Vol.16 Ch.135 Game

Vol.00 Ch.000 [Oneshot] Vol.01 Ch.001 Like the Devil Vol.01 Ch.002 Child Carrying Gang Leader Starts Vol.01 Ch.003 Damn Strong Evil Bastard Vol.01 Ch.004 Fly!! Vol.01 Ch.005 Planned to Become the Mother Vol.01 Ch.006 That Vol.01 Ch.007 Stop Fighting Vol.02 Ch.008 Come? Won't Come? Vol.02 Ch.009 Being a Man Means Vol.02 Ch.010 Love Begins Vol.02 Ch.011 Park Debut Vol.02 Ch.012 The Bored Demon Lord's Plaything Vol.02 Ch.013 The Man and Women Who Meet Again Vol.02 Ch.014 The Second Meeting Is Unavoidable Destiny Vol.02 Ch.015 Hurricane of Love Vol.02 Ch.016 Two Women Vol.03 Ch.017 You Are Unforgivable Vol.03 Ch.018 Decisive Battle Vol.03 Ch.019 The Conclusion Vol.03 Ch.020 Loss Vol.03 Ch.021 When You Think About of Summer, You Think of this Right? Vol.03 Ch.022 Isn't a Man at All Vol.03 Ch.023 Tojou!! Vol.03 Ch.024 Get Out Vol.03 Ch.025 Gone Without a Trace Vol.04 Ch.026 Fight Vol.04 Ch.027 It Was Fun Vol.04 Ch.028 The Doctor Is In Vol.04 Ch.029 What Was I Thinking!? Vol.04 Ch.030 Join Us Vol.04 Ch.031 Everyone Assembled Vol.04 Ch.032 Fights and Fireworks Are the Attractions of Ishiyama Vol.04 Ch.033 Which One? Vol.04 Ch.034 This One's the Father Vol.05 Ch.035 Don't Interfere Vol.05 Ch.036 I Won Vol.05 Ch.037 Ishiyama's Best Vol.05 Ch.038 At the End of Summer Vol.05 Ch.039 Baby Hermetting Vol.05 Ch.040 Strongest Grandpa Vol.05 Ch.041 Honmakai? Vol.05 Ch.042 He Died Vol.05 Ch.043 Enemies, Right? Vol.06 Ch.044 Angelica Vol.06 Ch.045 Get Bigger Vol.06 Ch.046 Baby Beel Is Huge!! Vol.06 Ch.047 The End of Our Adventure Vol.06 Ch.047.5 Omake 1 Vol.06 Ch.048 Saint Ishiyama Academy Vol.06 Ch.049 Summer Break Debut Vol.06 Ch.050 Idiots Are No Good Vol.06 Ch.051 Come Out with Me for a Sec Vol.06 Ch.052 Battle of Swords Vol.07 Ch.053 Question! Vol.07 Ch.054 Kanzaki Hajime Vol.07 Ch.055 Everyone Go Home Vol.07 Ch.056 Confrontation Vol.07 Ch.057 I Don't Know You Vol.07 Ch.058 The Late Man Vol.07 Ch.059 He's Finally Here Vol.07 Ch.060 The Best Vol.07 Ch.061 What's the Next Battle? Vol.08 Ch.062 Boobie Volley Vol.08 Ch.063 Volleyball or Die Vol.08 Ch.064 You're the Captain Vol.08 Ch.065 What Am I Doing Vol.08 Ch.066 I Don't Know You! Vol.08 Ch.067 Oga vs. Miki!! Vol.08 Ch.068 Oga vs. Toujou!! Vol.08 Ch.069 St. Ishiyama Festival Vol.08 Ch.070 Volleyball Match Vol.09 Ch.071 Secret Weapon Vol.09 Ch.072 I Won't Let this End!! Vol.09 Ch.072.5 [Side Story Activate!! Morning of the Robo-Oga] Vol.09 Ch.073 The Man Who Came to Destroy Vol.09 Ch.074 I Can't Take It Anymore! Vol.09 Ch.075 Back to Back Vol.09 Ch.075.5 Extra Story I Had a Fight Vol.09 Ch.076 The Demon King Has Come Vol.09 Ch.077 A New ____ Yo! Vol.09 Ch.078 Saotome Zenjuurou Vol.09 Ch.079 I'm Not Your Enemy Vol.10 Ch.080 He Came Vol.10 Ch.081 Destroy Humanity Vol.10 Ch.082 The Crybaby Brothers Vol.10 Ch.083 Behemoth's Pillar Squad Vol.10 Ch.084 Confrontation Vol.10 Ch.085 A