Futari Ecchi

Vol.68 Ch.655 Honmono no Onnanoko

Vol.01 Ch.001 It All Starts from Matchmaking Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Short Story Special Vol.01 Ch.002 First Night of Passion Vol.01 Ch.003 First Contact Vol.01 Ch.004 This Lesson for Two Is about to Start Vol.01 Ch.005 Foreplay Is Not Simple Vol.01 Ch.006 Honeymoon for Two!? Vol.01 Ch.007 We Can Do It in the Morning? Vol.01 Ch.008 Rika's Observation Vol.01 Ch.009 How Many Times Can You Do It a Day? Vol.01 Ch.010 Rika's Cure for Premature Ejaculation Vol.02 Ch.010.9 Vol.02 Ch.011 What Type of Man Is the Most Despicable? Vol.02 Ch.012 You Want to Have Sex Despite Your Cold? Vol.02 Ch.013 What Is the Astride Position Vol.02 Ch.014 Kissing Can Stimulate Sexual Desire Vol.02 Ch.015 Love Hotel Vol.02 Ch.016 A Heart-Thumping Midsummer Night of Temptation Vol.02 Ch.017 Rika's Army of Love Vol.02 Ch.018 The Onoda's Family Reunion Vol.02 Ch.019 All About Breasts Vol.02 Ch.020 If He Can Prolong the Fight Vol.03 Ch.021 Are You an Expert or an Idiot? Vol.03 Ch.022 Don't Cheat on Me! Vol.03 Ch.023 I Don't Want It from Behind, Makoto! Vol.03 Ch.024 Their First Christmas Eve Vol.03 Ch.025 The Mysterious Female Body Vol.03 Ch.026 Men Get Aroused Even by Underwear? Vol.03 Ch.027 Becoming an Easy Woman!? Vol.03 Ch.028 Finger Technique for Himehajime Vol.03 Ch.029 Jun-chan's Exciting Night Vol.03 Ch.030 Women Do Service Too!? Vol.04 Ch.031 Makoto!! Can't Get It Up!? Vol.04 Ch.032 How to Fellate Vol.04 Ch.033 I Love Him, so I Can Do It Vol.04 Ch.034 Alone Together on a Day Off Vol.04 Ch.035 Jun-chan's First Time Vol.04 Ch.036 Timing for Sex Vol.04 Ch.037 Dokidoki Living Together Vol.04 Ch.038 Men Are Sexual Creatures Vol.04 Ch.039 Sexless When Will It End!? Vol.04 Ch.040 Doctor Kyouko Appears Vol.05 Ch.041 How about Some Kitchen Play!? Vol.05 Ch.042 Lovey-Dovey on a Double Date Vol.05 Ch.043 A Two-Week Business Trip Vol.05 Ch.044 Yura-san's Solo Sex Vol.05 Ch.045 Sugiyama-san's Fierce Attack Vol.05 Ch.046 Half of Her Heart Vol.05 Ch.047 The Two Of Them Will Always Be Sweethearts Vol.05 Ch.048 Their First 69 Vol.05 Ch.049 I'll Do What I Want from Now On Vol.05 Ch.050 Sexy Fashions Vol.06 Ch.051 The New Neighbors Vol.06 Ch.052 Miss Rika's Good Advice Vol.06 Ch.053 The Manual of the 48 Positions Vol.06 Ch.054 Yura Takes the Lead! Vol.06 Ch.055 Curious Jun Vol.06 Ch.056 Once a Life Time, First Experience Vol.06 Ch.057 This Valentine, You're My Dearest Vol.06 Ch.058 Why Would I Fall in Love with You? Vol.06 Ch.059 Their First Quarrel Vol.06 Ch.060 Make Me Feel with Words Vol.07 Ch.061 Makoto's Birthday Vol.07 Ch.062 There Are Many