Deadman Wonderland

Vol.04 Ch.016 Salty Cookies

Vol.01 Ch.001 Who Killed Cock Robin? Vol.01 Ch.002 Rule of Rule Vol.01 Ch.003 Dying Happy Dog Race Vol.01 Ch.004 Slayer's Slave Vol.02 Ch.005 Necro Macro Vol.02 Ch.006 Crow Craw Vol.02 Ch.007 Carnival Corpse Vol.02 Ch.008 Bloodthirsty Majesty Vol.02 Ch.008.5 Omake Vol.03 Ch.009 Liar Flower Vol.03 Ch.010 Big Bad Bingo Vol.03 Ch.011 Past Time, Tight End Vol.03 Ch.012 Scar Chain Vol.04 Ch.013 Cloudy After Sunny Vol.04 Ch.014 Ring Her Bell Vol.04 Ch.015 Man Is the Archenemy for Man Vol.04 Ch.016 Salty Cookies Vol.05 Ch.017 Loser's Answer Vol.05 Ch.018 Chain Gang Vol.05 Ch.019 Bloody Rainy Day Vol.05 Ch.020 Relief to Nirvana Vol.05 Ch.021 Ghost in the Sun Vol.06 Ch.022 Tongue and Every Day Vol.06 Ch.023 The Fake Face Vol.06 Ch.024 Anger Song, Under Peace Vol.06 Ch.025 Failure Firing Vol.06 Ch.026 Blue Sky with Blue Devils Vol.07 Ch.027 Allright, Allright Vol.07 Ch.028 Mask or Mind Vol.07 Ch.029 Never Say Never Again Vol.07 Ch.030 Stupendous Stupid Vol.07 Ch.031 Although Ganta Tries To Stop Forgeries Vol.08 Ch.032 Dog-Eat-Dog Vol.08 Ch.033 Beaming Beauty-Badass Vol.08 Ch.034 Bare Fire Vol.08 Ch.035 Dice with Death Vol.08 Ch.036 Bye Bye Baby Vol.09 Ch.037 Beast Fist Vol.09 Ch.038 A End Game - A Flame Vol.09 Ch.038.1 End Game - A Flame (B) Vol.09 Ch.038.2 B End Game - A Flame Vol.09 Ch.039 Despotic Despair (A) Vol.09 Ch.039.1 A Despotic Despair Vol.09 Ch.039.2 B Despotic Despair Vol.09 Ch.040 The Beginning of the Ending Vol.10 Ch.041 Freedom or Martyrdom Vol.10 Ch.042 Kill My Will Vol.10 Ch.043 Storm Center Vol.10 Ch.044 Faced with Fate Vol.11 Ch.045 Past the Passion (A) Vol.11 Ch.045.1 Past the Passion Vol.11 Ch.045.2 Past the Passion B Vol.11 Ch.046 Whacked Wicked Vol.11 Ch.047 Sing a Sin Vol.11 Ch.048 Aboveground Abortive Flower Vol.12 Ch.049 Head to Head Vol.12 Ch.049.2 Head to Head Vol.12 Ch.050 Toygun & Toytown Trust Vol.12 Ch.051 Die in a Diamond Vol.12 Ch.052 Haggard absurd Vol.13 Ch.053 Love Phone Vol.13 Ch.054 The Shut Up Reason Vol.13 Ch.055 A Foolish Wish Vol.13 Ch.056 Vol.13 Ch.056.1 LAST DANCE Vol.13 Ch.056.2 LAST DANCE Vol.13 Ch.057 But Parade Will Go On Vol.13 Ch.058
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Deadman Wonderland contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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