Demon? That's a Demon, Right? Vol.10 Ch.086 Will Die Vol.10 Ch.087 I Never Expected This to Happen Vol.10 Ch.088 It Pisses Me Off Vol.10 Ch.088.5 Beel Beel "Saiyuki" Let's Head Towards Tenjiku!! (Omake) Vol.11 Ch.089 I'm so Weak Vol.11 Ch.090 The Training!! Vol.11 Ch.091 Training on the Mountain 2 Vol.11 Ch.092 Stone and Willpower Vol.11 Ch.093 A Devil's XXXX Vol.11 Ch.094 If the Secret's Out, It's Over Vol.11 Ch.095 The "Surfing" Prince Vol.11 Ch.096 Video Game Match!! Vol.11 Ch.097 The End of War 4 Vol.12 Ch.098 I Won't Cast Away My Pride Vol.12 Ch.099 Cheat?! Vol.12 Ch.100 Follow Baby-Beel!! Vol.12 Ch.101 Game Over!! Vol.12 Ch.102 Found Ya! Vol.12 Ch.103 What Are They Up to Next Door?! Vol.12 Ch.104 Hilda's Pissed Vol.12 Ch.105 The Demons Have Returned Vol.12 Ch.105.5 [Side Story Red Tail] Vol.12 Ch.106 Oga's Fight Vol.13 Ch.107 I'm... Vol.13 Ch.108 Super Milk Time Vol.13 Ch.109 The End of the Fight!? The Start!? Vol.13 Ch.110 Case Closed, I Guess Vol.13 Ch.111 Body Exchange Vol.13 Ch.112 Like Oga Vol.13 Ch.113 Cat Fight Vol.13 Ch.114 The Red Tails' Scheme Vol.13 Ch.115 Kunieda and THAT Guy Vol.14 Ch.116 Ishiyama Is Rebuilt Vol.14 Ch.117 A Greeting Vol.14 Ch.118 Let's Infiltrate the Akumano School!! Vol.14 Ch.119 The Raiding Party Vs. Agiel!! Vol.14 Ch.120 General of the Army Vol.14 Ch.121 Game Vol.14 Ch.122 All-Star Team Vol.14 Ch.123 HR at Demon High Vol.14 Ch.124 Decapitation Island Vol.15 Ch.125 Ikaruga Suiten Vol.15 Ch.126 Vs Citizens!? Vol.15 Ch.127 Field (Battle) Training Vol.15 Ch.128 Nazuna and Zen Vol.15 Ch.129 The Captured Wet Nurses Vol.15 Ch.130 Oga Returns Home Vol.15 Ch.131 I Suck at Math Vol.15 Ch.132 The King and I Vol.15 Ch.133 Fight Vol.15 Ch.133.5 Bub's Masterpiece Corner Vol.15 Ch.134 Girl's Battle Vol.16 Ch.135 Game Vol.16 Ch.136 General of the Army Vol.16 Ch.137 VS. Jabberwock Vol.16 Ch.138 Demon Lord's Father Vol.16 Ch.138.5 New Year Special Vol.16 Ch.139 Tatsumi Vol.16 Ch.140 We're Going to Get Your Memories Back!! Vol.16 Ch.141 The Wet Nurse with Amnesia Vol.16 Ch.142 The Prince's Kiss Vol.16 Ch.143 Young Boss Vol.17 Ch.144 Futaba Vol.17 Ch.145 Watercut Vol.17 Ch.146 We're Going on a Field Trip!! Vol.17 Ch.147 Child-Rearing Badass on a Field Trip Vol.17 Ch.148 Izou Aiba Vol.17 Ch.149 Chiyo Aiba Vol.17 Ch.150 Churai Vol.17 Ch.151 Storm of Love Vol.17 Ch.152 Lost Vol.18 Ch.153 Chief Vol.18 Ch.153.5 Beelzebabubabubabu Vol.18 Ch.154 Showdown Between the Child-Rearing Badasses Vol.18 Ch.155 The School Trip is Done Vol.18 Ch.156 Baby Driver Vol.18 Ch.157 We're Going to the Hero Show! Vol.18 Ch.158 We're Going to Be in the Hero Show! Vol.18 Ch.159 A Conclusion to The Hero Show! Vol.18 Ch.160 Video Message Vol.18 Ch.161 San Marx Privant Fine Arts Academy Vol.19 Ch.162 Spur of The Moment Fighter Vol.19 Ch.162.5 Omake Vol.19 Ch.163 Falling Out Vol.19 Ch.164 Disgust Vol.19 Ch.165 Pompadour Vol.19 Ch.166 Mother Vol.19 