Fairy Tail

Vol.28 Ch.233 Fairy Glitter

Vol.01 Ch.001 Lucy and Natsu Vol.01 Ch.002 The Master Appears! Vol.01 Ch.003 The Salamander, the Monkey and the Bull Vol.01 Ch.004 Stellar Spirit of the Canis Minor Vol.01 Ch.005 Day Break Vol.01 Ch.006 Infiltrating the Duke of Evaroo's Mansion!! Vol.01 Ch.006.5 Happy's Little Job Vol.02 Ch.007 The Weak Point of a Mage Vol.02 Ch.008 Lucy vs. the Duke of Evaroo Vol.02 Ch.009 Dear Kaby Vol.02 Ch.010 Armored Mage Vol.02 Ch.011 Natsu Is on the Train Vol.02 Ch.012 Cursed Song Vol.02 Ch.013 Shinigami Laughs Twice Vol.03 Ch.014 Titania Vol.03 Ch.015 Fairies in the Wind Vol.03 Ch.016 Capture Kageyama!! Vol.03 Ch.017 The Maiden's Magic Vol.03 Ch.018 Flame and Wind Vol.03 Ch.018.5 Happy's Little Job 2 Vol.03 Ch.019 Impossible. You Can't Win, Natsu Vol.03 Ch.020 In Order to Live Strong Vol.03 Ch.021 The Strongest Team!!! Vol.03 Ch.022 Natsu vs. Erza Vol.03 Ch.022.5 Omake Lucy's Photoshoot Vol.04 Ch.023 Crime and Punishment Vol.04 Ch.024 Second Floor Vol.04 Ch.025 Cursed Island Vol.04 Ch.026 Is the Moon Out? Vol.04 Ch.027 Deliora Vol.04 Ch.028 Moon Drip Vol.04 Ch.029 Gray and Lyon Vol.04 Ch.030 Continuation of the Dream Vol.05 Ch.031 Fearful Poison Poison Jelly Vol.05 Ch.032 Natsu vs. Yuuka the Surge Vol.05 Ch.033 Close? A Door to the Bull Vol.05 Ch.034 Sword of Judgement Vol.05 Ch.035 Do Whatever You Want! Vol.05 Ch.036 Ur Vol.05 Ch.037 The Blue Bird Vol.05 Ch.038 Eternal Magic Vol.05 Ch.039 The Truth Is a Sorrowful Blade of Ice Vol.06 Ch.040 Final Battle on Garuna Island Vol.06 Ch.041 Devil's Roar Vol.06 Ch.042 The Arc of Time Vol.06 Ch.043 Burst Vol.06 Ch.044 The Villagers' Secret Vol.06 Ch.045 Reach the Sky Vol.06 Ch.046 Tear Vol.06 Ch.047 Phantom Lord Vol.06 Ch.048 Human Laws Vol.07 Ch.049 All Good Things Come to an End Vol.07 Ch.050 Lucy Heartphilia Vol.07 Ch.051 Giant Shadow Vol.07 Ch.052 15 Minutes Vol.07 Ch.053 Blazing Battle Vol.07 Ch.054 Phantom Mk II Vol.07 Ch.055 So as Not to See Those Tears Vol.07 Ch.055.5 Special Chapter Natsu and the Dragon Egg Vol.07 Ch.056 Flowers that Bloom in the Rain Vol.08 Ch.057 Weather Doll Vol.08 Ch.058 There's Always Someone Better Vol.08 Ch.059 Inspire Vol.08 Ch.060 Wings of Flame Vol.08 Ch.061 The Two Dragonslayers Vol.08 Ch.062 When a Fairy Falls Vol.08 Ch.063 Now We're Even Vol.08 Ch.064 The Number One Guild Vol.08 Ch.065 Fairy Law Vol.09 Ch.066 Comrades Vol.09 Ch.067 My Resolve Vol.09 Ch.068 Farewell Vol.09 Ch.069 Next Generation Vol.09 Ch.070 Frederick and Yanderica Vol.09 Ch.071 Balsam Night Vol.09 Ch.071.5 Omake Watch Out for that Guy Vol.09 Ch.072 The Lone Star that Can't Return to the Sky Vol.09 Ch.073 Year 781, Blue Pegasus Vol.09 Ch.074 The Stellar Spirit King Vol.10 Ch.075 The