Bloody Monday

Vol.03 Ch.023 Game

Vol.01 Ch.001 Falcon Vol.01 Ch.002 Backup Vol.01 Ch.003 The Christmas Massacre Vol.01 Ch.004 Four Persons Vol.01 Ch.005 Spy Vol.01 Ch.006 Two Years Ago Vol.02 Ch.007 The Signal to Counterattack Vol.02 Ch.008 Joy and Madness Vol.02 Ch.009 A Two Layer Trap Vol.02 Ch.010 A Close Enemy Vol.02 Ch.011 Three Deaths! Vol.02 Ch.012 A Traffic Jam Vol.02 Ch.013 Alibi Trap Vol.02 Ch.014 All or Nothing Vol.03 Ch.015 Strategy Vol.03 Ch.016 The Game Is Over Vol.03 Ch.017 The Creeping Shadow Vol.03 Ch.018 The 2 Files Vol.03 Ch.019 Re-Encounter Vol.03 Ch.020 Battle in the Dark Vol.03 Ch.021 Pineapple Vol.03 Ch.022 "J" Vol.03 Ch.023 Game Vol.03 Ch.024 Cult Founder Rescue Vol.03 Ch.025 Actor and Actress Vol.04 Ch.026 Under the Bright Sun Vol.04 Ch.027 And She Said Vol.04 Ch.028 The Resounding Gunshot Vol.04 Ch.029 10 Count Vol.04 Ch.030 Your Own Fault Vol.04 Ch.031 Emergency Vol.04 Ch.032 The Evolved Falcon Vol.05 Ch.033 Sacrifice Vol.05 Ch.034 Cunning Plan Vol.05 Ch.035 Time Over Vol.05 Ch.036 Saturday Of Fate Vol.05 Ch.037 A Chat with Someone Clever Vol.05 Ch.038 The Secrets of the Tricked Revealed Vol.05 Ch.039 Cain and Abel Vol.05 Ch.040 Prepared to Die Vol.05 Ch.041 A Sudden Tragedy Vol.06 Ch.042 Hopeless Situation Vol.06 Ch.043 A Ray of Light Vol.06 Ch.044 The Blood of God Vol.06 Ch.045 A Gained Clue, a Lost Hope Vol.06 Ch.046 Enemies on All Sides Vol.06 Ch.047 A Careful Trick Vol.06 Ch.048 The Orders from "J" Vol.06 Ch.049 A Present from the Underworld Vol.06 Ch.050 The Location of the Trump Card Vol.07 Ch.051 The Hard-Fought for Destination Vol.07 Ch.052 Problems Falling from Heaven Vol.07 Ch.053 The Next Stage Vol.07 Ch.054 The True Meaning Vol.07 Ch.055 The Antivirus's Effect Vol.07 Ch.056 Time For Farewell Vol.07 Ch.057 Another Nightmare Vol.07 Ch.058 Attempted Escape Vol.07 Ch.059 The True Enemy Is on the Inside Vol.08 Ch.060 The Reality Reflected in the Mirror Vol.08 Ch.061 Final Announcement Vol.08 Ch.062 Family Affair Vol.08 Ch.063 Final Request Vol.08 Ch.064 Farewell Vol.08 Ch.065 Their True Aim Vol.08 Ch.066 1 Hour of Offense and Defense Vol.08 Ch.067 Light and Darkness Vol.08 Ch.068 The Demon's Smile Vol.08 Ch.069 The Locations of the Stars Vol.09 Ch.070 All According to Plan Vol.09 Ch.071 The Trick Vol.09 Ch.072 Second Confrontation Vol.09 Ch.073 Empty Time Vol.09 Ch.074 Countdown Vol.09 Ch.075 The Decisive Battle Begins Vol.09 Ch.076 An Important Objective, a Small Sacrifice Vol.09 Ch.077 Fragment of the Truth Vol.10 Ch.078 Master "K" Vol.10 Ch.079 The True Nature of "K" Vol.10 Ch.080 An Impregnable Clue Vol.10 Ch.081 Remaining Time Vol.10 Ch.082 An Eye for an Eye Vol.10 Ch.083 Road to Hell Vol.10 Ch.084 Scream Vol.10 Ch.085 Death and More... Vol.10 Ch.086 The Assassin's Bullet Vol.11 Ch.087 After Breaking In... Vol.11 Ch.088 Retreat or Advance? Vol.11 Ch.089 Russia's Expectations Vol.11 Ch.090 Battle in the Dark Vol.11 Ch.091 Runner vs. Pursuer Vol.11 Ch.092 The Revealed Truth Vol.11 Ch.093 Time Limit Vol.11 Ch.094 6 Hours of Offense and Defense Vol.11 Ch.095 Gift from a Demon Vol.11 Ch.096 Conclusion
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