Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002

Vol.07 Ch.066 Dream Within Reach

Vol.01 Ch.001 Road to 2002 Vol.01 Ch.002 The Choice of a New Team!! Vol.01 Ch.003 The First Blow! Vol.01 Ch.004 Liga's Baptism Vol.01 Ch.005 First Step in Barca!! Vol.01 Ch.006 Body of Steel!! Vol.01 Ch.007 Each One's Season In!! Vol.01 Ch.008 1 on 1 Trail Vol.02 Ch.009 Plundering the Regular Position! Vol.02 Ch.010 The Secret of Balance Vol.02 Ch.011 Violence!! Rivalry for a Position! Vol.02 Ch.012 Submarine Iron Wall Vol.02 Ch.013 Looking at 2002...!! Vol.02 Ch.014 Fierce Fight!! Bundesliga Opening Game! Vol.02 Ch.015 Plunder Regular Position! Vol.02 Ch.016 Misaki Taro's Decision!! Vol.02 Ch.017 Only One for This Place!! Vol.02 Ch.018 Mind Musn't Be Broken!! Vol.03 Ch.019 Beyond the Bridge of Hope Vol.03 Ch.020 Serie A Debut Vol.03 Ch.021 Pry Open the Catenaccio!! Vol.03 Ch.022 Beast's Feast!! Vol.03 Ch.023 The Best Pass, the Best Shoot Vol.03 Ch.024 Fierce Tiger VS Black Panther!! Vol.03 Ch.025 Bet on This Right Leg!! Vol.03 Ch.026 The Ultimate Weapon Comes into Play!! Vol.03 Ch.027 DF Pride vs FW Pride Vol.03 Ch.028 The Fierce Tiger Won't Die Vol.04 Ch.029 From Japan to the World!! Vol.04 Ch.030 Everyone's Desires!! Vol.04 Ch.031 Beginning of the Miracle Vol.04 Ch.032 Two Aces!! Vol.04 Ch.033 Gang of the Ministadium Again Vol.04 Ch.034 Full Strenght Soccer Vol.04 Ch.035 End of the Shock!! Vol.04 Ch.036 The Stage of the Reunion Vol.04 Ch.037 The Struggle Starts Vol.04 Ch.038 Hamburg Takes the Lead!! Vol.05 Ch.039 Start to Dream Vol.05 Ch.040 Proof of Progess Vol.05 Ch.041 Goal Offered to His Mom!! Vol.05 Ch.042 As an Enemy, as a Friend Vol.05 Ch.043 Breathtaking Offense and Defense!! Vol.05 Ch.044 The Late Man!! Vol.05 Ch.045 The Trap of Circulating Passes!! Vol.05 Ch.046 Start Towards the Dream!! Vol.05 Ch.047 Dragon's Roar Vol.05 Ch.048 Raging Dogfight!! Vol.06 Ch.049 Wounded Falcon Vol.06 Ch.050 My Club...!! Vol.06 Ch.051 Separate Ways Vol.06 Ch.052 50-50 Vol.06 Ch.053 Beat the King!! Vol.06 Ch.054 Victorious Shoot Vol.06 Ch.055 Light and Shade's Thin Difference Vol.06 Ch.056 Away's Baptism!? Vol.06 Ch.057 Beginning of Survival Vol.06 Ch.058 Fierce Rivalries for the Selection!! Vol.07 Ch.059 Fierce Fight! J's Golden Age Vol.07 Ch.060 120% Determined!! Vol.07 Ch.061 Fearful New Weapon!! Vol.07 Ch.062 Indomitable Fighting Spirit!! Vol.07 Ch.063 Distant First Step!! Vol.07 Ch.064 The Coach's Real Intention Vol.07 Ch.065 Under the Italian Sky! Vol.07 Ch.066 Dream Within Reach Vol.07 Ch.067 Hidden Hidden Plot Vol.07 Ch.068 Instant of Delight Vol.07 Ch.069 Choice Called Transfer Vol.07 Ch.070 Hyuga's Answer Vol.07 Ch.071 Move This Body to the Limits Vol.07 Ch.072 To the Promised Place...!! Vol.07 Ch.073 Departure to Tomorrow!! Vol.07 Ch.074 The