Green & Blue

Ch.073 A Rhythm Game

Ch.001 Characters Ch.002 Chicken Soup for the Soul (1) Ch.003 Chicken Soup for the Soul (2) Ch.004 A Reserved Person Ch.005 Forgotten Ch.006 SIRI Ch.007 First Love Ch.008 Crusher and the Crush Ch.009 Catch Me If You Can Ch.010 Chinese Pear Etiquette Ch.011 Mosquitoes Ch.012 Jumping Off Ch.013 The World That I Liked Ch.014 New Armor Ch.015 Goldwish Pond Ch.016 Enduring for a Long Time Ch.017 Tsundere Ch.018 Archrivals Ch.019 National Flag Ch.020 Apple Sundae Crisp Ch.021 The Soul of Coding Ch.022 April Fool's Day (1) Ch.023 April Fool's Day (2) Ch.024 Dreams Ch.025 Gymnastics Ch.026 Gaokao D-Day Ch.027 Dream World Ch.028 Drawing Food Ch.029 Score Ranking System Ch.030 A Fearsome Weapon Ch.031 Two Top Students Ch.032 Breakfast Time Ch.033 A Broad and Profound Culture Ch.034 Old Head on Young Shoulders Ch.035 Word Formation Ch.036 Compliment Ch.037 Love Confession Ch.038 Forest of Fireflies Ch.039 Crushes and Likes Ch.040 America Ch.041 The Robot Who Couldn't Get Hurt Ch.042 Love Confession at Graduation Ch.043 Popular Will Ch.044 Register to Win Ch.045 Human Matching Program Ch.046 Wu Ch.047 Follow Ch.048 Treatment for Procrastination Ch.049 Living in Seclusion Ch.050 Little Angel Ch.051 The Big Data of Your Life Ch.052 The You in My Dreams Ch.053 Set Free Ch.054 Stupid Animals Ch.055 Idols Ch.056 Behind the Screen Ch.057 10086 Ch.058 Omniscient Perspective Ch.059 Nine Ways to Refute Ch.060 Tactful Refusal Ch.061 Honesty Ch.062 Probability Ch.063 Guess (1) Ch.064 Guess (2) Ch.065 Guess (3) Ch.066 Continue Ch.067 Love-Hate Ch.068 Internet Addiction Ch.073 A Rhythm Game
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