Darren Shan

Vol.06 Ch.052 Kurda's Confession

Vol.01 Ch.001 Darren and Steve Vol.01 Ch.002 Harmful Play Vol.01 Ch.003 A New Power Vol.01 Ch.004 To the Dark World Vol.02 Ch.005 The Lifestyle of a Vampire Vol.02 Ch.006 To Cirque du Freak Vol.02 Ch.007 Friend Number Two Vol.02 Ch.008 Mr. Tiny Vol.02 Ch.009 A Tiny Urge to Kill Vol.02 Ch.010 A Condition for Sam Vol.02 Ch.011 A False Confesion Vol.02 Ch.012 The Last Night Vol.02 Ch.013 Blood and Spirit Vol.02 Ch.014 Together with Sam Vol.03 Ch.015 Gavner Purl Vol.03 Ch.016 The Big City Vol.03 Ch.017 First Date Vol.03 Ch.018 Suspicious Minds Vol.03 Ch.019 A Mysterious Creature Vol.03 Ch.020 Vampires and Vampaneze Vol.03 Ch.021 The Evil Beneath Vol.03 Ch.022 The Road to Evra Vol.03 Ch.023 Held Captive Vol.03 Ch.024 Battle to the Death Vol.04 Ch.025 Destiny Lends a Hand Vol.04 Ch.026 Streak Vol.04 Ch.027 Harkat Speaks! Vol.04 Ch.028 Into the Halls Vol.04 Ch.029 Quartermaster Seba Nile Vol.04 Ch.030 The Life of a Vampire Vol.04 Ch.031 The Hall of Death Vol.04 Ch.032 The First Duel Vol.04 Ch.033 The Hall of Princes Vol.04 Ch.034 The Trials of Initiation Vol.05 Ch.035 A Vampire Couple Vol.05 Ch.036 The First Trial Vol.05 Ch.037 The Second Trial Vol.05 Ch.038 The Festival Begins Vol.05 Ch.039 The Third Trial Vol.05 Ch.040 Mr. Crepsley's Hope Vol.05 Ch.041 Ultimate Desperation Vol.05 Ch.042 Life or Death? Vol.05 Ch.043 An Unexpected Turn of Events Vol.05 Ch.044 Even in Death Vol.06 Ch.045 Rapids Vol.06 Ch.046 The Traitor's Plot Vol.06 Ch.047 Magda the Guide Vol.06 Ch.048 Investiture Vol.06 Ch.049 Accusation Vol.06 Ch.050 The Battle Begins Vol.06 Ch.051 Last Will Vol.06 Ch.052 Kurda's Confession Vol.06 Ch.053 Judgement Vol.06 Ch.054 Ceremony of Blood Vol.07 Ch.055 War Council Vol.07 Ch.056 Vampets Vol.07 Ch.057 Chosen Ones Vol.07 Ch.058 Changes Vol.07 Ch.059 A Daylit Battle Vol.07 Ch.060 The Third Hunter Vol.07 Ch.061 Lady Evanna Vol.07 Ch.062 Cirque du Freak Vol.07 Ch.063 A Suspicious Conversation Vol.07 Ch.064 Vancha's Past Vol.08 Ch.073 Vol.08 Ch.074 Vol.09 Ch.077 Misunderstanding
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