Stage of the Decisive Battle Vol.07 Ch.075 Destined Rival!! Vol.07 Ch.076 New Determination!! Vol.07 Ch.077 Common Wish!! Vol.07 Ch.078 Objective Serie B!! Vol.07 Ch.079 Invisible Enemy!! Vol.07 Ch.080 The Two Soccer Prodigies Vol.07 Ch.081 Tsubasa Can't Fly Vol.07 Ch.082 The Weight of the Game Maker Vol.07 Ch.083 Taste of Victory Vol.09 Ch.084 Strength of Support!! Vol.09 Ch.085 The Determination Kept in the Heart!! Vol.09 Ch.086 Spanish Derby Vol.09 Ch.087 Fate's Kick Off Vol.09 Ch.088 First Move's Struggle!! Vol.09 Ch.089 Spirit Of Pros Vol.09 Ch.090 Counterattack Begins!! Vol.09 Ch.091 Only Confrontation!! Vol.10 Ch.092 Destroy the White Wall!! Vol.10 Ch.093 Marvelous Newcomer Vol.10 Ch.094 Blitz Counter!! Vol.10 Ch.095 Natureza's Soccer, Tsubasa's Soccer Vol.10 Ch.096 Natureza Lashes Out!! Vol.10 Ch.097 Fast Succession of Offense and Defense!! Vol.10 Ch.098 Fast Evolving Genius!! Vol.10 Ch.099 La Liga First Goal!! Vol.10 Ch.100 Barca's New Control Tower!! Vol.10 Ch.101 Ball's Destination Vol.10 Ch.102 Get the Flow!! Vol.10 Ch.103 Field's Conductor Vol.10 Ch.104 Central Breakthrough...!! Vol.10 Ch.105 La Liga First Goal!! Vol.10 Ch.106 Camp Nou's Tempest Vol.11 Ch.107 The Coach's Mind's Eye Vol.11 Ch.108 Mistery Power Vol.12 Ch.109 Keyword Is "ZERO" Vol.12 Ch.110 Crush the Keyman!! Vol.12 Ch.111 No.1 Club's Potential Vol.12 Ch.112 Pierce the Wall!! Vol.12 Ch.113 Keep on Attacking!! Vol.12 Ch.114 Attack of Power and Technique Vol.12 Ch.115 The Plan to Seal Barca!! Vol.12 Ch.116 Harsh Reality Vol.12 Ch.117 Barca's New Lineup!! Vol.12 Ch.118 Double Control Tower in Action!! Vol.12 Ch.119 To the Limits of His Strength...!! Vol.12 Ch.120 Assault from the Sky!! Vol.13 Ch.121 Birth of the Golden Combi!! Vol.13 Ch.122 In Motion!! New Golden Combi Vol.13 Ch.123 Free System!! Vol.13 Ch.124 Attack...!! Vol.13 Ch.125 Overcome the Pain!! Vol.13 Ch.126 Desire for Victory Vol.13 Ch.127 Natureza's Trap Vol.13 Ch.128 Hot Night in Barcelona!! Vol.14 Ch.129 Field's "Aura" Vol.14 Ch.130 Son Of God's Strength Vol.14 Ch.131 Don't Give Up!! Vol.14 Ch.132 1 on 1 Contest Vol.14 Ch.133 Get Past Natureza!! Vol.14 Ch.134 Spirited Attack!! Vol.14 Ch.135 Entering Loss Time!! Vol.14 Ch.136 Final Goal Is...!! Vol.14 Ch.137 Two Falcons...!! Vol.14 Ch.138 'Til the Soul Is Exhausted Vol.14 Ch.139 Strong Feelings Vol.15 Ch.140 Victorious Goal...!? Vol.15 Ch.141 Last Moment Vol.15 Ch.142 Time Up Vol.15 Ch.143 Tears and Smiles Vol.15 Ch.144 Football Is... Vol.15 Ch.145 [Go for 2006] Uno... In a Corner of Italy Vol.15 Ch.146 [Go for 2006] Due... One Step Forward... Vol.15 Ch.147 [Go for 2006] Tre... Debut Match Kick Off!! Vol.15 Ch.148 [Go for 2006] Quattro... With Feelings! Vol.15 Ch.149 [Go for 2006] Cinque... Mind Bond
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