Butterfly's Dream Vol.10 Ch.076 The Tower of Paradise Vol.10 Ch.077 Gérard Vol.10 Ch.078 The Paradise Ahead Vol.10 Ch.079 Sieglein's Decision Vol.10 Ch.080 Maiden Jeanne D'Arc Vol.10 Ch.081 The Sound of Darkness Vol.10 Ch.082 Howl at the Moon Vol.11 Ch.083 Find the Way Vol.11 Ch.084 Natsuneko Fight Vol.11 Ch.085 Paradise Game Vol.11 Ch.086 Rock of Succubus Vol.11 Ch.087 Lucy vs. Lluvia Vol.11 Ch.088 Natsu is the Bait Vol.11 Ch.089 Armour of the Heart Vol.11 Ch.090 Ikaruga Vol.11 Ch.091 One Lone Woman; a Costume of Resolve Vol.12 Ch.092 Destiny Vol.12 Ch.093 A Prayer to the Holy Light Vol.12 Ch.094 A Single Person Vol.12 Ch.095 The Slumbering Princess of the Tower Vol.12 Ch.096 Meteor Vol.12 Ch.097 Shield of Life Vol.12 Ch.098 Dragon Force Vol.12 Ch.099 Titania Falls Vol.12 Ch.100 Towards Tomorrow Vol.13 Ch.101 The Red Land in a Frenzy Vol.13 Ch.102 Walk Tall Vol.13 Ch.103 Home Vol.13 Ch.104 Best Friend Vol.13 Ch.105 This Man, Luxus Vol.13 Ch.106 Harvest Festival Vol.13 Ch.107 Battle of Fairy Tail Vol.13 Ch.108 KA-BO~~NK!! Vol.13 Ch.109 Defeat Your Friends, for Your Friends Vol.14 Ch.110 Resign Vol.14 Ch.111 Four Remain Vol.14 Ch.112 Barrage Swordplay Vol.14 Ch.113 Hall of Thunder Vol.14 Ch.114 Love Smashes Through All Barriers Vol.14 Ch.115 Regulus Vol.14 Ch.116 Kana vs. Lluvia Vol.14 Ch.117 Advent of Satan Vol.14 Ch.118 Kind Words Vol.15 Ch.119 Crashing into Caldia Cathedral! Vol.15 Ch.119.5 Special 02 Mira Sensei's Transformation Magic Lesson Vol.15 Ch.120 Mistgun Vol.15 Ch.121 This Is My Chance to Seize the Top Vol.15 Ch.122 Solitary Thunder Vol.15 Ch.123 Double Dragon Vol.15 Ch.124 Triple Dragon Vol.15 Ch.125 Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Vol.15 Ch.126 Get Up!!!! Vol.16 Ch.127 Tearful Judgement Vol.16 Ch.128 Fantasia Vol.16 Ch.129 Even So, I... Vol.16 Ch.130 Love & Lucky Vol.16 Ch.131 Nirvana Vol.16 Ch.132 Allied Forces, Assemble! Vol.16 Ch.133 Twelve vs. Six Vol.16 Ch.134 Oracion Seis Appears! Vol.17 Ch.135 The Sky Sorceress Vol.17 Ch.136 Coffin Vol.17 Ch.137 The Girl and the Ghost Vol.17 Ch.138 Unaccounted For Vol.17 Ch.139 Dead Grand Prix Vol.17 Ch.139.5 Special 03 Welcome to the Fairy Fountain!! Vol.17 Ch.140 Low-Gear World Vol.17 Ch.141 Light Vol.17 Ch.142 Darkness Vol.17 Ch.143 Stellar Spirit Battle Vol.18 Ch.144 A Beautiful Voice Vol.18 Ch.145 Gérard Looks Back Vol.18 Ch.146 You Are Free Vol.18 Ch.147 Towering Darkness, Light of Hope Vol.18 Ch.148 Death March Vol.18 Ch.149 A Great Sky Battle!! Natsu vs. Cobra Vol.18 Ch.150 Dragon Roar Vol.18 Ch.151 End of Oracion Seis!? Vol.18 Ch.152 Jura of the Sacred Ten Vol.19 Ch.153 Midnight Battle Vol.19 Ch.154 Your Words Vol.19 Ch.155 Last Man Vol.19 Ch.156 Zero Vol.19 Ch.157 From Pegasus to