Dragon Ball Super

Vol.02 Ch.013 The Victorious Universe is Finally Decided!!

Vol.01 Ch.001 The God of Destructions Prophetic Dream Vol.01 Ch.002 Goku's Defeat Vol.01 Ch.003 Beerus' Wrath Vol.01 Ch.004 God and God Vol.01 Ch.005 Beerus and Champa Vol.01 Ch.006 Preparing for the Tournament Vol.01 Ch.007 The Universe's Warriors Vol.01 Ch.008 The Tournament Commences! Vol.01 Ch.009 Goku vs. Botamo Vol.02 Ch.010 Frost's True Form Vol.02 Ch.011 Vegeta Enters the Ring!! Vol.02 Ch.012 Saiyan's Pride Vol.02 Ch.013 The Victorious Universe is Finally Decided!! Vol.02 Ch.014 An SOS from the Future Vol.02 Ch.015 Hope!! Once Again Vol.02 Ch.016 "Future" Trunks' Past Vol.02 Ch.017 The Next Prospect Supreme Kai of Universe 10, Zamasu Vol.02 Ch.018 The True Identity of Goku Black Vol.02 Ch.019 Another Zamasu Vol.03 Ch.020 The Zero Mortals Plan Vol.03 Ch.021 Last Chance for HOPE Vol.03 Ch.022 Zamasu's Last Resort Vol.03 Ch.023 The True Worth of Potara Vol.03 Ch.024 Vol.03 Ch.025 Goku?! Or Zamasu?! Vol.04 Ch.026 Decisive Battle! Farewell, Trunks! Vol.04 Ch.027 Vol.04 Ch.028 The Gods Of Destruction Of The 12 Universes Vol.04 Ch.029 The 11th Universe's God of Destruction Candidate, Toppo Vol.04 Ch.030 The Man Named Jiren Vol.04 Ch.031 Vol.04 Ch.032 The Super Soldiers Gather 2 Vol.04 Ch.033 Universe Survival! The Tournament Of Power Begins!! Vol.04 Ch.034 The First Doomed Universe Vol.04 Ch.035 Hit VS Jiren Vol.04 Ch.036 Quirky Competitors Vol.04 Ch.037 Awaken, Super Saiyan Kale Vol.04 Ch.038 Vol.04 Ch.039 Vol.04 Ch.040 Vol.04 Ch.041 Vol.04 Ch.042 Vol.04 Ch.043 Vol.04 Ch.044 Escaped Prisoner Moro Vol.04 Ch.045 Moro's Magic Vol.04 Ch.046 Vol.04 Ch.047 Vol.04 Ch.048 Moro's Wish Vol.04 Ch.049 Vol.04 Ch.050 Vol.06 Ch.030.5 Vol.10 Ch.000 Vol.10 Ch.048.5 Vol.10 Ch.051 Vol.10 Ch.052 Vol.10 Ch.053 Vol.10 Ch.054 Vol.10 Ch.055 Vol.10 Ch.056 Vol.10 Ch.057 Vol.10 Ch.058 Vol.10 Ch.059 Vol.10 Ch.060 Vol.10 Ch.061 Vol.10 Ch.062 Vol.10 Ch.063 Vol.10 Ch.064 Vol.10 Ch.065 Vol.10 Ch.066 Vol.10 Ch.067 Vol.10 Ch.068
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