Vol.02 Ch.008 The Carrot And The Stick

Vol.01 Ch.001 Dreams and Reality Vol.01 Ch.002 The Fool and the Wiseman Vol.01 Ch.003 Pens and Names Vol.01 Ch.004 Parent and Child Vol.01 Ch.005 The Rules of the Mangaka Vol.01 Ch.006 Best and Worst Vol.01 Ch.007 A Smile And A Blush Vol.02 Ch.008 The Carrot And The Stick Vol.02 Ch.009 Conditions And Moving To Tokyo Vol.02 Ch.010 Anxiety And Anticipation Vol.02 Ch.011 Regret and Understanding Vol.02 Ch.012 10 And 2 Vol.02 Ch.013 Chocolate and Akamaru Vol.02 Ch.014 Dinner and Graduation Vol.02 Ch.015 Send and Reply Vol.02 Ch.016 Early results and the real deal Vol.03 Ch.017 Battles And Copying Vol.03 Ch.018 Friends And Rivals Vol.03 Ch.019 Debut and Impatience Vol.03 Ch.020 The Future and the Stairway Vol.03 Ch.021 A Wall and a Kiss Vol.03 Ch.022 Nuisance and Youth Vol.03 Ch.023 Conceit and Kindness Vol.03 Ch.024 Notebooks and Characters Vol.03 Ch.025 Love and Jealousy Vol.04 Ch.026 Two and One Vol.04 Ch.027 The Schemer and the Deceit Vol.04 Ch.028 Cooperation and Conditions Vol.04 Ch.029 Literature and Music Vol.04 Ch.030 Union And Disagreement Vol.04 Ch.031 Tuesday and Friday Vol.04 Ch.032 Phonecall and the Night Before Vol.04 Ch.033 Yes and No Vol.04 Ch.034 The Chaser and the Chased Vol.05 Ch.035 Happiness and Sadness Vol.05 Ch.036 Silence And A Party Vol.05 Ch.037 Board Members And Birds Vol.05 Ch.038 The Window and the Snow Vol.05 Ch.039 Anthologies And Photo Books Vol.05 Ch.040 The Ocean and Up and Downs Vol.05 Ch.041 Fixes and Patience Vol.05 Ch.042 Laughter and Lines Vol.05 Ch.043 Humor And News Vol.06 Ch.044 Returning Favors And Turning Things Inside Out Vol.06 Ch.045 Sickness and Motivation Vol.06 Ch.046 Strong Eyes and Hard Work Vol.06 Ch.047 Contradictions and Reasons Vol.06 Ch.048 Life and Death and Repose Vol.06 Ch.049 Recall And Call Vol.06 Ch.050 Unreasonableness And Guts Vol.06 Ch.051 Resumption and Low Ranks Vol.06 Ch.052 Impressions and Headlong Dashes Vol.07 Ch.053 18 and 40 Vol.07 Ch.054 Gag and serious Vol.07 Ch.055 3 Illustrations and 3 Stories Vol.07 Ch.056 Adults and Children Vol.07 Ch.057 Division And A Tie Vol.07 Ch.058 Single and Double Digits Vol.07 Ch.059 Experience and Data Vol.07 Ch.060 Men And Women Vol.07 Ch.061 Alliances and Classmates Vol.08 Ch.062 Novel and Letter Vol.08 Ch.063 Doubt and Trust Vol.08 Ch.064 Truth And Secrets Vol.08 Ch.065 Stubbornness and Meekness Vol.08 Ch.066 Monkeys and Marriage Vol.08 Ch.067 Panchira And The Savior Vol.08 Ch.068 Toilet And Bath Vol.08 Ch.069 Home And A Special Relationship Vol.08 Ch.070 The 3rd Time and 2nd Title Vol.09 Ch.071 Genius And Pride Vol.09 Ch.072 Complaints And A Roar Vol.09 Ch.073 Fate And Stars Vol.09 Ch.074 Classmates And Conflict Vol.09 Ch.075 A New Home and a New Series Vol.09 