Fairies Vol.19 Ch.158 Door of Memories Vol.19 Ch.158.2 Special Story Day of the Fateful Encounter Vol.19 Ch.159 The Flame of Rebuke Vol.19 Ch.160 The Power of Feelings Vol.20 Ch.161 Alliance vs. Oracion Seis! The Climax! Vol.20 Ch.161.5 Special Story Welcome to Fairy Hills Vol.20 Ch.162 I'm Here for You Vol.20 Ch.163 Scarlet Sky Vol.20 Ch.164 A Guild for the Sake of a Single Person Vol.20 Ch.165 Fairy Girl Wendy Vol.20 Ch.166 A Black Dragon Vol.20 Ch.167 Vanishing Town Vol.20 Ch.168 Earthland Vol.20 Ch.169 Edolas Vol.21 Ch.170 Fairy Hunting Vol.21 Ch.171 Faust Vol.21 Ch.172 Key of Hope Vol.21 Ch.173 Fireball Vol.21 Ch.174 Revelation Vol.21 Ch.175 Welcome Back Vol.21 Ch.176 Exteria Vol.21 Ch.177 Fly! To Your Friends! Vol.21 Ch.178 I Will Be Beside You Vol.22 Ch.179 Code ETD Vol.22 Ch.180 Erza vs. Erza Vol.22 Ch.181 Battle Against the Forces of Edolas Vol.22 Ch.182 But It's Our Lives! Vol.22 Ch.182.5 Special Story Cherry Blossom Vol.22 Ch.183 Monster Academy Vol.22 Ch.184 The River of Stars for Pride's Sake Vol.22 Ch.185 Ice Boy Vol.22 Ch.186 My Cat Vol.22 Ch.187 End of the Dragon Chain Cannon Vol.23 Ch.188 One Wing Vol.23 Ch.189 That Boy from Back Then Vol.23 Ch.190 Dragon Sense Vol.23 Ch.191 Three Men Cell Vol.23 Ch.192 I Won't Run Away Anymore Vol.23 Ch.193 Those Who Live Vol.23 Ch.194 I'm Standing Right Here Vol.23 Ch.195 The King of the New World Vol.23 Ch.196 Great Demon Lord Dragneel Vol.24 Ch.197 Bye Bye, Fairy Tail Vol.24 Ch.198 The Wings to Tomorrow Vol.24 Ch.199 Lisanna Vol.24 Ch.200 Those that Extinguish Life Vol.24 Ch.201 Trial Vol.24 Ch.202 Best Partner Vol.24 Ch.203 The Eight Paths Vol.24 Ch.204 Who Has Good Luck Again? Vol.24 Ch.204.5 Omake Coca Cola Vol.25 Ch.205 Natsu vs. Gildarts Vol.25 Ch.206 In Order to Move Down this Path Vol.25 Ch.207 Mest Vol.25 Ch.208 Predation of Death Vol.25 Ch.209 Black Mage Vol.25 Ch.210 Stupid Gazeel Vol.25 Ch.211 Kawazu and Yomazu Vol.25 Ch.212 The Iron Soul Vol.25 Ch.212.5 Welcome to Natsu's House! Vol.25 Ch.213 One of the Seven Kin Vol.26 Ch.214 Makarov Charges Vol.26 Ch.215 Makarov vs. Hades Vol.26 Ch.216 The Quintessence of Magic Vol.26 Ch.217 Lost Magic Vol.26 Ch.218 Fire Dragon vs. Fire God Vol.26 Ch.219 Dragon God's Brilliant Flame Vol.26 Ch.220 The Fairy Sisters Vol.26 Ch.221 The Great World of Magic Vol.26 Ch.222 The Ark of Embodiment Vol.27 Ch.223 The Door of Humans Vol.27 Ch.224 Zoldeo's Ambition Vol.27 Ch.225 Tear Vol.27 Ch.226 Ushi no Koku Mairi Vol.27 Ch.227 Lucy Fire Vol.27 Ch.228 13 Women Drenched in the Rain Vol.27 Ch.229 Dead End of Despair Vol.27 Ch.230 Tears of Love and Life Vol.28 Ch.231 Ender Vol.28 Ch.232 The One Thing I Couldn't Say Vol.28 Ch.233 Fairy Glitter Vol.28 Ch.234 The Boy Who Stares at the