Choujin Gakuen

Vol.04 Ch.015 Irregular Happenings

Vol.01 Ch.001 Adam and Oska Vol.01 Ch.002 Revolution Vol.01 Ch.003 Hachi Vol.01 Ch.004 Tarou Yamada Vol.02 Ch.005 World's Strongest Committee (Part 1) Vol.02 Ch.006 World's Strongest Committee (Part 2) Vol.02 Ch.007 World's Strongest Committee (Part 3) Vol.02 Ch.008 Iena Kiko Vol.03 Ch.009 Fighting Over the Homeless Girl and Mr. Higan's Struggle Against His Divorce Vol.03 Ch.010 Fight for the Big Boobs Girl ~The Shaking Heart and the Shaking Chest~ Vol.03 Ch.011 A Fight for the Gloomy Homeless Girl Vol.03 Ch.012 ~Scarecrow~ Changes in the Fight for the Homeless Girl Vol.04 Ch.013 The End of the Battle for the Homeless Girl Vol.04 Ch.014 Mixed Signals Vol.04 Ch.015 Irregular Happenings Vol.04 Ch.016 Sword Empress Vol.04 Ch.017 The Youkai Emperor & "The Coming Days" Vol.05 Ch.018 Heroine Vol.05 Ch.019 Adam Vol.05 Ch.020 The Awakening of the Strongest Supernatural Human and Youkai Incident Vol.06 Ch.021 Somei Yoshino Extra Vol.06 Ch.022 Legacy -A Great Lineage- Vol.06 Ch.023 Lexus -Luxurious One- Vol.06 Ch.024 Demon Emperor -Merciful One- Vol.07 Ch.025 Small Fist and Big Fist Vol.07 Ch.026 Jazeyo Vol.07 Ch.027 The Fruit of Knowledge and the Snake Vol.07 Ch.028 The Tree of Knowledge and the Emperor Vol.07 Ch.062 Hey Vol.08 Ch.029 What is Reflected in Those Eyes Vol.08 Ch.030 Catch the Ball Vol.08 Ch.031 Boobs Change the World Vol.08 Ch.031.5 The Morning Of A Farewell Should Be Noisy Vol.08 Ch.032 Fake Fur Vol.09 Ch.033 Ryuukouji Vol.09 Ch.034 The Immovable Myousuke Vol.09 Ch.035 Three of Origin Vol.09 Ch.036 Higan Vahn Vol.10 Ch.018.2 Vol.10 Ch.037 A fight to survive Vol.10 Ch.038 Vol.10 Ch.039 Brilliant Love Vol.10 Ch.040 Choujin Gakuen [END]
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