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Vol.01 Ch.002 The Ones Who Cannot Be Forgiven

Vol.01 Ch.001 Witnessing the Beginning Vol.01 Ch.002 The Ones Who Cannot Be Forgiven Vol.01 Ch.003 The Girl of Flame Vol.01 Ch.004 Facing Tommorow Vol.01 Ch.005 The Wounded Devil Vol.02 Ch.006 Hug Hug Hug Vol.02 Ch.007 The Demon Comes Vol.02 Ch.008 A Rational Resistance Vol.02 Ch.009 Fighting for Others Vol.02 Ch.010 Walking into the Stormy Night Vol.02 Ch.011 "Unforgettable Number of People" Vol.02 Ch.012 The Condition of a Hero Vol.02 Ch.013 Ogami's Secret Vol.02 Ch.014 The Name of the Past and Present Vol.03 Ch.015 Rational Action or Feelings? Vol.03 Ch.016 A Tearful Kanda Vol.03 Ch.017 Here We Are! The Sakurakoji Mansion Vol.03 Ch.018 I Got Smaller!! Vol.03 Ch.019 The Shaking Bond Vol.03 Ch.020 The Restless Soul Vol.03 Ch.021 The Days that Will Never Return Vol.03 Ch.022 Secret Handshake Vol.03 Ch.023 The Biggest Failure of Her Life Vol.04 Ch.024 The Prelude Vol.04 Ch.025 The Dangerous Man Vol.04 Ch.026 The Fujiwaras Vol.04 Ch.027 The Choice of Life Vol.04 Ch.028 That Which She Does Not Want to Lose Vol.04 Ch.029 The One Who Controls Light Vol.04 Ch.030 The Oath to the Gravestones Vol.04 Ch.031 The Demon's Wake Vol.05 Ch.032 Flame Away Vol.05 Ch.033 The Reversed Cross of Rebellion Vol.05 Ch.034 The Close Yet Distant Relationship Vol.05 Ch.034.5 Valentine's Day Special!! Vol.05 Ch.035 Nyanmaru the Great Demon God Vol.05 Ch.036 A New Start Vol.05 Ch.037 More Important than What's Important Vol.05 Ch.038 The Real Nyan-maru Vol.05 Ch.039 House Call to Oogami's Home Vol.06 Ch.040 A Dangerous and Magnificent Special Skill Vol.06 Ch.041 The Fate of Numbers Vol.06 Ch.042 The Requirement to Live On Vol.06 Ch.043 Crimson Rage Vol.06 Ch.044 An Admirable Joke Vol.06 Ch.045 The Six "Re-CODE"s Vol.06 Ch.046 "His" True Identity Vol.06 Ch.047 What "He" Longs For Vol.06 Ch.048 Life-Sized Sadness Vol.07 Ch.049 Birds of a Feather Flock Together Vol.07 Ch.050 You're the President!? Vol.07 Ch.051 What He's Really Looking For Vol.07 Ch.052 Restriction Uniform Vol.07 Ch.053 In Between Irritation and Despair Vol.07 Ch.054 The Normal Distance Vol.07 Ch.055 The Concealed Intertwining Spiral Vol.07 Ch.056 Courtesy Above All Vol.07 Ch.057 Even Just a Little Vol.08 Ch.058 Throwing It All Away Vol.08 Ch.059 The Subjacent Bitterness Vol.08 Ch.060 The One Needed to Be Handled with Care Vol.08 Ch.061 The Ungone Past Vol.08 Ch.062 The Incarnated Guardian Vol.08 Ch.063 The Face Behind the Mask Vol.08 Ch.064 The Second Mini Vol.08 Ch.065 Inoichi Vol.09 Ch.066 The Top Priority Vol.09 Ch.067 The Decisive Camp Vol.09 Ch.068 Trap Carnival Vol.09 Ch.069 A Farewell to the Past Vol.09 Ch.070 Empress Paradox Vol.09 Ch.071 The Code Call of Trust Vol.09 Ch.072 One's Whole Heart and Soul Vol.09 Ch.073 A Spirit that Never Gives In Vol.09 Ch.074 At