Types of Couples Vol.07 Ch.063 Your Breasts Feel So Good Vol.07 Ch.064 Are You Jealous? Vol.07 Ch.065 What Is True Love? Vol.07 Ch.066 Got Drunk During the Hanami Vol.07 Ch.067 Yura Get's Motivated Vol.07 Ch.068 Their Wedding Anniversary Vol.07 Ch.069 Cosplay Is Every Guy's Wish!? Vol.07 Ch.070 Orgasm Is...!? Vol.08 Ch.071 I Don't Want to Return Vol.08 Ch.072 Search for a Good Love Vol.08 Ch.073 Yura-san Is Missing !! Vol.08 Ch.074 Yura-san's Mother Vol.08 Ch.075 A Dangerous Molester !! Vol.08 Ch.076 Beautiful Proportions Vol.08 Ch.077 Let's Return to Nature Vol.08 Ch.078 The Trend of Jun-chan's Romance Vol.08 Ch.079 Yura-san Is Pregnant ? Vol.08 Ch.080 How About Lotion Play ? Vol.09 Ch.081 Makoto's Hospitalized Life Vol.09 Ch.082 It's Always Been Like This... Vol.09 Ch.083 I'm.....Not Charming? Vol.09 Ch.084 Two People's Passionate Night Vol.09 Ch.085 The Strawberry Incident Vol.09 Ch.086 Wana Break Up? Yamada & Rika Vol.09 Ch.087 Yura-san's Birthplace Vol.09 Ch.088 Open-Minded Inside a Car Vol.09 Ch.089 Legend of the Red Thread Vol.09 Ch.090 Makoto!! Can't Come!? Vol.10 Ch.091 No Solo Please Vol.10 Ch.092 Rika's Tightening Exercises Vol.10 Ch.093 Sex Diet!? Vol.10 Ch.094 I Give You Energy Vol.10 Ch.095 Erotic Presents Vol.10 Ch.096 A Hundred Kisses for Christmas Vol.10 Ch.097 I Want to Moan Vol.10 Ch.098 Figure Problems Vol.10 Ch.099 A Question of Experience Vol.10 Ch.100 Why Marry!? Vol.11 Ch.101 School Uniforms Vol.11 Ch.102 Training for the...? Vol.11 Ch.103 The Art of Taking Off Underwear Vol.11 Ch.104 Not Without a Condom, Taku!! Vol.11 Ch.105 I Can't See Anything! Vol.11 Ch.106 Matsuzaki-san, the Player Vol.11 Ch.107 A Good Wife Vol.11 Ch.108 No Eye for Men...? Vol.11 Ch.109 Wedding Ring Lost?! Vol.11 Ch.110 The Importance of Foreplay Vol.12 Ch.111 You Prepared Yourself Very Well! Vol.12 Ch.112 I Want to Work Again Vol.12 Ch.113 Uniforms Are Erotic?! Vol.12 Ch.114 The Desire to Have Children Without a Partner Vol.12 Ch.115 Did I Become Sexier?! Vol.12 Ch.116 Soaking Wet from Rain Vol.12 Ch.117 Sex Talk in the Beer Garden Vol.12 Ch.118 Baby in the House Vol.12 Ch.119 Don't Wake Me! Vol.12 Ch.120 I Want a Baby Vol.13 Ch.121 Summer Tiredness Vol.13 Ch.122 Naked! Vol.13 Ch.123 Family Conference about Jun-chan Vol.13 Ch.124 I'll Never Be Unfaithful Vol.13 Ch.125 Makoto-san and Miyuki-san Work Overtime!? Vol.13 Ch.126 Don't Touch My Breasts! Vol.13 Ch.127 When You Can't Leave It Be... Vol.13 Ch.128 Chat-Up at the Beach Vol.13 Ch.129 Makoto-san Gets Seduced? Vol.13 Ch.130 Romance at the Beach Vol.14 Ch.131 Video Recording Prohibited Vol.14 Ch.132 The Dream of a House Vol.14 Ch.133 