Blade Play

Vol.15 Ch.115 Farewell, Hero

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Coming of the HERO Vol.01 Ch.002 Impossible IMPOTENCE Vol.01 Ch.003 The Queen's NAUGHTY Plan Vol.01 Ch.004 An Encounter with BREASTS Vol.01 Ch.005 Both an Enemy and a MONKEY Vol.01 Ch.006 Is this SISTERHOOD? Vol.01 Ch.007 MASTURBATION Overkill Vol.01 Ch.008 A Master? 16 IN A ROW!! Vol.02 Ch.009 "THE COW" Confidence Robbed Vol.02 Ch.010 THREESOME in More Ways than One Vol.02 Ch.011 STICKY Situation Vol.02 Ch.012 Idol RISING Vol.02 Ch.013 BLAZING Association Vol.02 Ch.014 Handmade MAID Vol.02 Ch.015 The Dangerous MIDDLE SISTER Vol.02 Ch.016 The Strange Adventure with the ELDEST SISTER Vol.03 Ch.017 Want to Do a Little SEXUAL TRAINING? Vol.03 Ch.018 Towards the Castle of the DEMON QUEEN, M.O.D. Vol.03 Ch.019 BEAUTY CONTEST Vol.03 Ch.020 THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL WHO SOLD HER SOUL Vol.03 Ch.021 A Tragedy!? ON THE PAGEANT STAGE Vol.03 Ch.022 THE TRANASFORMATION OF A HERO!! Vol.03 Ch.023 THE SACRED LAMP Vol.03 Ch.024 SKY LOVE HUNTER Vol.04 Ch.025 PARADISE Vol.04 Ch.026 PARADISE ♥ Vol.04 Ch.027 I WANT TO GO... TO PARADISE ♥ Vol.04 Ch.028 I'M A MASOCHIST ♥ Vol.04 Ch.029 M x M Vol.04 Ch.030 Read Online Vol.04 Ch.031 The Hero's Dick Vol.04 Ch.032 The Dick of Light Vol.05 Ch.033 Hot and Steamy Bath Vol.05 Ch.034 Secret of the Demon Mask Vol.05 Ch.035 A Fake Vol.05 Ch.036 Red Revenge Vol.05 Ch.037 LET'S GO EXTERMINATE DEMONS Vol.05 Ch.038 Peach Plan Vol.05 Ch.039 Fight, Superhero (Heroine) Vol.05 Ch.040 Alcohol, Me, Women and Breasts Vol.06 Ch.041 Let's Get to Work ♥ Vol.06 Ch.042 The Naked Queen Vol.06 Ch.043 Read Online Vol.06 Ch.044 Demon vs Demon Vol.06 Ch.045 Hard Vol.06 Ch.046 Killer Intent Vol.06 Ch.047 Dance Party Vol.06 Ch.048 Setting Sail Vol.07 Ch.049 Vacation Vol.07 Ch.050 That's Why I'm Mad Vol.07 Ch.051 God of What Vol.07 Ch.052 Books and Cat Ears Vol.07 Ch.053 My Body... Feels So Light Vol.07 Ch.054 Witch Vol.07 Ch.055 My Head... Vol.07 Ch.056 The Demon Queen Vol.07 Ch.057 Cursed Sword Vol.08 Ch.058 Death Or Die Vol.08 Ch.059 It's Sex! Vol.08 Ch.060 Coming Home Vol.08 Ch.061 So Much Growth Vol.08 Ch.062 Are You Wet!? Vol.08 Ch.063 Vol.08 Ch.064 Vol.09 Ch.049 Vol.09 Ch.065 Vol.09 Ch.066 Working! Vol.09 Ch.067 Rebellion Vol.09 Ch.068 Vol.09 Ch.069 A Hot 1017 Year Old Vol.09 Ch.070 A Shocking Sword Vol.09 Ch.071 Bungee Jumping & Having Fun Vol.09 Ch.072 Fusion!!! Vol.10 Ch.073 Unneeded Sword Vol.10 Ch.074 True Divinity Disciples of Afro Vol.10 Ch.075 The Leader Lum Na Ra Samarks Vol.10 Ch.076 4-Man Attack Vol.10 Ch.077 Admired Person Vol.10 Ch.078 In The Dream Vol.10 Ch.079 Demon Queen Aira Lu Vol.10 Ch.080 Victor Vol.11 Ch.081 The Strongest Specimen Vol.11 Ch.082 The Arrival of A Magical Girl (?) Vol.11 Ch.083 Eines of the Light Vol.11 Ch.084 Beyond the Sky Vol.11 Ch.085 Replica Vol.11 Ch.086 Reason for Power Vol.11 Ch.087 Are You Isis? No, I'm Not Vol.11 Ch.088 They're Both Bad Vol.12 Ch.089 Forfeit Vol.12 Ch.090 Collapse Vol.12 Ch.091 Super Fusion Vol.12 Ch.092 Still Falling Vol.12 Ch.093 Homecoming Then Onwards to Battle Vol.12 Ch.094 Grand Battle Fest of Raudika 1 Vol.12 Ch.095 Grand Battle Fest of Raudika 2 Vol.12 Ch.096 Grand Battle Fest of Raudika 3 Vol.13 Ch.097 Grand Battle Fest of Raudika 4 Vol.13 Ch.098 Grand Battle Fest of Raudika 5 Conclusion Vol.13 Ch.099 An Exciting Date Vol.13 Ch.100 The Bakery's Demon Vol.13 Ch.101 Let's Make Delicious Bread! Vol.13 Ch.102 Mother, You'll Go To the Castle Vol.13 Ch.103 Be Strong, Commander Vol.13 Ch.104 For The Future... Vol.14 Ch.105 I'm Stun Vol.14 Ch.106 Warriors Vol.14 Ch.107 Tree of Life Vol.14 Ch.108 Sisters Vol.14 Ch.109 Road Stripe Vol.14 Ch.110 A Good Place Vol.14 Ch.111 King Vol.14 Ch.112 Hero & Isis Vol.14 Ch.113 Black Flame Demon Vol.14 Ch.114 Hero Kansuke Vol.15 Ch.115 Farewell, Hero
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