Fuan no Tane Plus

Vol.02 Ch.035 Invitation

Vol.01 Ch.001 Daily Routine Vol.01 Ch.002 Homesick Vol.01 Ch.003 Downstairs Resident Vol.01 Ch.004 Leave Dreams as Dreams Vol.01 Ch.005 Ochonan Vol.01 Ch.006 Incident in the Early Morning Vol.01 Ch.007 Chocolate Vol.01 Ch.008 Verdict? Vol.01 Ch.009 Time Difference? Vol.01 Ch.010 Night of the Blackout Vol.01 Ch.011 The Man Who Couldn't Go Downstairs Vol.01 Ch.012 SNAPSHOT Vol.01 Ch.013 WOMAN WITH A GRUDGE Vol.01 Ch.014 Standing Image Vol.01 Ch.015 Private Conversation Vol.01 Ch.016 GRANDPA'S OCHONAN Vol.01 Ch.017 WAITING Vol.01 Ch.018 CONDOLENCES Vol.01 Ch.019 FOREIGN BODY Vol.01 Ch.020 In the Wall Vol.01 Ch.021 Found!! Vol.01 Ch.022 Parking Lot Vol.01 Ch.023 Bus Vol.01 Ch.024 Defeat Vol.01 Ch.025 Blind Eye Vol.01 Ch.026 The Girl Who Stood Outside the Window Vol.01 Ch.027 Poster Vol.01 Ch.028 Lair Vol.01 Ch.029 Wardrobe Vol.01 Ch.030 The Peep Vol.01 Ch.031 Black Man Vol.01 Ch.032 Class Photo Vol.01 Ch.033 Prior Appointment Vol.02 Ch.034 Noburou-kun Vol.02 Ch.035 Invitation Vol.02 Ch.036 Call Vol.02 Ch.037 Noburou-kun [2] Vol.02 Ch.038 Precious Child Vol.02 Ch.039 Momentum Vol.02 Ch.040 Scene One Vol.02 Ch.041 Scene 2 Vol.02 Ch.042 Sturgeon Vol.02 Ch.043 Yogoehatcho Vol.02 Ch.044 Scene 3 Vol.02 Ch.045 Eliminate Vol.02 Ch.046 Noburou-kun at Camp Vol.02 Ch.047 The Cry of the House Vol.02 Ch.048 Thick Fog Vol.02 Ch.049 Wounded Vol.02 Ch.050 Taxi Vol.02 Ch.051 Shriek Vol.02 Ch.052 Discomfort Vol.02 Ch.053 Substitute Vol.02 Ch.054 Dream Vol.02 Ch.055 Balcony Vol.02 Ch.056 Unit Bath Vol.02 Ch.057 The Truth Behind the Rumor Vol.02 Ch.058 Soft Toy Vol.02 Ch.059 Marking Vol.02 Ch.060 Detained Vol.02 Ch.061 Intrusion Vol.02 Ch.062 Summertime Memories Vol.02 Ch.063 Shortcut Vol.02 Ch.064 Leaf Warbler Vol.02 Ch.065 Underpass Vol.03 Ch.066 Closet Vol.03 Ch.066.5 Vol.03 Ch.067 Reconstruction Vol.03 Ch.068 Contagion Vol.03 Ch.069 God of Death? Vol.03 Ch.070 Solitude Vol.03 Ch.071 Insistence Vol.03 Ch.072 Trash Vol.03 Ch.073 Running Abreast Vol.03 Ch.074 Crowd Vol.03 Ch.075 Imprint Vol.03 Ch.076 Watchers Vol.03 Ch.077 The Way Home Vol.03 Ch.078 Taxi Vol.03 Ch.079 The Way Home, Reprise Vol.03 Ch.080 For Whom... Vol.03 Ch.081 Stare Vol.03 Ch.082 Chaser Vol.03 Ch.083 Interference Vol.03 Ch.084 Tunnel? Vol.03 Ch.085 Designation Vol.03 Ch.086 Woman in the Rain Vol.03 Ch.087 Child's Play Vol.03 Ch.088 One Morning Vol.03 Ch.089 Horizon Shift Vol.03 Ch.090 Entrance/Exit Vol.03 Ch.091 I Am... Me? Vol.03 Ch.092 Family Vol.04 Ch.093 Visitor Vol.04 Ch.094 Decapitation Mountain Vol.04 Ch.095 Hearing Things Vol.04 Ch.096 Eyewitness Testimony Vol.04 Ch.097 Breeding Vol.04 Ch.098 In a Dream... Vol.04 Ch.099 Hyakumonogatari Vol.04 Ch.100 Eyes of Yesterday Vol.04 Ch.101 Pile of Waste Vol.04 Ch.102 Still Vol.04 Ch.103 Scribbles Vol.04 Ch.104 Creeper Vol.04 Ch.105 Stare Vol.04 Ch.106 Bou ga Ippon Vol.04 Ch.107 Going up and down Vol.04 Ch.108 Vanishing Vol.04 Ch.109 Sticker Vol.04 Ch.110 Scars Vol.04 Ch.111 Epilogue(End)
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