Sea Vol.28 Ch.235 Tenrou Tree Vol.28 Ch.236 Erza vs. Azuma Vol.28 Ch.237 An Amazing Guild Vol.28 Ch.238 At One Time Vol.28 Ch.239 Frozen Spirit Vol.29 Ch.240 Gray vs. Ultear Vol.29 Ch.241 The Power of "Life" Vol.29 Ch.242 Acnologia Vol.29 Ch.243 Mistakes and Experience Vol.29 Ch.244 Thunder Crashes Vol.29 Ch.245 The Unbranded Man Vol.29 Ch.246 Domain Of The Abyss Vol.29 Ch.247 Right! Beside Each Other Vol.29 Ch.248 Daybreak At Tenrou Island Vol.30 Ch.249 Magic is Alive Vol.30 Ch.250 Zeref Awakens Vol.30 Ch.251 The Right to Love Vol.30 Ch.252 To My Shitty Brats, Full of Pride Vol.30 Ch.253 Let's Join Hands Vol.30 Ch.254 Year X791-Fairy Tail Vol.30 Ch.255 Fairy Sphere Vol.30 Ch.256 The 7 Years of Nothing Vol.30 Ch.257 Father's 7 Years Vol.31 Ch.258 Sabertooth Vol.31 Ch.259 Sky Dragon Grandine Vol.31 Ch.260 Now We're Aiming for The Top! Vol.31 Ch.261 The Magic of One Vol.31 Ch.262 Song of the Stars Vol.31 Ch.263 Crime Sorcière Vol.31 Ch.264 Let's Make Up for the Time We Lost Vol.31 Ch.265 The Flower Blooming Capital, Crocas Vol.31 Ch.266 Sky Labyrinth Vol.32 Ch.267 A New Guild Vol.32 Ch.268 The B-Team Guys Vol.32 Ch.269 Disappear! In Silence! Vol.32 Ch.270 To the Star-Falling Night Vol.32 Ch.271 Lucy vs Flare Vol.32 Ch.272 The Noble Loser Vol.32 Ch.273 Orga of the Black Lightning Vol.32 Ch.274 Bad Omen Vol.32 Ch.275 The Drunk Falcon Vol.33 Ch.276 Chariot Vol.33 Ch.277 Stockings Vol.33 Ch.278 Elfman vs. Bacchus Vol.33 Ch.279 The Gateway Hidden in Darkness Vol.33 Ch.280 Kagura Vs. Yukino Vol.33 Ch.280.5 Grand Magic Games Guide Book Vol.33 Ch.281 Malice Is Concealed by the Curtain of Night Vol.33 Ch.282 Ten Keys and Two Keys Vol.34 Ch.283 Natsu vs Gemma Vol.34 Ch.284 Pandemonium Vol.34 Ch.285 MPF Vol.34 Ch.286 Laxus vs. Alexei Vol.34 Ch.287 Real Family Vol.34 Ch.288 Wendy vs Chelia Vol.34 Ch.289 Tiny Fists Vol.34 Ch.290 Night of Intersecting Feelings Vol.34 Ch.291 Naval Battle Vol.35 Ch.292 All Feelings Unite Vol.35 Ch.293 The Perfume Dedicated To You Vol.35 Ch.294 Battle of Dragon Slayers Vol.35 Ch.295 Sting and Lector Vol.35 Ch.295.5 Special - Fairy Woman Vol.35 Ch.296 Natsu vs. The Twin Dragons Vol.35 Ch.297 The Face of the Girl I Saw Back Then Vol.35 Ch.298 Throb Throb - Ryuuzetsu Land Vol.35 Ch.299 Travelling Alone Vol.36 Ch.300 Where The Dragon's Spirit Slumbers Vol.36 Ch.301 The Dragon King Vol.36 Ch.302 Eclipse Plan Vol.36 Ch.303 Battle on Two Fronts Vol.36 Ch.304 The Grand Magic Tournament Vol.36 Ch.305 The Fairy Strategist Vol.36 Ch.306 Gray vs. Rufus Vol.36 Ch.307 Garou Knights Vol.36 Ch.308 Fairy Tail vs. The Executioners Vol.37 Ch.309 The Burning Earth Vol.37 Ch.310 This Country of Ours Vol.37 Ch.311 The Country Until Tomorrow Vol.37 Ch.312 Threesomes Vol.37 