Black Cat

Vol.09 Ch.076 The Werewolf

Vol.01 Ch.001 Vol.01 Ch.001.1 The Man Called Black Cat Vol.01 Ch.001.2 The Man Called Black Cat Vol.01 Ch.002 The Messenger From Chronos Vol.01 Ch.003 Rinslet Walker Vol.01 Ch.004 An Alliance Vol.01 Ch.005 The Girl in Black Vol.01 Ch.006 Playing Tag Vol.01 Ch.007 Lost Vol.01 Ch.008 Russian Roulette Vol.02 Ch.009 Cat's Eye Vol.02 Ch.010 Freedom Vol.02 Ch.011 Creed Vol.02 Ch.012 Mad Carnival Vol.02 Ch.013 A Black Coat Vol.02 Ch.014 Global Revolution Vol.02 Ch.015 Imagine Blade Vol.02 Ch.016 Saya Minatsuki Vol.02 Ch.017 Dive Vol.02 Ch.018 When Day Breaks... Vol.03 Ch.019 Sweeper Reunion Vol.03 Ch.020 The Video Vol.03 Ch.021 The Target, Gyanza Vol.03 Ch.022 Gone Fishing Vol.03 Ch.023 Eye Patch Vol.03 Ch.024 Eye on the Future Vol.03 Ch.025 The Princess Blew It Vol.03 Ch.026 No. 2 Bares His Fangs Vol.03 Ch.027 Blood Vol.03 Ch.028 What The Living Can Do Vol.04 Ch.029 Sven - Sweeping a Grave (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.030 Sven - Sweeping a Grave (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.031 One-Day Darling Vol.04 Ch.032 Rugato Won Vol.04 Ch.033 Train VS Won Vol.04 Ch.034 Precious Treasure, Approaching Storm Vol.04 Ch.035 Eve VS Flora Vol.04 Ch.036 Eve's Request Vol.04 Ch.037 Attache Weapon case Vol.04 Ch.038 After the Party... Vol.05 Ch.039 Naiveté Vol.05 Ch.040 The Gathering of the Apostles of the Stars Vol.05 Ch.041 Spark of Revolution Vol.05 Ch.042 The Summit is Destroyed, and... Vol.05 Ch.043 Rumors of the Black Cat Vol.05 Ch.044 The 13th Man Vol.05 Ch.045 Train and Woodney Vol.05 Ch.046 Black Cat's Destiny Vol.05 Ch.047 No. 1 Pays a Visit Vol.06 Ch.048 The Mad Gunman Vol.06 Ch.049 Train vs. Durham Vol.06 Ch.050 The Duel in the Woods Vol.06 Ch.051 Train vs. Durham The Showdown Vol.06 Ch.052 Goodbye Vol.06 Ch.053 Sven's Heavy Heart Vol.06 Ch.054 Hostage Vol.06 Ch.055 The Price of Happiness Vol.06 Ch.056 Punishment Vol.06 Ch.057 Sheldon's Doubts Vol.07 Ch.058 Janus Vol.07 Ch.059 VII's True Worth Vol.07 Ch.060 Campaign City Vol.07 Ch.061 The Man Who Met Saya Vol.07 Ch.062 The Path You Choose Vol.07 Ch.063 The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (Part 1) Vol.07 Ch.064 The Boy Who Fell from the Sky (Part 2) Vol.07 Ch.065 Attack Vol.07 Ch.066 The Black Cat in Action Vol.07 Ch.067 Time For Vengeance Vol.08 Ch.068 Days of Youth Vol.08 Ch.069 Rinslet's Ordeal Vol.08 Ch.070 Cerberus Vol.08 Ch.071 The Mission Commences Vol.08 Ch.072 Cerberus Strikes Vol.08 Ch.073 The Apostles' Vicious Assault Vol.08 Ch.074 Enter Train Vol.08 Ch.075 Train Approaches Vol.09 Ch.076 The Werewolf Vol.09 Ch.077 Nanotech Power Vol.09 Ch.078 Transcendent Power Vol.09 Ch.079 Showdown at the Old Castle Vol.09 Ch.080 Escape Vol.09 Ch.081 Imagine Blade, Level 2 Vol.09 Ch.082 Naizer's Resolve Vol.09 Ch.083 The Way of the Numbers Vol.09 Ch.084 No.X, Xiao Li Vol.10 Ch.085 A Random Encounter Vol.10 Ch.086 Kyoko's Crush Vol.10 Ch.087 Janus' Resolve Vol.10 Ch.088 Cut and Run Vol.10 Ch.089 Creed's Doubt Vol.10 Ch.090 Lucifer Vol.10 Ch.091 Big Changes Vol.10 Ch.092 Professor