Battle Angel Alita

Vol.02 Ch.001 Out of Blue Sky

Vol.00 Ch.000 Another Story - Bashaku Ando Vol.01 Ch.000 Extra Story Vol.01 Ch.001 Rusty Angel Vol.01 Ch.002 Fighting Blood Vol.01 Ch.003 Torn Asunder Vol.01 Ch.004 Berserkers Reborn Vol.01 Ch.005 Hell Trap Vol.01 Ch.006 Struggle Vol.01 Ch.007 Compassion Vol.02 Ch.001 Out of Blue Sky Vol.02 Ch.002 Iron Maiden Vol.02 Ch.003 Rainy Days Vol.02 Ch.004 Bitter Dreams Vol.02 Ch.005 Beyond the Clouds Vol.03 Ch.000 Extra Story Vol.03 Ch.001 Killing Angel Vol.03 Ch.002 King of Kings Vol.03 Ch.003 The Skull Challenge Part One Vol.03 Ch.004 The Skull Challenge Part Two Vol.03 Ch.005 Only One Heart Vol.04 Ch.000 Extra Story Vol.04 Ch.001 Headbanger's Ball Vol.04 Ch.002 Red Zone Vol.04 Ch.003 Carry on the Dream Vol.04 Ch.004 Outsider Vol.04 Ch.005 Ars Magna Vol.05 Ch.001 Season of Revenge Vol.05 Ch.002 Dog Master Vol.05 Ch.003 Flask of Karma Vol.05 Ch.004 Collapse Vol.05 Ch.005 Demon Dog Vol.05 Ch.006 Collison Vol.05 Ch.007 The Lion and the Lamb Vol.06 Ch.001 Beyond the Yellow Door Vol.06 Ch.002 Angel of Death Vol.06 Ch.003 Nuclear Winds Vol.06 Ch.004 Hell Beast Vol.06 Ch.005 The Plains of Betrayal Vol.06 Ch.006 Rainmaker Vol.07 Ch.001 Inherit the Skies Vol.07 Ch.002 Bard of the Badlands Vol.07 Ch.003 Panzer Bride Vol.07 Ch.004 Den of Barjack Vol.07 Ch.005 Fork in the Road Vol.07 Ch.006 Sweet Fruit of Life Vol.08 Ch.001 The Last Broadcast Vol.08 Ch.002 Chasing Kaos Vol.08 Ch.003 Solid State Vol.08 Ch.004 The Thousand Faces of Madness Vol.08 Ch.005 Barkack Chronicles Vol.08 Ch.006 Ouroboros Vol.09 Ch.001 No Brainer Vol.09 Ch.002 Ouroboros II Vol.09 Ch.003 Last Blade Vol.09 Ch.004 Epitaph Vol.09 Ch.005.1 To Take Tiphares Vol.09 Ch.005.2 Epilogue Vol.09 Ch.046 Vol.09 Ch.047
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Battle Angel Alita contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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