Autumn Melancholy ?? Vol.14 Ch.134 Date on Christmas Eve Vol.14 Ch.135 Christmas Mood... Vol.14 Ch.136 Makoto-san as a Dominant Husband!? Vol.14 Ch.137 Countdown to the Change of the Year Vol.14 Ch.138 The 100th Time Vol.14 Ch.139 Rika-chan and Miyuki-chan Vol.14 Ch.140 Relocation Vol.15 Ch.141 Yura-san as a Geisha Vol.15 Ch.142 Stay by My Side Vol.15 Ch.143 I'm Waiting for You, Makoto-san! Vol.15 Ch.144 Taku-kun Became Infected!? Vol.15 Ch.145 Miyuki-chan and Sexercise Vol.15 Ch.146 The Invisible Husband Vol.15 Ch.147 Viagra, the Wonder Drug? Vol.15 Ch.148 Cheating at the Class Reunion? Vol.15 Ch.149 Missed During School Days Vol.16 Ch.150 Yura-san Takes a Bath ? Vol.16 Ch.151 Sex as Reconciliation?? Vol.16 Ch.152 Married Life - a Nice Thing!? Vol.16 Ch.153 Makoto-san's Promotion Party Vol.16 Ch.154 Kyoko-san and Matsuzaki - First Date ? Vol.16 Ch.155 His Dream Girl?? Vol.16 Ch.156 Yura-san Is Watching a Porn Video ? Vol.16 Ch.157 At the Camping-Site Vol.16 Ch.158 Quarrel Between Sisters ? Vol.16 Ch.159 Yura-san Wants Sex!! Vol.17 Ch.160 Sleepless Summer Nights Vol.17 Ch.161 Summer Night Dream Vol.17 Ch.162 Men Favor Sexy Women?! Vol.17 Ch.163 Jun-chan's E-Mail Friend ?? Vol.17 Ch.164 Love Letters Wanted! ? Vol.17 Ch.165 Kyoko-san Goes on a Mushroom Foray Vol.17 Ch.166 Makoto-san Has a Lumbago Vol.17 Ch.167 Kyaba-Kura - Oasis for Men? Vol.17 Ch.168 The Exciting Birth of Pups Vol.18 Ch.169 Unsatisfied! Vol.18 Ch.170 Yura-san and Mount Fuji Vol.18 Ch.171 Taku-kun, Rika-chan and the Parents Vol.18 Ch.172 Individual Life Planning!! Vol.18 Ch.173 Kyoko-san Is Marrying Vol.18 Ch.174 Hot Miniskirts Vol.18 Ch.175 Stalker Alert!? Vol.18 Ch.176 Makoto-san Cheated?! Vol.18 Ch.177 I'll Warm You Vol.19 Ch.178 Being Happy Makes Me Insecure Vol.19 Ch.179 Don't Be Afraid! Vol.19 Ch.180 Moving! Vol.19 Ch.181 Their New Life Begins Vol.19 Ch.182 I'm Already Aching! Vol.19 Ch.183 Shoko-san The Erotic Writer Vol.19 Ch.184 Readiness For Passion Vol.19 Ch.185 I Want To Be The Only One! Vol.19 Ch.186 Differences Between Men And Women Vol.20 Ch.187 An Old Story Vol.20 Ch.188 Visit to the Aquarium Vol.20 Ch.189 Rui-Chan, The Suffering Student Vol.20 Ch.190 What is a Sex Toy? Vol.20 Ch.191 You Can Do Without! Vol.20 Ch.192 How Miyuki-chan and Arisa-chan cope with stress Vol.20 Ch.193 Don't Feel Me up! Vol.20 Ch.194 Makoto-san Nurses Rika-chan Vol.20 Ch.195 Child Bearing Means... Vol.21 Ch.196 The Gossipy Mizuhara-san Vol.21 Ch.197 Fancy Positions to Try Vol.21 Ch.198 Hot Springs with Apes Vol.21 Ch.199 My Butt got Fatter!? Vol.21 Ch.200 The Receptionist with Monster Tits Vol.21 Ch.201 Tumult at the Year End