Detective Xeno and the Seven Locked Murder Rooms

Ch.005 The Gravestone Mansion Killer (Part 5)

Ch.001 The stadium killer Ch.002 The Gravestone Mansion Killer (Part 1) Ch.003 The Gravestone Mansion Killer (Part 2) Ch.004 The Gravestone Mansion Killer (Part 3) Ch.005 The Gravestone Mansion Killer (Part 5) Ch.005.5 Omake Ch.006 Wednesday's Client 1 Ch.007 Wednesday's Client 2 Ch.008 The Muse Sings of Death Ch.009 The Muse Sings of Death 2 Ch.010 The Muse Sings of Death 3 Ch.011 The Muse Sings of Death 4 Ch.012 Scene in a Dream Ch.013 Hot Dogs and Bullets Ch.014 An Invitation to Darkness Ch.015 The Train Carrying Death 1 Ch.016 The Train Carrying Death 2 Ch.017 The Train Carrying Death 3 Ch.018 The Train Carrying Death 4 Ch.019 Ch.020 The Day I Killed Her 2 Ch.021 Hunter's Blind Spot 1 Ch.022 Hunter's Blind Spot 2 Ch.023 Hunter's Blind Spot 3 Ch.024 Hunter's Blind Spot 4 Ch.025 Murder Wharf 1 Ch.026 Murder Wharf 2 Ch.027 Demon God Island 1 Ch.028 Demon God Island 2 Ch.029 Demon God Island 3 Ch.030 Demon God Island 4 Ch.031 Hidden Gods 1 Ch.032 Hidden Gods 2 Ch.033 Hidden Gods 3 Ch.034 Hidden Gods 4 Ch.035 Hidden Gods 5 Ch.036 Gate to Paradise 1 Ch.037 Gate to Paradise 2 Ch.038 Gate to Paradise 3 Ch.039 Gate to Paradise 4 Ch.040 Gate to Paradise 5 Ch.041 Gate to Paradise 6 Ch.042 Gate to Paradise 7 Ch.043 Island of Judgement 1 Ch.044 Island of Judgement 2 Ch.045 Island of Judgement 3 Ch.046 Island of Judgement 4 Ch.046.5 Omake Ch.047 Island of Judgement 5 Ch.048 Island of Judgement 6 Ch.049 Island of Judgement 7 Ch.050 The Gravestone Mansion Revisited 1 Ch.051 The Gravestone Mansion Revisited 2 Ch.052 The Baron Laughs 1 Ch.053 The Baron Laughs 2 Ch.054 The Baron Laughs 3 Ch.055 Tea with the Baron Ch.056 Evil Without A Face 1 Vol.06 Ch.058 Vol.07 Ch.024.5 Vol.07 Ch.057 Vol.07 Ch.059 Vol.07 Ch.060 Vol.07 Ch.061
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