Captain Tsubasa

Vol.01 Ch.002 Take Flight!

Vol.01 Ch.001 Soar Toward the Great Sky! Vol.01 Ch.002 Take Flight! Vol.01 Ch.003 New Nankatsu Football-Club, Start! Vol.01 Ch.004 The Great Responsibility of the Football-Club Vol.02 Ch.005 Tsubasa the Sweeper! Vol.02 Ch.006 Fate's Long Shoot Vol.02 Ch.007 I Am Misaki Taro Vol.02 Ch.008 Invigorating Last Scene Vol.03 Ch.009 Roberto's Surprising Request Vol.03 Ch.010 Kojiro's Appearance Vol.03 Ch.011 Everyone's New Trip Vol.03 Ch.012 A Surprisingly Difficult Match Vol.03 Ch.013 Game Maker Tsubasa Vol.04 Ch.014 Who Is That Girl? Vol.04 Ch.015 Now It's the Entire Country! Vol.04 Ch.016 The New Captain, Tsubasa Vol.04 Ch.017 Drawing of Lots' Mischief Vol.04 Ch.018 Burn Nankatsu! To Beat Meiwa!! Vol.05 Ch.019 The Fierce Tiger's Terrible Counterattack Vol.05 Ch.020 You Must Not Fear Your Friend, the Ball! Vol.05 Ch.021 I Can't Lose Becaust It's My Dream! Vol.05 Ch.022 The Unexpected Ambush Vol.05 Ch.023 Show Your Talent! Soccer Child Vol.06 Ch.024 Ishizaki's Big Mistake! Vol.06 Ch.025 Last 4 Minutes! Decisive Battle in the Air Vol.06 Ch.026 Now Let's Go! The Decisive Tournament Vol.06 Ch.027 Ace of Glass Jun Misugi Vol.07 Ch.028 Fierce Fighting! Meiwa VS. Furano Vol.07 Ch.029 Dream Confrontation's Kick Off! Vol.08 Ch.030 Musashi's Secret Plan Vol.08 Ch.031 Tsubasa Can't Fly Vol.08 Ch.032 Ace Rebirth!! Vol.08 Ch.033 Challenge to His Life's Longevity! Vol.09 Ch.034 It Won't Be My Farewell Match!! Vol.09 Ch.035 Now to the Finals!! Vol.09 Ch.036 Genius Keeper's Return Vol.09 Ch.037 Unexpected Goal Vol.10 Ch.038 Elimination of an Ace!? Vol.10 Ch.039 Half-Time's End Vol.10 Ch.040 Tenacity… Definitely Tenacity!! Vol.10 Ch.041 We'll Do It!! Vol.10 Ch.042 Blazing Counter-Attack Vol.11 Ch.043 The Last of the Last One Chance! Vol.11 Ch.044 Extra Time's Kick-Off Vol.11 Ch.045 Will to Fight for Victory Vol.12 Ch.046 Defend! Nankatsu Vol.12 Ch.047 The Last Golden Combi Play Vol.12 Ch.048 Moment of Glory Vol.12 Ch.049 Sudden Good-Bye Vol.13 Ch.050 Everyone's Setting Off Vol.13 Ch.051 Opening Ceremony Vol.13 Ch.052 Ootomo's Challenge Vol.13 Ch.053 Summer's Start!! Vol.14 Ch.054 Rivals' Burning Gaze Vol.14 Ch.055 Hayabusa Versus Tsubasa Vol.15 Ch.056 Hyuga Versus Misugi ➀ Vol.15 Ch.057 Hyuga Versus Misugi ➁ Vol.15 Ch.058 Meeting in a Foreign Land Vol.15 Ch.059 Reborn in the Middle of the Storm Vol.16 Ch.060 Kamisori* Power Explosion (*=Razor) Vol.16 Ch.061 Ace's Specialty! Vol.16 Ch.062 Everyone's Decision!! Vol.16 Ch.063 The New Wondrous Air Combi Play Vol.17 Ch.064 To the Battlefield Again!! Vol.17 Ch.065 Furano Goes to the Front!! Vol.18 Ch.066 The Fearful Dark Horse 2 Vol.18 Ch.067 Phoenix Tsubasa Vol.19 Ch.068 Undying Teamwork Vol.19 Ch.069 Semifinals' Outbreak Vol.19 Ch.070 The Fierce Tiger Encouragements! Vol.19 Ch.071 Number 10 Versus Number 10 Vol.20 Ch.072 Oath to Reverse the Score Vol.20 Ch.073 Collective Attack!! Vol.20 Ch.074 The Phoenix Flew… Vol.20 Ch.075 The Fierce Tiger's Written Challenge Vol.21 Ch.076 Kick-Off of the Century Vol.21 Ch.077 The New Destined Confrontation Vol.22 Ch.078 The King Toho!! Vol.22 Ch.079 At Last We Break into the Second Half!! Vol.23 Ch.080 Incadescent Fightes, the Fierce Tiger & Tsubasa!! Vol.24 Ch.081 The Setting Off Goal! Vol.24 Ch.082 Miracle Drive Shoot Vol.24 Ch.083 V1 Versus V3 Vol.25 Ch.084 Departure for Tomorrow Vol.25 Ch.085 The Start of the New Challenge Vol.26 Ch.086 Greetings from an Old Enemy Vol.26 Ch.087 A Pro Player!! Vol.27 Ch.088 Starting Afresh from Zero Vol.27 Ch.089 Another Strong Player Vol.28 Ch.090 Big Gathering in Paris!! Vol.28 Ch.091 The Great Setting Off Vol.29 Ch.092 Perfect Come-Back! Golden Combi!! Vol.29 Ch.093 Oath in the Starry Sky Vol.30 Ch.094 Never Give Up Vol.31 Ch.095 The Young Noble's Come-Back!! Vol.31 Ch.096 The True Colors of the Fireball Vol.31 Ch.097 Now, the Phantom…!! Vol.31 Ch.098 The War Starts!! Japan vs France Vol.32 Ch.099 Attack of the Beautiful Beast Vol.33 Ch.100 The Last Bet of Misaki Vol.33 Ch.101 A Bloodstained Desperate Defense Vol.33 Ch.102 The Miraculous Fist Vol.34 Ch.103 The Lions of the Final Vol.34 Ch.104 Flaming First Goal Vol.35 Ch.105 The Strongest Shoot in History Vol.35 Ch.106 Answer the Message! Vol.35 Ch.107 The Best of the World Is Appearing!? Vol.36 Ch.108 An Oath Made to the Sky Vol.36 Ch.109 Confessions! Vol.37 Ch.110 Everyone's New Start Vol.37 Ch.111 Tsubasa's Dream Vol.37 Ch.112 Towards a New Era Vol.37 Ch.113 Fly Up with Your Wings Vol.37 Ch.114 Solitary Departure
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