Elfen Lied

Vol.13 Ch.108.1 Special Side Story

Vol.01 Ch.001 Elf Vol.01 Ch.002 Nyu Vol.01 Ch.002.1 Nyu Vol.01 Ch.002.2 [Continuation] Vol.01 Ch.003 SAT Vol.01 Ch.004 Loss of Memory Vol.01 Ch.005 Self-defense Vol.01 Ch.006 Transformation Vol.01 Ch.007 Destination Vol.01 Ch.008 Yuka's Memories Vol.01 Ch.009 Lost Memory Vol.02 Ch.010 A Sudden Visitor Vol.02 Ch.011 Female Visitor Vol.02 Ch.012 Messenger Vol.02 Ch.013 One Strike Vol.02 Ch.014 Clash Vol.02 Ch.015 Reinforcements Vol.02 Ch.016 Thus the Girl Died Vol.02 Ch.017 Father of a New Race Vol.03 Ch.018 The Girl's Past Vol.03 Ch.019 Living Together Vol.03 Ch.020 Meet Again Vol.03 Ch.021 Offspring Vol.03 Ch.022 Prosperity or Death Vol.03 Ch.023 Teacher of Horns Vol.03 Ch.024 Nyuu Caught Vol.03 Ch.025 Ditched Vol.03 Ch.026 Lebensborn Vol.03 Ch.027 The One Who Has Freedom Vol.04 Ch.028 Modification Surgery Vol.04 Ch.029 Connection Vol.04 Ch.030 Knot Vol.04 Ch.031 Detection Vol.04 Ch.032 Nyuu's Past Vol.04 Ch.033 Promise Vol.04 Ch.034 Scream Vol.04 Ch.035 Lies Vol.04 Ch.036 Whisper Vol.04 Ch.037 Kanae Vol.04 Ch.038 Flashback Vol.05 Ch.039 Disposal Order Vol.05 Ch.040 Parting Vol.05 Ch.041 Attack Pretext Vol.05 Ch.042 On the Run With Common Front Vol.05 Ch.043 What Shan't Be Seen Vol.05 Ch.044 Peeing Vol.05 Ch.045 Hide and Seek Vol.05 Ch.046 The Project Vol.05 Ch.047 Contact Vol.05 Ch.048 Panic in Maple Inn Vol.06 Ch.049 Unforeseen Vol.06 Ch.050 Copying Kanae Vol.06 Ch.051 Tears Vol.06 Ch.052 Kurama's Daughter Vol.06 Ch.053 Ways, Choices Vol.06 Ch.054 Sand Castles Vol.06 Ch.055 Mariko Vol.06 Ch.056 Girls' Fun Vol.06 Ch.057 Papa For Two Vol.06 Ch.058 Lab's White Walls Vol.06 Ch.059 Tests on the Living Vol.06 Ch.060 The Annunciation Vol.07 Ch.061 Final Choice Vol.07 Ch.062 Deeply Held Resentment Vol.07 Ch.063 Grin Vol.07 Ch.064 Blaze of Glory Vol.07 Ch.065 Midway to Heaven Vol.07 Ch.066 Humanity's Fall Vol.07 Ch.067 Backup Measure Vol.07 Ch.068 The Heart and the Uterus Vol.07 Ch.069 Isolation Vol.07 Ch.070 Heartbreak Vol.07 Ch.071 Wish upon Tomorrow Vol.08 Ch.072 Anna Vol.08 Ch.073 What Are You Searching For? Vol.08 Ch.074 God of Death Vol.08 Ch.075 Animal Scent Vol.08 Ch.075.5 Another Happy Future Vol.08 Ch.075.6 To Drink or to be Drunk? Vol.09 Ch.076 An Unachieveable Retribution Vol.09 Ch.077 Can Life Merely Be Despair? Vol.09 Ch.078 Boy Meets Girl Vol.09 Ch.079 Helpless Vol.09 Ch.080 My Creations Vol.09 Ch.081 Communication Vol.09 Ch.082 Success or Failure Vol.10 Ch.083 Reminiscence Vol.10 Ch.084 Broken Angel Vol.10 Ch.085 Family Vol.10 Ch.085.1 Family Vol.10 Ch.085.2 [Continuation] Vol.10 Ch.086 The Insincere Night Sky Vol.10 Ch.087 The Palm Vol.11 Ch.088 Memory and Gunshots Vol.11 Ch.089 Death Maze Vol.11 Ch.090 The Unexpected Vol.11 Ch.091 Stupidity Vol.11 Ch.092 Bewilderement and the Sea Vol.11 Ch.093 Lack Communication Vol.11 Ch.094 The Researcher's Pride Vol.11 Ch.095 Tear Shed for the Other Vol.11 Ch.096 Everyone's Hell Vol.11 Ch.097 Dawn of the Long Night Vol.12 Ch.098 The Ocean to the Past Vol.12 Ch.099 Memories That Can't Be Killed Vol.12 Ch.100 Wish on a Star Vol.12 Ch.101 Light of Death Vol.12 Ch.102 Center and the Fringe Vol.12 Ch.103 The Elf Sings Vol.12 Ch.104 The End of a Dream Vol.12 Ch.105 Why Vol.12 Ch.106 If Someday Vol.12 Ch.107 Conclusion Vol.13 Ch.108.1 Special Side Story
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Elfen Lied contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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