Golden Boy

Vol.01 Ch.000 Learning Computers

Vol.01 Ch.000 Learning Computers Vol.01 Ch.000.1 Temptations of a Young Lady Vol.01 Ch.000.2 A Flower Troubles the Highlands Vol.01 Ch.000.3 Crisis! Maiden's First Love Vol.01 Ch.000.4 To Swim the Wild Sea Vol.01 Ch.000.5 No Brakes Blue Sky Vol.02 Ch.000.6 Desiring Psychology Vol.02 Ch.000.7 The Slave of Love Vol.02 Ch.000.8 Recording in the Rythm of the Dream Vol.02 Ch.000.9 The Alchemy of Love Vol.02 Ch.005 Young Love and Elderly Desires Vol.02 Ch.006 Greedy Old Man & Righteous Son Vol.02 Ch.007 The Canceling of the Betrothal Vol.02 Ch.008 Kin & Kon Vol.02 Ch.009 The Only One I Should Fear Vol.03 Ch.001 My True Self Vol.03 Ch.002 Imaginary Reality Vol.03 Ch.003 Kintarou Research Vol.03 Ch.004 Open Up to Me Vol.03 Ch.005 Betrayal and Tears Vol.03 Ch.006 Love Integration Vol.03 Ch.012 Lord Kongouji's Lesson Vol.03 Ch.013 Lost Love Vol.03 Ch.014 Looking for Kintaro! Vol.03 Ch.015 Journey Towards New Studies Vol.03 Ch.016 Wandering Studious Woman Vol.04 Ch.017 The Lunchbox Vol.04 Ch.018 Live Lesson in Acting Vol.04 Ch.019 Sublimation a la Kintaro Vol.04 Ch.020 True Talents Vol.04 Ch.021 An Analysis of Addiction Vol.04 Ch.022 Seduction of the Stocking Vol.04 Ch.023 Discovery of the Stickyness Vol.04 Ch.024 The Forbidden Paradise Vol.04 Ch.025 A Game Called Family Vol.04 Ch.026 The Kiss Vol.04 Ch.027 Alter Ego Vol.04 Ch.028 Dangers of Everyday Life Vol.05 Ch.029 My True Self Vol.05 Ch.030 Studying Is Fun Vol.05 Ch.031 Wet Training Camp Vol.05 Ch.032 Miho Gets Exposed Vol.05 Ch.033 Farewell Schooldays Vol.05 Ch.034 Golden Girl Vol.05 Ch.035 Discovering the Truth Vol.05 Ch.036 Life's Dream Vol.05 Ch.037 The Dream Continues Vol.05 Ch.038 Dangers of the Future Vol.05 Ch.039 The Golden Water Vol.06 Ch.004 Kintaro Is Back!! Vol.06 Ch.040 Othello Vol.06 Ch.041 Breakthrough of the Golden Water Vol.06 Ch.042 Takako's Trap Vol.06 Ch.044 Reunion for Two Vol.06 Ch.045 To Be Spoiled for Choice Vol.06 Ch.046 Kyoko's Trap Vol.06 Ch.047 Escalation of Greed Vol.06 Ch.048 Reality Is as Hard as Bone Vol.06 Ch.049 The Ultimate Greed Vol.06 Ch.050 Revenge? Vol.07 Ch.051 Kintaro's Plan Vol.07 Ch.052 Kintaro Shifts!! Vol.07 Ch.053 Kintaro Falls!? Vol.07 Ch.054 A Night Outdoors ? Vol.07 Ch.055 The Declaration of Love Vol.07 Ch.056 Learning French Vol.07 Ch.057 The Law of Ecstasy Vol.07 Ch.058 The Female Bosom Vol.07 Ch.059 Man Are They Big…!! Vol.07 Ch.060 An Embarassing Experience Vol.07 Ch.061 My Junior and Me!? Vol.08 Ch.062 Pure Nakedness---!! Vol.08 Ch.063 Love Lives!? Vol.08 Ch.064 Love Techniques Vol.08 Ch.065 A New Life!! Vol.08 Ch.066 Ways of Nature Vol.08 Ch.067 Invitation! Vol.08 Ch.068 A Girlfriend for Kintaro! Vol.08 Ch.069 A Joyful Reunion Vol.08 Ch.070 He Appears! Vol.08 Ch.071 Encounter with Kongoji Vol.08 Ch.072 The 19-Year-Old Kintaro Vol.09 Ch.073 Kongoji's Pick-up Line Vol.09 Ch.074 The Kongoji Theory Vol.09 Ch.075 Kongoji's Brainwashing Vol.09 Ch.076 The Learning Method Vol.09 Ch.077 Kintaro's Objection Vol.09 Ch.078 Kongoji's Tears Vol.09 Ch.079 Defeat for Kongoji Vol.09 Ch.080 Miss Kawakami is Crying Vol.09 Ch.081 Reunion Fick <3 Vol.09 Ch.082 Did She With Kongoji? Vol.09 Ch.083 Kintaro's Test Vol.09 Ch.084 The Kongoji-Theory Vol.09 Ch.085 Kongoji's Brainwashing Vol.10 Ch.084 The Cute Kawakami-san Vol.10 Ch.085 Accidental Love!? Vol.10 Ch.086 Not Stopping in Any Way!? Vol.10 Ch.087 The Bold Virgin Vol.10 Ch.088 That Moment Vol.10 Ch.089 Did It Go In? Did It Not? It Went In? Vol.10 Ch.090 First Climax!? Vol.10 Ch.091 The Worst Situation Vol.10 Ch.092 The Path of the Trial of Love Vol.10 Ch.093 The Form of True Love Vol.10 Ch.094 The Endless Studies
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