the End of the Fierce Battle Vol.10 Ch.075 Beyond the Forbidden Door Vol.10 Ch.076 The Demonic Smile Vol.10 Ch.077 Pandora's Rhapsody Vol.10 Ch.078 The Raw Appearance Vol.10 Ch.079 The Azure Color of Supremacy Vol.10 Ch.080 The Subtle and Profound World Vol.10 Ch.081 Genuine Words Vol.10 Ch.082 Liar Vol.10 Ch.083 Heppy Memorial Day Vol.11 Ch.084 Lost! Lost!! Lost!!! Vol.11 Ch.085 With Emptiness and Gratitude Vol.11 Ch.086 The Great Search at Shibuya Mansion Vol.11 Ch.087 The Midnight Masquerade Vol.11 Ch.088 May It Reach You Someday Vol.11 Ch.089 A Chance Meeting with a One-Armed Man Vol.11 Ch.090 Weighing Life and Money Vol.11 Ch.091 What Each Values Vol.11 Ch.092 The Unknown World Vol.12 Ch.093 Obliterated Memories Vol.12 Ch.094 Goodbye Shibuya Mansion Vol.12 Ch.095 The Depressing Reunion Vol.12 Ch.096 The Grand Wish of the Deceased Vol.12 Ch.097 Go into Hiding, Here and Now Vol.12 Ch.098 Attack Threat Vol.12 Ch.099 The True Farewell Vol.12 Ch.100 The Lost Summer Vol.12 Ch.101 The Lonesome Battle Vol.12 Ch.102 Confusion Vol.13 Ch.103 The Great Resolve Vol.13 Ch.104 Friends Vol.13 Ch.105 Shooting Fireworks Vol.13 Ch.106 The Sin That Doesn't Go Away Vol.13 Ch.107 The Cost of Redemption Vol.13 Ch.108 The Chain of Revenge Vol.13 Ch.109 The Founding Generation Vol.13 Ch.110 A Century Old Truth Vol.13 Ch.111 The Double Headed Flare Vol.14 Ch.112 The First Hug Vol.14 Ch.113 Mitarashi Dango Vol.14 Ch.114 The Very First and Very Last Desire Vol.14 Ch.115 Speciality Above Speciality Vol.14 Ch.116 The Fascinating Joker Vol.14 Ch.117 The Man of War Vol.14 Ch.118 Memorable Penguin Vol.14 Ch.119 The Girl Who Races Through Time Vol.14 Ch.120 The Unknown Little Dragon Vol.15 Ch.121 The Fragment of Memories Vol.15 Ch.122 The Resurrected Flame Vol.15 Ch.123 The Hymn of Nyanmaru Vol.15 Ch.124 The Unreceived Echo Vol.15 Ch.125 The Path Which the Mark Shines Vol.15 Ch.126 The Earthbound Stars Vol.15 Ch.127 The Changing Heart Vol.15 Ch.127.5 Extra Beneath the Sakura Tree Vol.15 Ch.128 The Signal of Their Return Vol.15 Ch.129 The Frozen Time Vol.16 Ch.130 12 32 Vol.16 Ch.131 The First Hug Vol.16 Ch.132 The Joker's Movement Vol.16 Ch.133 The Proof of His Determination Vol.16 Ch.134 His Final Words Vol.16 Ch.135 His Words Back Then Vol.16 Ch.136 The Flame of Ogami Rei Vol.16 Ch.137 Not For Anyone's Sake Vol.16 Ch.138 In Accordance with His First Earnestness Vol.17 Ch.139 The Bewildered Heat Vol.17 Ch.140 The Everlasting Memories Vol.17 Ch.141 Miracle Taboo Vol.17 Ch.142 The Final Gauss Cannon Vol.17 Ch.143 The Guardian, the Murderer and the Strong Vol.17 Ch.144 The Secret and Truth of the Founder Vol.17 Ch.145 Kibou Festival!! Vol.17 Ch.146 Origin of the Kibou Festival Vol.17 Ch.147 Bravery & Foolhardiness Vol.18 Ch.148 The "Cross Mark" of Badge Vol.18 Ch.149 The Dark Side Vol.18 Ch.150 Lesson from the Past Vol.18 Ch.151 That