Ch.313 The King's Scenario Vol.37 Ch.314 Erza vs Kagura Vol.37 Ch.315 Rosemary Vol.37 Ch.316 Acceleration Towards A Doomed Future Vol.37 Ch.317 Frog Vol.38 Ch.318 Gajeel vs Rogue Vol.38 Ch.319 Holy Knight Vol.38 Ch.320 Fierce Lightning Vol.38 Ch.321 Laxus vs. Jura Vol.38 Ch.322 Gloria Vol.38 Ch.323 A Returning Shadow Vol.38 Ch.324 The One That Closed The Gates Vol.38 Ch.325 Unity!!! Vol.39 Ch.326 Natsu Vs. Rogue Vol.39 Ch.327 Now It's My Responsibility Vol.39 Ch.328 Zodiac Vol.39 Ch.329 Seven Dragons Vol.39 Ch.330 Zilconis' Magic Vol.39 Ch.331 Natsu's Strategy Vol.39 Ch.332 Fire Bird Vol.39 Ch.333 Man and Man, Dragon and Dragon, Man and Dragon Vol.39 Ch.334 Sin and Sacrifice Vol.39 Ch.335 The Time of Life Vol.40 Ch.336 In Order To Live Today To The Fullest Vol.40 Ch.337 The Golden Plains Vol.40 Ch.338 The Great Banquet Vol.40 Ch.339 The Stardust Essence Vol.40 Ch.340 Gift Vol.40 Ch.341 The Morning Of A New Adventure Vol.40 Ch.342 Warrod Cken Vol.40 Ch.343 Treasure Hunter Vol.40 Ch.344 Wizards vs Hunters Vol.41 Ch.345 Someone's Voice Vol.41 Ch.345.5 The Fairy's Punishment Game Vol.41 Ch.346 The Law of Retrogression Vol.41 Ch.347 Red, Blue, and Blonde Hair Fight! Vol.41 Ch.348 Return of the Demon Vol.41 Ch.349 The Demon Doriarte Vol.41 Ch.350 Gray Vs Doriarte Vol.41 Ch.351 Eternal Flame Vol.41 Ch.352 The Flame's Voice Vol.41 Ch.353 The Dark Magic’s Purification Vol.42 Ch.354 Effy Artis Vol.42 Ch.355 Song of the Fairies Vol.42 Ch.356 Tartarus (Prologue) Vol.42 Ch.357 The Nine Demon Gates Vol.42 Ch.358 Magical Barrier Particles Vol.42 Ch.359 Fairies Against The Netherworld Vol.42 Ch.360 The White Inheritance Vol.42 Ch.361 The Two Bombs Vol.43 Ch.362 Natsu vs. Jackal Vol.43 Ch.363 The Stories Demons Read Vol.43 Ch.364 Tartaros Arc, Part 1 Sins and Sinners Vol.43 Ch.364.1 Tartaros Arc, Part 1 Sins and Sinners Vol.43 Ch.364.5 Nanatsu no Taizai Crossover Special Vol.43 Ch.365 Fairy in the Jail Vol.43 Ch.366 A Thousand Souls Vol.43 Ch.367 Jellal vs. Oracion Seis Vol.43 Ch.368 The Third Seal Vol.43 Ch.369 The Place Prayers Are Heard Vol.44 Ch.370 Demons Reincarnated Vol.44 Ch.371 Tartaros Arc Part 2 - Song of the Heavenly Dragon Vol.44 Ch.372 Breach Vol.44 Ch.373 Life or Death Vol.44 Ch.374 Revolution Vol.44 Ch.374.5 Welcome Home, Frosh Vol.44 Ch.375 The Supernatural Vol.44 Ch.376 Wendy vs. Ezel Vol.44 Ch.376.6 She's Erza! Vol.44 Ch.377 Imperial Wrath of the Heavenly Dragon Vol.44 Ch.378 With Friends, Always Vol.44 Ch.378.5 Natsu and Asuka Vol.45 Ch.379 Tartaros Arc Part 3 - King of Hades Vol.45 Ch.379.5 413 Days Vol.45 Ch.380 Hell's Core Vol.45 Ch.381 The Devil's House Vol.45 Ch.382 Alegria Vol.45 Ch.383 Surfing Lucy Vol.45 Ch.384 Attack of The Stars Vol.45 Ch.385 Celestial