Party Vol.21 Ch.202 Big Snowfall and Year-End Cleanup Vol.21 Ch.203 Demons, Begone!! Vol.21 Ch.204 How to Influence the Sex of a Baby Vol.22 Ch.205 BRING ME TO A CLIMAX Vol.22 Ch.206 Couple Crisis Between Kyoko-san And Matsuzaki Vol.22 Ch.207 Moaning too Loudly!? Vol.22 Ch.208 I'm in Love Vol.22 Ch.209 Rui-chan in the Middle of Puberty Vol.22 Ch.210 Spring Fatigue Vol.22 Ch.211 Naomi-sans Good Attrubutes Vol.22 Ch.212 Turn Me On!! Vol.22 Ch.213 Misaki-Chan and Miyuki-Chan Vol.23 Ch.214 If It's with You... Vol.23 Ch.215 Happy Together Vol.23 Ch.216 I Want To See You! Vol.23 Ch.217 Narumi-san's Seduction Vol.23 Ch.218 After the Happy End Vol.23 Ch.219 Misaki-chan's Secret Suffering Vol.23 Ch.220 A Lot of Stress with Wedding Preparations!!! Vol.23 Ch.221 Memories of our Wedding Vol.23 Ch.222 The Promise of Happiness Vol.24 Ch.223 Partner Search at the Gokon Vol.24 Ch.224 Ichijo-san, the Noble Neighbor Vol.24 Ch.225 Sex in the Haunted House Vol.24 Ch.226 Goodbye My Sex Friend!! Vol.28 Ch.259 Vol.28 Ch.261 Vol.28 Ch.262 Vol.28 Ch.263 Vol.28 Ch.266 Vol.29 Ch.268 Vol.29 Ch.269 Vol.29 Ch.270 Vol.29 Ch.271 Vol.29 Ch.273 Vol.29 Ch.274 Vol.29 Ch.275 Vol.29 Ch.276 Vol.29 Ch.277 Vol.30 Ch.278 Vol.30 Ch.279 Vol.30 Ch.280 Vol.30 Ch.281 Vol.30 Ch.282 Vol.30 Ch.286 Vol.30 Ch.287 Vol.31 Ch.288 Vol.31 Ch.289 Vol.31 Ch.290 Vol.31 Ch.291 Vol.35 Ch.326 Vol.35 Ch.327 Vol.35 Ch.328 Vol.35 Ch.329 Vol.35 Ch.332 Vol.36 Ch.340 Vol.36 Ch.341 Vol.36 Ch.342 Vol.39 Ch.366 Vol.39 Ch.371 Vol.39 Ch.372 Vol.43 Ch.227 Vol.43 Ch.409 Vol.43 Ch.414 Vol.44 Ch.415 Vol.46 Ch.441 Vol.47 Ch.446 Vol.47 Ch.448 Vol.47 Ch.449 Sayounara, Yayoi-Chan!! Vol.47 Ch.452 Vol.64 Ch.621 Complicated Duo Vol.68 Ch.228 Vol.68 Ch.229 Vol.68 Ch.230 Vol.68 Ch.231 Vol.68 Ch.232 Vol.68 Ch.233 Vol.68 Ch.234 Vol.68 Ch.235 Vol.68 Ch.236 Vol.68 Ch.237 Vol.68 Ch.238 Vol.68 Ch.239 Vol.68 Ch.240 Vol.68 Ch.241 Vol.68 Ch.242 Vol.68 Ch.243 Vol.68 Ch.244 Vol.68 Ch.245 Vol.68 Ch.246 Vol.68 Ch.247 Vol.68 Ch.248 Vol.68 Ch.249 Vol.68 Ch.250 Vol.68 Ch.251 Vol.68 Ch.252 Vol.68 Ch.253 Vol.68 Ch.254 Vol.68 Ch.255 Vol.68 Ch.256 Vol.68 Ch.257 Vol.68 Ch.258 Vol.68 Ch.259 Vol.68 Ch.260 Vol.68 Ch.261 Vol.68 Ch.262 Vol.68 Ch.263 Vol.68 Ch.264 Vol.68 Ch.265 Vol.68 Ch.266 Vol.68 Ch.267 Vol.68 Ch.268 Vol.68 Ch.269 Vol.68 Ch.270 Vol.68 Ch.271 Vol.68 Ch.272 Vol.68 Ch.273 Vol.68 Ch.274 Vol.68 Ch.275 Vol.68 Ch.276 Vol.68 Ch.277 Vol.68 Ch.278 Vol.68 Ch.279 Vol.68 Ch.280 Vol.68 Ch.281 Vol.68 Ch.282 Vol.68 Ch.283 Vol.68 Ch.284 Vol.68 Ch.285 Vol.68 Ch.286 Vol.68 Ch.287 Vol.68 Ch.472 Vol.68 Ch.506 Vol.68 Ch.655 Honmono no Onnanoko
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