Tearju Vol.10 Ch.093 Surprise Attack Vol.11 Ch.094 Kuro-Sama's Policy Vol.11 Ch.095 Sheldon's Resolve Vol.11 Ch.096 Wrecking Ball Room Service Vol.11 Ch.097 Principles of Battle Vol.11 Ch.098 The Promise Vol.11 Ch.099 Sweeper Battle Vol.11 Ch.100 Wavering Heart Vol.11 Ch.101 Feather Blade Vol.11 Ch.102 Angels & Devils Vol.11 Ch.103 Dealing with Kyoko Vol.12 Ch.104 Train and Sven Disagree Vol.12 Ch.105 Sephiria's Judgment Vol.12 Ch.106 A Heart Tested Vol.12 Ch.107 The Way Back Vol.12 Ch.108 Targeted House Vol.12 Ch.109 The New Apostle Vol.12 Ch.110 Attack! Counterattack! Vol.12 Ch.111 The New Weapon Vol.12 Ch.112 The Deadly Rail Gun Vol.12 Ch.113 The Ultimate Objective Vol.13 Ch.114 The Time of Decision Vol.13 Ch.115 The Sweeper Woman Vol.13 Ch.116 The Price of Freedom Vol.13 Ch.117 Reflect Shot Vol.13 Ch.118 One Last Act of Courage Vol.13 Ch.119 Dear Friend Vol.13 Ch.120 At the Cafe Vol.13 Ch.121 Man of Fists Vol.13 Ch.122 Flashing Fists Vol.14 Ch.123 Sweeper Vs. Sweeper Vol.14 Ch.124 Information Monger Vol.14 Ch.125 Access CD Vol.14 Ch.126 Nightmare City Vol.14 Ch.127 Exam Room Vol.14 Ch.128 Gathering Place Vol.14 Ch.129 Alliance Formed! Vol.14 Ch.130 Danger on the Sea! Vol.14 Ch.131 The Airborne Enemy! Vol.15 Ch.132 The First Encounter Vol.15 Ch.133 Let's Defy Gravity Vol.15 Ch.134 There is a Way Vol.15 Ch.135 I'll Risk My Fist! Vol.15 Ch.136 Engulfing Winds Vol.15 Ch.137 Eve's Intense Battle Vol.15 Ch.138 Eve in Midair Vol.15 Ch.139 Tornado of Death Vol.15 Ch.140 And the Bullet Stopped! Vol.16 Ch.141 The Power of Evolution Vol.16 Ch.142 The Grasper Eye! Vol.16 Ch.143 Forceful Breakthrough! Vol.16 Ch.144 The True Tao! Vol.16 Ch.145 The Insect of Evil Vol.16 Ch.146 Raging Battle! The Demonic Battle Insect! Vol.16 Ch.147 Two Battles to the Death Vol.16 Ch.148 Attack! Art of Seals! Vol.16 Ch.149 The Truth of the Tao Vol.17 Ch.150 The Claws of the Black Cat! Vol.17 Ch.151 Two Memories! Vol.17 Ch.152 The Power of Unity! Vol.17 Ch.153 Traces of a Sweeper Vol.17 Ch.154 Run Through! Vol.17 Ch.155 Berserkers Vol.17 Ch.156 Manipulated Friends! Vol.17 Ch.157 Relieving Nanomachines! Vol.17 Ch.158 Doctor's Office Vol.18 Ch.159 The World of Nowhere Vol.18 Ch.160 The Room of Terror Vol.18 Ch.161 The World of Imprisonment Vol.18 Ch.162 Hurry to the Other Side Vol.18 Ch.163 Guiding Light Vol.18 Ch.164 Tao of Copying Vol.18 Ch.165 The Gauze Technique Vol.18 Ch.166 Clash! The White Snakes Lair Vol.18 Ch.167 Creed vs Sephiria Vol.19 Ch.168 Ultimate Evolution Vol.19 Ch.169 God's Breath Vol.19 Ch.170 The Final Ougi - Mekkai Vol.19 Ch.171 A New Threat Vol.19 Ch.172 The Phantom Star Brigade Vol.19 Ch.173 Those Who Oppose God Vol.19 Ch.174 As A Sweeper Vol.19 Ch.175 The Blade of Terror Vol.20 Ch.176 Imagine Blade Level 3 Vol.20 Ch.177 Black Cat's Claws Vol.20 Ch.178 Mixed Emotions Vol.20 Ch.179 Asymmetrical Warfare Vol.20 Ch.180 Killer Intent Vol.20 Ch.181 Echidna's Battle Vol.20 Ch.182 All He Has Vol.20 Ch.183 Burst Rail gun Vol.20 Ch.184 Conclusion Vol.20 Ch.185 A Carefree Tomorrow - End
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