Fei Ren Zai

Ch.013 Human Products Are Really “Un-Yokailized”

Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 Please don’t use the skill of spitting water Ch.004 There is a pure ocean inside Little White’s heart Ch.005 Don’t guess the thoughts of a girl Ch.006 While slacking, please pay attention to your back Ch.007 The season is about to change, please take care of yourselves and keep the cold away. Ch.008 I’m the fox who is gonna be a cat girl! Ch.009 Boss Guan Loves Horses Ch.010 Never Let a Non-professional Barber Cut Your Hair Ch.011 Dragons Can Spit Out More Than Just Water Ch.012 The Incredible Boss Guan Ch.013 Human Products Are Really “Un-Yokailized” Ch.014 Does Anyone Really Thinks That Rabbits Love Mooncakes? Ch.015 Xing Tian fought with Tian Di but got beheaded Ch.016 Losing Everything Is Better Than Losing Your Head Ch.017 Early Shuttles Are Really Painful in Beijing Ch.018 Urban Legends Always Happen at Night, So Don’t Go Home Too Late Ch.019 It’s Him! It’s Him! It’s Him! Ch.020 Cute Boy Ch.021 Surprised By Watering Nezha Ch.022 We Still Celebrate Halloween Even Though We Are Over Thousands-Year-Old Ch.023 Little Bunny, Little White, Loving Pumpkin Just Too Bad Ch.024 Guess How Nezha Stood Above Xingtian Ch.025 Lielie, Run! Ch.026 Monday and Dog Ch.027 The Subtle Difference Between A Cute Dog & A Hentai Ch.028 Instinct of Love Ch.029 My Little Pony Ch.030 God Family Ch.031 Life Is a Drama Ch.032 Pressure Is the Main Reason of Losing Hair Ch.033 Xing Tian’s Trouble in the Winter Ch.034 Bothered by Not Having Head or Face Ch.035 Watch Out What You Drink Ch.036 Dragons’ Big Family Ch.037 Dry Weather, Please Be Careful with Fire and Electricity Ch.038 Amusement Park is a Great Place to Enjoy Friendship Ch.039 High Like a Dog, Low Like a Dog Ch.040 Please Don't Trouble the Staff Ch.041 OCD Is an Ailment, But It Is Still a Disease Ch.042 No Reason Needed for Maternal Instinct Ch.043 Time for Hotpot! Ch.044 Play with Fire Ch.045 Haiyan(Petrel) Is a Good Bird Ch.046 Bunnydi-Bunnibi-Boo Ch.047 Once There is Water, There Must Be a Dragon ---- or Fox Ch.048 The Following Story of By the Riverside Ch.049 The Following Story of the Following Story of By the Riverside Ch.050 It's Time for Drinking Alcohol, Eating Meat, and Killing-People-by-the-way's New Year's Day Ch.051 It's Time for Staying Up Late, Gossiping, and Holding the Mic's New Year's Day Ch.052 Happy New Year! Ch.053 Some Hidden Technologies of "Halo" Ch.054 Jade Rabbit Is not A Rabbit, But an Organization Ch.055 Abuse the Dog (A Third Wheel = A Dog in Chinese slang) Ch.056 Son of King Wen of Zhou (Bo Yi Kao was sentenced by "Linchi", and thus died into pieces) Ch.057 Medicine, or Rice Cake, That is the Question. Ch.058 ONE TWO THREE, HOLD OUR HANDS, FOUR FIVE SIX, RAISE YOUR HEAD, SEVEN EIGHT NINE, LET’S DRIVE TO THE MOON Ch.059 Deja Deja Deja Vu Ch.060 Is there a Couple of lovers in the Couple’s Sliced Lungs?* (*Pork lungs in Chili sauce, a famous Chinese dish) Ch.061 WE WILL ROCK YOU. Ch.062 Cold. Ch.063 Professional Play Ch.064 I've Been Busy with New Year, so no Title for this Chapter Ch.065 The Fun (Shock) of Exchanging Gifts Happens at the Moment We Open Them Ch.066 Closing to the Spring Festival, Some People Are Happy While Some Animals Are Sad Ch.067 Be Kind to the Extincting Animal Nian, No Fireworks in front of Him Ch.068 Cold Water for a Calm Day, Red Envelop for a Happy Year Ch.069 Ch.070 Uncle and Furry Ch.071 The Smell of Other Dogs on You Is A Sin Made by My Nose Ch.072 Hey Brother, I Miss You. Where Are You? Ch.073 Three Naughty Boys Ch.074 Three-eyed Brother's Missing Ch.075 The Art of the Thrid Eye Ch.076 Ch.077 Let's Go to the Aquarium Ch.078 Daily Exercise of Xiao Tian Ch.079 God Academy Ch.080 You Are the Worst Class I Have Ever Had Ch.081 Eighth Grade Syndrome at a Wrong Age Ch.082 One Chuuni & One Born in Purple Ch.083 Boy Xiao Tian's Trouble Ch.084 God Comes Easily But Leaves Hard Ch.085 Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life Ch.086 Do You Guys Still Remember Her? Ch.087 The Girl with Superpower & Headless Man Ch.088 Get to Meet My Friend Every Day
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