Chibi Vampire

Vol.04 Ch.015 Karin's Patience and Kenta's Resolve ~Patience~

Vol.01 Ch.001 Karin's Meeting and the Mysterious Boy ~First Impression~ Vol.01 Ch.002 Karin's Family and the Dangarous Afternoon ~Hard Nut to Crack~ Vol.01 Ch.003 Karin's Honesty and the Stripped Mask ~Fall Off~ Vol.01 Ch.004 Karin's Problem and Kenta's Distress ~Confinement~ Vol.01 Ch.005 Karin's Liking and the Enchantress ~Taste~ Vol.02 Ch.006 Kenta's Doubt and a Young Girl's Words ~Doubt~ Vol.02 Ch.007 Anju's Plot and Karin's True Identity ~Plot~ Vol.02 Ch.008 Karin's Tears and Kenta's Pride ~Pride~ Vol.02 Ch.009 Karin's Bewilderment and Anju's Proposal ~Propose~ Vol.02 Ch.010 Kenta's Situation and a Parent's Judgement ~Judgement~ Vol.03 Ch.011 Karin's Progress and Ren's Smile ~Smile~ Vol.03 Ch.012 Karin's Contemplation and the Questionable Couple ~Thought~ Vol.03 Ch.013 Fumio's Choice and Harumi's Resolution ~Resolution~ Vol.03 Ch.013.5 [Bonus Chapter 1] Anju's School and Boogy-kun's Homecoming ~Anju Special~ Vol.03 Ch.014 The Household's Secret and Karin the 'Outcast' ~Secret~ Vol.04 Ch.015 Karin's Patience and Kenta's Resolve ~Patience~ Vol.04 Ch.016 Karin's Regrets and Kenta's Dejection ~Uneasy~ Vol.04 Ch.017 Karin's Feelings and Ren's Indignation ~Indignation~ Vol.04 Ch.018 Karin's First Love and Maki's Meddling ~First Love~ Vol.04 Ch.018.5 [Special #2] Ren's Graduation and Memories of Hinata ~Ren Special~ Vol.05 Ch.019 [Includes chapters 19, 20, 21. See forum for chapter names.] Vol.05 Ch.022 [Includes chapters 22 and special 3. See forum for chapter names.] Vol.06 Ch.023 A Suspicious Pair and Kenta's Anxiety ~Anxiety~ Vol.06 Ch.024 Kenta's Confusion and Fumio's Agitation ~Embarrassment~ Vol.06 Ch.025 Kenta's Distress and Karin Runs Away from Home ~Run Away from Home~ Vol.06 Ch.026 Fumio's Confession and Kenta's Rejection ~Refusal~ Vol.07 Ch.027 [Includes chapters 27 & 28. See forum for chapter names.] Vol.07 Ch.029 [Includes chapters 29 & 30. See forum for chapter names.] Vol.08 Ch.031 Maki's Worry and Karin's Fond Words ~Worry~ Vol.08 Ch.032 Things Usui-kun Didn't Know and the New Face Appears ~New Face~ Vol.08 Ch.033 Karin's Lovesickness and Yuria's Secret ~Lovesickness~ Vol.08 Ch.034 Maki's Straightening and Kenta's Self-Restraint ~Reserve~ Vol.08 Ch.035 Kenta's Inner Karin and Karin's First Date ~First Date~ Vol.08 Ch.035.5 [Special 4] Maki Does Not Know, Karin Cannot Say ~Maki Special~ Vol.09 Ch.036 Karin's Confusion and Kenta's Confession ~Confession~ Vol.09 Ch.037 Beginners Couple and Yuria's Deduction ~Beginners~ Vol.09 Ch.038 Yuriya's Secret and Maakas' Scheme ~Scheme~ Vol.09 Ch.039 Yuriya's Confinement and Uncle's Identity ~Identity~ Vol.10 Ch.040 Usui-kun's Birthday and Karin's Present ~Present~ Vol.10 Ch.041 Grandma's Suspicion and Kenta's Shame ~Shame~ Vol.10 Ch.042 Karin's Disclosure and Elda's Suggestion ~Disclosure~ Vol.10 Ch.042.2 [Extra] Soft Bed and the Secrets Revealed ~Snug~ Vol.10 Ch.042.5 [Special 5] The Unknown Land and Elda's Sadness ~Elda Special~ Vol.11 Ch.043 A New Semester and Anju's Melancholy ~Melancholy~ Vol.11 Ch.044 Anju's Hesitation and Yuriya's Past ~The Past~ Vol.11 Ch.045 Boogie-kun's Support and Anju's Decision ~Supporter~ Vol.11 Ch.046 Koibuchi-kun's Loneliness and Anju's Sadness ~Solitary~ Vol.11 Ch.046.5 [Extra] Vol.12 Ch.047 karin and the Lid on Her Heart ~Helpless~ Vol.12 Ch.048 karin's Dilemma and Kenta's Happiness ~Happiness~ Vol.12 Ch.049 Everyone's Choices and Calera's Report ~A Report~ Vol.12 Ch.050 Kenta Alone and Karin's First… ~Initial Experience~ Vol.12 Ch.050.5 [Extra] Vol.13 Ch.051 Glark's Speculation and Yuriya's Invitation ~Invitation~ Vol.13 Ch.052 The Marker Family's Search and Kenta's Lead ~Search~ Vol.13 Ch.053 Bridget's Pleasure and Karin's Resignation ~Resignation~ Vol.13 Ch.054 Karin's Captors and Kenta's Departure ~A Prisoner~ Vol.14 Ch.055 Karin's Despair and the Fragments of Sophia ~Fragments~ Vol.14 Ch.056 Yuriya's Confession and a Fight Between Vampires ~Strife~ Vol.14 Ch.057 Returning at Dawn Alive and the Conclusion of Events ~Dawn~ Vol.14 Ch.058 A Morning Promise and a Happy Future ~Wish~ Vol.14 Ch.058.1 [Extra - afterstory] Vol.14 Ch.058.2 Maki-chan, Guardian Angel of Love? Vol.14 Ch.058.3 Karin Gaiden ? The Vampire of the Western Forest \ [Extra] Vol.14 Ch.058.4 Lost girl in the forest of Braunrick
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