Ch.167 The Man I Fell in Love With Ryuuhei Tamura Vol.19 Ch.168 Fiancee Vol.19 Ch.169 Furuichi Panic Vol.19 Ch.170 Mob-ichi Graduates! Vol.20 Ch.171 Furuichi Vs. Shinki!! Vol.20 Ch.172 Furuichi Vs. Toujou Vol.20 Ch.173 Oga Vs. Furuichi Vol.20 Ch.174 Tatsumi and Takachin Vol.20 Ch.175 Damn Strong Already! Vol.20 Ch.176 The Season’s Already Winter Vol.20 Ch.177 Christmas Is Coming!! Vol.20 Ch.178 Christmas is Coming!! Part 2 Vol.20 Ch.179 The Curtain Rises! Saint-Sent X’mas!! Vol.21 Ch.180 The Tournament Starts!! Vol.21 Ch.181 Showdown! The Strongest Couple!! Vol.21 Ch.182 Fierce Battle!! Best 8 Vol.21 Ch.183 Ishiyama Battle!! Vol.21 Ch.184 Semifinals! Vs. Toujou! Vol.21 Ch.185 The Final Decisive X’mas Battle!! Vol.21 Ch.186 The Final Decisive X'mas Battle!! Part 2 Vol.21 Ch.187 Trial! Vol.21 Ch.188 The Den of Hoodlums Vol.22 Ch.189 Oh! My Eggplant Vol.22 Ch.190 Ishiyama's Six Upstarts Vol.22 Ch.191 Who's Going to Beat Oga? Vol.22 Ch.192 That's Exactly What I was Going to Do! Vol.22 Ch.193 VS. The Poltergeists!! Vol.22 Ch.194 Kanzaki Strikes Back Vol.22 Ch.195 Daddy Switch!! Vol.22 Ch.196 The Weight of His Fists Vol.22 Ch.197 This is Bad! Vol.23 Ch.198 A Clash Between The Old And New Red Tails!! Vol.23 Ch.199 Get Her! Vol.23 Ch.200 The 3rd Vol.23 Ch.201 The Queen Dances Vol.23 Ch.202 King's Crest for Dummies Vol.23 Ch.203 The Traitorous Pompadour Vol.23 Ch.204 The Captured Tactician Vol.23 Ch.205 Furuichi Runs on Hedacos' Power Vol.23 Ch.206 Worlds Above You! Vol.24 Ch.207 You're The One Who's Going to Die! Vol.24 Ch.208 Furuichi is Dead!! Vol.24 Ch.209 Touhoushin(ki) Vol.24 Ch.210 I Don't Have That Vol.24 Ch.211 The Toujou of Tennis Vol.24 Ch.212 The Man Least Suited Vol.24 Ch.213 Takamiya and Lucifer Vol.24 Ch.214 Bloom Vol.24 Ch.215 Baby Beel is Gone! Vol.25 Ch.216 Dah Dah Dah Dah Dash!! Vol.25 Ch.217 Double-crosser Vol.25 Ch.218 Checkmate Vol.25 Ch.219 Absurdity Reigns! Vol.25 Ch.220 Ishiyama's Head Dog Vol.25 Ch.221 Farewell! Furuichi!! Vol.25 Ch.222 Infighting! Triple Furuichi Vol.25 Ch.223 Even with Three of Them, Furuichi Is an Idiot Vol.25 Ch.224 The Crab And The Joke Vol.26 Ch.225 Damn Jap!! Vol.26 Ch.226 How Far is Mom's House? Vol.26 Ch.227 Genuine Thug Vol.26 Ch.228 Captain Fuck! Vol.26 Ch.229 Father And Son, And Mother Vol.26 Ch.230 A Mother Always Worries Vol.26 Ch.231 It Was A Fun Ride Vol.26 Ch.232 Back to Ishiyama Vol.26 Ch.233 Ishiyama, A Mountain of Stones Vol.27 Ch.234 Just A Monster Vol.27 Ch.235 Countdown Vol.27 Ch.236 Enough Already!! Vol.27 Ch.237 Guess I'll Show You Vol.27 Ch.238 The Final Attack Vol.27 Ch.239 Zebul Finisher Vol.27 Ch.240 Last Babu, Good Babu, Ishiyama High [End] Vol.27 Ch.240.1 Side Story You Can Make 100 Friends, Right? Vol.27 Ch.240.2 Badump? It's All Ishiyama Up in This Beach! Vol.27 Ch.240.3 The Diary of the Ishiyama Boys Adrift at Sea
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