kodomo Vol.13 Ch.003 A 100 Years Love Vol.14 Ch.001 Couple Awards Vol.14 Ch.002.1 Stand on Vessel Vol.14 Ch.002.2 Stand on Vessel B Vol.14 Ch.002.3 Stand on Vessel C Vol.14 Ch.002.4 Stand on Vessel D Vol.14 Ch.003 Proposal Again Vol.14 Ch.004.1 LifeLine Vol.14 Ch.004.2 LifeLine 2 Vol.14 Ch.004.3 LifeLine 3 Vol.14 Ch.004.4 LifeLine 4 Vol.15 Ch.001 Time Share Vol.15 Ch.002 love tanker Vol.ES Ch.001 Gigolo Vol.ES Ch.002 Love Squall
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Haru wo Daite Ita contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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