Citrus (Saburouta)

Vol.01 Ch.001 Love Affair!?

Vol.01 Ch.001 Love Affair!? Vol.01 Ch.002 One's First Love Vol.01 Ch.003 Love My Sister XXX Vol.01 Ch.004 Sisterly Love? Vol.01 Ch.005 Love me do! Vol.01 Ch.006 Under Lover Vol.01 Ch.006.5 Extra Vol.02 Ch.007 No Love Vol.02 Ch.008 Out Of Love Vol.02 Ch.008.1 Read Online Vol.03 Ch.009 Love Or Lie! Vol.03 Ch.010 Love of war Vol.03 Ch.011 Love is Blind Vol.03 Ch.012 Love Is... Vol.03 Ch.013 Winter of Love Vol.03 Ch.013.5 Special Vol.04 Ch.014 The Course of Love Vol.04 Ch.015 love You Only Vol.04 Ch.016 My Love goes on and on Vol.04 Ch.017 To Be In Love Vol.04 Ch.017.5 Love Triangle ?! Vol.04 Ch.018 Love Birds! Vol.05 Ch.019 Love and friendship Vol.05 Ch.020 Love yourself Vol.05 Ch.020.5 Ghost Chapter (10th Anniversity Special of Petit Yuri Hime) Vol.05 Ch.021 Dear lover Vol.05 Ch.022 Love notes Vol.05 Ch.022.5 Short Birthday Storys Vol.05 Ch.023 the way I love Vol.05 Ch.023.5 Ghost Chapter (10th Anniversity of Yurihime Special) Vol.05 Ch.024 Not Give Up Love Vol.05 Ch.024.1 YUZUTOP 2 Vol.05 Ch.024.2 Extra vol. 5 Vol.06 Ch.000 Vol.06 Ch.024.5 v.6 c.Extra Vol.06 Ch.024.6 v.6 c.Extra 2 Vol.06 Ch.025 Vol.06 Ch.026 Vol.06 Ch.027 The one you love Vol.06 Ch.028 Love exe Vol.07 Ch.029 Summer Of Love Vol.07 Ch.029.5 Extra 7 Vol.07 Ch.029.6 Extra 7+ Vol.07 Ch.030 Secret Love Vol.07 Ch.030.5 Special Vol.07 Ch.031 Live to Love Vol.07 Ch.032 Lovey Dovey Vol.08 Ch.033 Form of Love Vol.08 Ch.033.5 Special Vol.08 Ch.033.6 Extra - 4P LEAFLET Vol.08 Ch.034 My love and your love Vol.08 Ch.034.5 ~ love panic ~ (10th Anniversary of Yuri Hime) Vol.08 Ch.035 Love actually Vol.09 Ch.036 Whereabouts of love Vol.10 Ch.037  Love is Over... ? Vol.10 Ch.038 Vol.10 Ch.039 With Love Vol.10 Ch.040 love your life Vol.10 Ch.041 End Vol.10 Ch.041.5
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Citrus (Saburouta) contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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