Devil and Devil

Vol.05 Ch.007 Awakening

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Demon Descends Vol.01 Ch.002 Friend of the Heart Vol.01 Ch.003 Bat-cat Vol.01 Ch.004 The Mysterious Baby Vol.01 Ch.005 Underling No. 2 Vol.01 Ch.006 It Came from the Mouth?! Vol.01 Ch.007 Exorcist Vol.02 Ch.001 Second Devil Vol.02 Ch.002 Mizuno's Past Vol.02 Ch.003 Devilblade! Vol.02 Ch.004 Kanna's Dream Vol.02 Ch.005 Cruel Decoy Vol.02 Ch.006 Devilblade, Come! Vol.02 Ch.007 Yakumi Onsen Vol.02 Ch.008 She-Devil Vol.02 Ch.009 Underground Cave Vol.02 Ch.010 Devilspawn Vol.03 Ch.001 Return to the Original!? Vol.03 Ch.002 Demon Cat Vol.03 Ch.003 Electronic Devil Vol.03 Ch.004 Cat's Soul!? Vol.03 Ch.005 Book of Devils Vol.03 Ch.006 Devil Within Vol.03 Ch.007 Strong Heart Vol.03 Ch.008 Messenger from Heaven Vol.03 Ch.009 Skekil's Power Vol.03 Ch.010 Ios' Decision Vol.04 Ch.001 New Assassin Vol.04 Ch.002 Reunion Vol.04 Ch.003 Shiva Garland Vol.04 Ch.004 The Seal of Death Vol.04 Ch.005 Exchange Student Vol.04 Ch.006 An Unfortunate Omen Vol.04 Ch.007 Power of the Seal-Demon Vol.04 Ch.008 The Man Who Came Back Vol.04 Ch.009 Amano Souma's Decision Vol.04 Ch.010 Souma's Decision Vol.05 Ch.001 Sword Revived?! Vol.05 Ch.002 Cerberus Vol.05 Ch.003 A Young Devil Enter the Scene! Vol.05 Ch.004 The Test Begins Vol.05 Ch.005 Explosive Demonic Power!! Vol.05 Ch.006 The Promise Vol.05 Ch.007 Awakening Vol.05 Ch.008 The Book of Jill Herb Vol.05 Ch.009 A Hard Battle Vol.05 Ch.010 Hidden Power Vol.06 Ch.001 The Clash of the Dark Warriors!! Vol.06 Ch.002 The Test of the Final Floor Vol.06 Ch.003 Even If It Cost My Life ... Vol.06 Ch.004 When The Shadow of Dearh Closes In!! Vol.06 Ch.005 The Decisive Battle Vol.06 Ch.006 The Revival Vol.06 Ch.007 The Clash of the Demons Vol.06 Ch.008 Hell Warriors... Vol.06 Ch.009 The Warriors Return Vol.07 Ch.001 K•I•S•S!? Vol.07 Ch.002 A Flower in Each Hand!? Vol.07 Ch.003 Unseen Enemy Vol.07 Ch.004 Vol.07 Ch.005 A Close Heart Vol.07 Ch.006 Nanami's Counterattack Vol.07 Ch.007 The Silver World Vol.07 Ch.008 Merge Vol.07 Ch.009 I Want to Protect You Vol.07 Ch.010 Dawn Vol.08 Ch.001 A Sudden Visit Vol.08 Ch.002 Back to Heaven Vol.08 Ch.003 The 4 Commanders of Hell Vol.08 Ch.004 Demon Lord of Earth, Galam Harness Vol.08 Ch.005 Petrification Vol.08 Ch.006 Castle of Mud Vol.08 Ch.007 Fury Vol.08 Ch.008 Back to Life Vol.08 Ch.009 The Evolution Vol.08 Ch.010 A Welcome Visitor Arrives Vol.09 Ch.001 Date Vol.09 Ch.002 When the Attraction Runs Wild Vol.09 Ch.003 The Town with Disappearing Water Vol.09 Ch.004 Father and Daughter Vol.09 Ch.005 Love Letter Vol.09 Ch.006 Strong Weapon Vol.09 Ch.007 The Confrontation Vol.09 Ch.008 Surprise Attack Vol.09 Ch.009 Attack Vol.09 Ch.010 Fennel Vol.09 Ch.011 Prayer Vol.10 Ch.001 When he comes flying Vol.10 Ch.002 Bonds Vol.10 Ch.003 The Strongest Man Vol.10 Ch.004 Fight to the Death Vol.10 Ch.005 The Conclusion Vol.10 Ch.006 The True Form Vol.10 Ch.007 Reckless Vol.10 Ch.008 Only a Portion Vol.10 Ch.009 An Enemy? Vol.10 Ch.010 Sharo Vol.11 Ch.001 Lunchbox Vol.11 Ch.002 Is this reality? Vol.11 Ch.003 Reminiscence Vol.11 Ch.004 Life and Death Vol.11 Ch.005 Sandstone Castle Vol.11 Ch.006 Fist Vol.11 Ch.007 Soul Guardian Vol.11 Ch.008 Qualifications Vol.11 Ch.009 The Gamble Vol.11 Ch.010 Trust Vol.12 Ch.001 True Strength Vol.12 Ch.002 The Fallen Noble Vol.12 Ch.003 The Two's Relation Vol.12 Ch.004 Escape! Vol.12 Ch.005 Hindrance Vol.12 Ch.006 Perfect Weapon Vol.12 Ch.007 The Honor Vol.12 Ch.008 Lucifer Vol.12 Ch.009 Trust Vol.13 Ch.001 The Sword of Darkness Vol.13 Ch.002 Will Power Vol.13 Ch.003 The Gamble Vol.13 Ch.004 God's Assassins Vol.13 Ch.005 The Promise Vol.13 Ch.006 Mammoth Vol.13 Ch.007 Exorcism Vol.13 Ch.008 Crest of The Demon King Vol.13 Ch.009 The Contest Vol.14 Ch.001 Emergency Vol.14 Ch.002 A Normal Life! Vol.14 Ch.003 Participation Qualifications Vol.14 Ch.004 Patience Vol.14 Ch.005 Giving Up! Vol.14 Ch.006 Knowing Your Enemy Vol.14 Ch.007 Venus Flytrap Vol.14 Ch.008 Why I Mustn't Lose? Vol.14 Ch.009 Take Over Vol.15 Ch.001 Messenger Vol.15 Ch.002 Please, Kill Me! Vol.15 Ch.003 Promise Vol.15 Ch.004 Don't Die Vol.15 Ch.005 In Heaven! Vol.15 Ch.006 The Cross Vol.15 Ch.007 That… Shape?! Vol.15 Ch.008 My Friend… Vol.15 Ch.009 When Everything Is Over Vol.15 Ch.010 Yet Another Clash
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