Thing of Ogami Vol.18 Ch.152 The God Is Unreasonable Vol.18 Ch.153 The Secret about Misoshiru Vol.18 Ch.154 Four-Leaved Clovers Vol.18 Ch.155 An Axe Kick Vol.18 Ch.156 Right and Left of One Mind Vol.19 Ch.157 Welcome Back Vol.19 Ch.158 The Sad Identification Mark Vol.19 Ch.159 A White Requiem Vol.19 Ch.160 Dream Player Vol.19 Ch.161 The Transfigurations of Demons Vol.19 Ch.162 The Sorrowful Catharsis Vol.19 Ch.163 The Spirit of The Ablazed Ice Vol.19 Ch.164 The Truth of Eden Vol.19 Ch.165 The Collapse Beyond the Ray of Light Vol.20 Ch.166 Little Protector God Vol.20 Ch.167 "Rui" Vol.20 Ch.168 An Alleviator Vol.20 Ch.169 Unleash The Devil Eye Vol.20 Ch.170 The Angels of December 32 Vol.20 Ch.171 Vol.20 Ch.172 Vol.20 Ch.173 Trump card of Ogami Rei Vol.20 Ch.174 What Lies Beyond the Conflict Vol.21 Ch.175 Vol.21 Ch.176 Fussy Lunch Vol.21 Ch.177 The Whisper Amid the Vast Prairie Vol.21 Ch.178 With Those Tremendous Hands Vol.21 Ch.179 The Trauma that Never Goes Away Vol.21 Ch.180 Thump Badump Vol.21 Ch.181 Strawberry And Lemon Vol.21 Ch.182 Until That Day Vol.21 Ch.183 The Targeted School Vol.22 Ch.184 Vol.22 Ch.185 Vol.22 Ch.186 Rhapsody of Memories Vol.22 Ch.187 The Sports Day!! Vol.22 Ch.188 Teamwork Vol.22 Ch.189 Not There Vol.22 Ch.190 Passing Feelings Vol.22 Ch.191 Mutually Bewitching of the Fox and the Racoon Vol.22 Ch.192 The Sport Festival's Last Battle Vol.23 Ch.193 Repugnance Vol.23 Ch.194 The Righteous Justice Vol.23 Ch.195 1/200 Miracle Vol.23 Ch.196 The Reason to be Vol.23 Ch.197 The Cross of Maria Vol.23 Ch.198 Passing the Baton of Kindness Vol.23 Ch.199 The New Demon King Vol.23 Ch.200 The One Who Governs Over Envy Vol.23 Ch.201 The Return of the Emperor Vol.23 Ch.202 The Last One Vol.23 Ch.203 Zed The Hero Vol.23 Ch.204 The Pledge of Immortality Vol.24 Ch.205 Sakura's Frustration Vol.24 Ch.206 Toki's True Feelings Vol.24 Ch.207 The Hidden Truth Vol.24 Ch.208 Hidden Feelings Vol.24 Ch.209 Day of Resurrection Vol.24 Ch.210 I am Me Vol.24 Ch.211 ASSEMBLY OF GODS Vol.24 Ch.212 A "Mitarashi" Family Vol.24 Ch.213 The Devil's Grin Vol.24 Ch.214 Location of The Miracle Vol.24 Ch.215 The Flame of Imprisonment Vol.24 Ch.216 Firelit Shadows Of Self-Denial Vol.24 Ch.217 The Determination Back Then!! Vol.24 Ch.218 The Vapricious Flame Vol.24 Ch.219 Clover Of Happiness Vol.24 Ch.220 Hell Piece of Evil (Part 1) Absolute Law Vol.24 Ch.221 The Evil Piece Of Hell 2. Fighting Spirit... Vol.24 Ch.222 Elpis of Evil Vol.24 Ch.223 Elpis of Evil 4 – When the Blue Flame Burns Vol.24 Ch.224 Read Online Vol.24 Ch.225 Baby Smoker Vol.24 Ch.226 Red Hells Flame Vol.24 Ch.227 The Last Of Seventh Flame Vol.24 Ch.228 Devil’s Hope 9 Something Gained and Something Lost Vol.24 Ch.229 Epilogue So Long, Oogami Rei Vol.24 Ch.230 Together Forever Vol.24 Ch.230.5 5 Years Later
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