Spirit king vs King of Hades Vol.45 Ch.386 Galaxia Blade Vol.46 Ch.387 Father and Child Vol.46 Ch.388 Erza vs. Minerva Vol.46 Ch.389 Twin Dragons VS. Dark King Vol.46 Ch.390 A Young Boy's Story Vol.46 Ch.391 Gray vs. Silver Vol.46 Ch.392 I Must Not Forget Vol.46 Ch.393 Silvers' Thoughts Vol.46 Ch.394 Juvia vs. Keith Vol.47 Ch.395 Extreme Pain Vol.47 Ch.396 Air Vol.47 Ch.397 Steel Vol.47 Ch.398 The Last One-on-One Vol.47 Ch.399 Wings of Despair Vol.47 Ch.400 Wings Of Hope Vol.47 Ch.401 Igneel vs. Acnologia Vol.47 Ch.402 Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon Vol.47 Ch.403 Erza vs. Kyouka Vol.48 Ch.404 0000 Vol.48 Ch.405 Tartaros Arc Part 6 - Magna Carta Vol.48 Ch.406 The Girl Within the Crystal Vol.48 Ch.407 In Order to Destroy Me Vol.48 Ch.408 Absolute Demon Vol.48 Ch.409 A Black and White Needle Vol.48 Ch.410 Memento Mori Vol.48 Ch.411 Quid Pro Quo Vol.48 Ch.412 Dance Unto Ishgar Vol.49 Ch.413 The Book of END Vol.49 Ch.414 Drops of Flame Vol.49 Ch.415 And It Shall Become Your Will to Live Vol.49 Ch.416 Tartaros Arc - Final Chapter Vol.49 Ch.416.5 Natsu VS. Mavis Vol.49 Ch.417 A Lone Journey II Vol.49 Ch.418 Challenger Vol.49 Ch.419 The Message of Flame Vol.49 Ch.420 Lamia Scale Thanksgiving Day Vol.50 Ch.421 Wendy and Chelia Vol.50 Ch.422 Orochi's Fin Vol.50 Ch.423 Because He Loves You Vol.50 Ch.424 Avatar Vol.50 Ch.425 Sabretooth X792 Vol.50 Ch.426 Black Heart Vol.50 Ch.427 Fierce Fight Underground Vol.50 Ch.428 If Our Paths are Different Vol.50 Ch.429 Code Blue Vol.51 Ch.430 Operation Purification Vol.51 Ch.431 My Sword Is... Vol.51 Ch.432 The Loving Briar Vol.51 Ch.433 IKUSATSUNAGI Vol.51 Ch.434 Demolition Fist Vol.51 Ch.435 Victory Shout Vol.51 Ch.436 Memoirs Vol.51 Ch.437 Magnolia Vol.51 Ch.437.1 Fairy Tail of the Dead Meeeeeeeeen Vol.51 Ch.438 The Seventh Guild Master Vol.52 Ch.439 Alvarez Empire Vol.52 Ch.440 God Serena Vol.52 Ch.441 Caracolle Island Vol.52 Ch.442 Edicts of Space Vol.52 Ch.443 And Then the Ground Vanished Vol.52 Ch.444 Emperor Spriggan Vol.52 Ch.445 Filthy Fairies Vol.52 Ch.446 The Land Abandoned by God Vol.53 Ch.447 Battle to Escape Vol.53 Ch.448 Fight The Power Vol.53 Ch.449 Mavis And Zeref Vol.53 Ch.450 Alone In All The World Vol.53 Ch.451 Fairy Heart Vol.53 Ch.452 Prelude to the Final Battle Vol.53 Ch.453 A Parent's Duty Vol.53 Ch.454 Flying Dragon Squad and Osprey Squad Vol.53 Ch.455 Defense of Magnolia Vol.54 Ch.456 Order Vol.54 Ch.457 Battle of Naked Vol.54 Ch.458 Morning Star Vol.54 Ch.459 Weakness Vol.54 Ch.460 Pegasus Descends Vol.54 Ch.461 For Whose Sake is that Parfum? Vol.54 Ch.462 Battlefield Vol.54 Ch.462.5 Merry Christmas Vol.54 Ch.463 Black Carpet Vol.54 Ch.464 Natsu vs Zeref Vol.55 Ch.465 400 Years