Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Ch.051 Enlightened King of the Great Wheel, Jiumozhi

Ch.001 Duan Yu of Dali Kingdom Is…? Ch.002 Mu Wanqing Ch.003 The Crocodile Deity of the Southern Sea’s Plan Ch.004 The Evil Ye Erniang Ch.005 Prisonmates Ch.006 Mu Wanqing’s True Face Ch.007 The One For Me Ch.008 Ye Erniang Explains Ch.009 Limitless Mountain’s Forbidden Grounds Ch.010 Fairy Sister Ch.011 Gathering of the Four Evils Ch.012 Toad and Centipede Ch.013 Devising A Plan Ch.014 Northern Sea Divine Skill Forces The Evils Back Ch.015 The Royal Guards Ch.016 Between Three, There Must Be A Love Rival Ch.017 The Crocodile Deity of the Southern Sea Charges the Palace Ch.018 Graceful Wavesteps Shows Up The Crocodile Deity Ch.019 Accepting A Disciple Ch.020 For Mother, Duan Yu Is Wounded Ch.021 Ch.022 Love Debt Ch.023 Three Women on the Same Stage Ch.024 Wanqing Mistakenly Believes Duan Yanqing Ch.025 An Incidental Meeting With The One She Loves Ch.026 Ch.027 Tangled Warfare Ch.028 Unexpectedly It’s Yiyang Finger Ch.029 Face-Off Ch.030 The Countermeasure Is? Ch.031 External Assistance Ch.032 Showcasing Their Skills Ch.033 Guidance From The Side - Duan Yu Ch.034 Unexpected Person Ch.035 Entering the Ten Thousand Calamities Valley Ch.036 An Unexpected Person Ch.037 The Truth Ch.039 Another Love Debt Ch.040 Murong of Gusu Ch.041 The Past Ch.042 Murong Bo Ch.043 Meeting Mu Wanqing Again Ch.044 Sneaking In Ch.045 Past Love Reappears Ch.046 Pursuing and Capturing Zhong Ling Ch.047 Crisis in the underground passage Ch.048 Inner Force Counteracting Ch.049 Letter Ch.050 Six Meridians Sword Array Ch.051 Enlightened King of the Great Wheel, Jiumozhi Ch.052 Shocking Skill Ch.053 Resolve Doubt Ch.054 Sword Array Against A Single Sword Ch.055 Sword Energy and Lines of Jade Smoke Ch.056 Broken Jade Ch.057 Ch.058 The Forming of a Divine Sword Ch.059 Ch.060 Ch.061 Ch.062 Ch.063 Ch.064 Ch.065 Ch.066 Ch.067 Ch.068 Ch.069 Ch.070 Ch.071 Ch.072 Ch.073 Ch.074 Ch.075 Ch.076 Ch.077 Ch.078 Ch.079 Ch.080 Ch.083
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