Vol.55 Ch.466 Assassin Vol.55 Ch.467 Mother's Key Vol.55 Ch.468 Star Memory Vol.55 Ch.469 What I Want to Do Vol.55 Ch.470 Hybrid Theory Vol.55 Ch.471 Until the battle ends... Vol.55 Ch.472 Laxus vs. Wahl Vol.55 Ch.473 Red Lightning Vol.56 Ch.474 In the Moment of Complete Silence Vol.56 Ch.475 Dimaria Chronos Yesta Vol.56 Ch.476 Bid Farewell to the Mage Girls Vol.56 Ch.477 Transport Vol.56 Ch.478 Stealth Vol.56 Ch.479 Who you should show the greatest respect to is... Vol.56 Ch.480 The Northern Gravestone Vol.56 Ch.481 Historia of Corpses Vol.56 Ch.482 Vigor Vol.57 Ch.483 The Seven Stars Vol.57 Ch.484 The Monstrous Six Vol.57 Ch.485 Five Days' Worth of Food Vol.57 Ch.486 The Fourth Guest Vol.57 Ch.487 The Third Seal Vol.57 Ch.488 The Two of Us... Together... Forever... and Always Vol.57 Ch.489 Universe One Vol.57 Ch.489.5 Special Omake Stone Age Vol.57 Ch.490 Fairy Tail ZERO Vol.57 Ch.491 Mother and Child Vol.58 Ch.492 Elder Sister and Younger Sister Vol.58 Ch.493 The White Dragneel Vol.58 Ch.494 The Hill Extending Towards Tomorrow Vol.58 Ch.495 I'm Hungry as Hell! Vol.58 Ch.496 Forward! Vol.58 Ch.497 The Winter Mage Vol.58 Ch.498 Gray vs. Invel Vol.58 Ch.499 Gray and Juvia Vol.58 Ch.500 Fire and Ice Vol.59 Ch.501 Mari and Randi Vol.59 Ch.502 Mavis and Zera Vol.59 Ch.503 The Last Sight I Beheld Vol.59 Ch.504 Rift Vol.59 Ch.505 Trump Card Vol.59 Ch.506 Broken Bonds Vol.59 Ch.507 Voice Vol.59 Ch.508 Pleasure and Agony Vol.59 Ch.509 Kagura vs. Rahkeid Vol.60 Ch.510 Natsu's Heart Vol.60 Ch.511 Hunger Hell Vol.60 Ch.512 Sting the White Shadow Dragon Vol.60 Ch.513 Flower Circle Vol.60 Ch.514 The Dragon Seed Vol.60 Ch.515 I Am You... You Are Me Vol.60 Ch.516 The Truth of Enchantment (MS version) Vol.60 Ch.517 Wendy Belserion Vol.60 Ch.518 Master Enchantment Vol.61 Ch.519 Show Me Your Smile Vol.61 Ch.520 Dragon or Demon Vol.61 Ch.521 The Mightiest Mage Vol.61 Ch.522 Gray's Trump Card Vol.61 Ch.523 Will Destiny Go Up In Flames? Vol.61 Ch.524 Black Future Vol.61 Ch.525 Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved? Vol.61 Ch.526 My Name Is... Vol.61 Ch.527 Emotion Vol.62 Ch.528 Evil Dragon Vol.62 Ch.529 Teacher Vol.62 Ch.530 Neo Eclipse Vol.62 Ch.531 Pegasus vs Acnologia Vol.62 Ch.532 I can no longer see love Vol.62 Ch.533 Zeref, the white wizard Vol.62 Ch.534 The Door Of Vows Vol.62 Ch.535 The Greatest Power Vol.62 Ch.536 The Flame of The Dragon's Roar Vol.62 Ch.537 The Power Of Life Vol.62 Ch.538 When the Flames Die Vol.62 Ch.539 World Collapse Vol.62 Ch.540 Harmony Vol.62 Ch.541 The Magic Of Hope Vol.62 Ch.542 Instinct Vol.62 Ch.543 Hearts As One Vol.62 Ch.544 You're the King Vol.62 Ch.545 Irreplaceable Friends
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