Ch.076 A Gag and a Message Vol.09 Ch.077 Love and Rejection Vol.09 Ch.078 To Quit or Not to Quit Vol.09 Ch.079 Selfishness and Advice Vol.10 Ch.080 Appearance and Greetings Vol.10 Ch.081 Adventure and Persuasion Vol.10 Ch.082 Hints and Best Vol.10 Ch.083 Spies and Next Time Vol.10 Ch.084 One Piece and Surprise Vol.10 Ch.085 The Perfect Crime and The First Hurdle Vol.10 Ch.086 Winning and Losing Vol.10 Ch.087 Cake and Formidable Enemies Vol.10 Ch.088 Presentation and Imagination Vol.11 Ch.089 Title and Character Design Vol.11 Ch.090 Art and Product Vol.11 Ch.091 Votes and Graphs Vol.11 Ch.092 Stubborness and Determination Vol.11 Ch.093 The Middle and The Best Vol.11 Ch.094 Tea and Chiaroscuro Vol.11 Ch.095 Every Night and Fusion Vol.11 Ch.096 Rank and Series Vol.11 Ch.097 Last and Code Vol.12 Ch.098 Handshake and Adjustments Vol.12 Ch.099 Tears of Regret and Tears of Joy Vol.12 Ch.100 Leeway And Pitfalls Vol.12 Ch.101 Complaints And Aiming High Vol.12 Ch.102 Artist And Mangaka Vol.12 Ch.103 Futility And A Challenge Vol.12 Ch.104 Step And Watch Vol.12 Ch.105 Defects And Outlines Vol.12 Ch.106 Match And Fest Vol.13 Ch.107 Suitable Things And Favorite Things Vol.13 Ch.108 Avid Reader And Love At First Sight Vol.13 Ch.109 Romeo And One Year Anniversary Vol.13 Ch.110 Together And Seperate Vol.13 Ch.111 Interference And Trust Vol.13 Ch.112 A Punch And A Single Stance Vol.13 Ch.113 Weak Points And Dedication Vol.13 Ch.114 Love's Path And The Footbridge Vol.13 Ch.115 Commemorative Photoshoot And Classroom Vol.14 Ch.116 Goals and Assessment Vol.14 Ch.117 Fan Letter and Blog Vol.14 Ch.118 Back And Front Vol.14 Ch.119 Overconfidence And Publicity Vol.14 Ch.120 The Internet And Faces Vol.14 Ch.121 Self-Confidence And Resolve Vol.14 Ch.122 Psychological Warfare And Catchphrases Vol.14 Ch.123 Pizza And Tea Vol.14 Ch.124 Eyamination And Provocation Vol.15 Ch.125 Impatience and Comeback Vol.15 Ch.126 Analysis And Results Vol.15 Ch.127 Hot Blood And Utter Defeat Vol.15 Ch.128 Portraits And Jeering Vol.15 Ch.129 Youth And Destiny Vol.15 Ch.130 Fever And Ahes Vol.15 Ch.131 Copycat And Subconcious Vol.15 Ch.132 Headstands And Reorganizing Vol.15 Ch.133 Encouragement And Feelings Vol.16 Ch.134 Running Solo and Slow Footedness Vol.16 Ch.135 Succession and Indifference Vol.16 Ch.136 Extentions and Countermeasures Vol.16 Ch.137 Lead Color and Center Color Vol.16 Ch.138 Power and Idea Vol.16 Ch.139 Final Chapter and Comments Vol.16 Ch.140 Limits and The Phoenix Vol.16 Ch.141 Age and Achievements Vol.16 Ch.142 Newcomers and Veterans Vol.17 Ch.143 Money and Recycling Vol.17 Ch.144 Company and Winning Strategy Vol.17 Ch.145 Offers and Suspension Vol.17 Ch.146 Production and Gut Feelings Vol.17 Ch.147 Disposables and Fighting Spirit Vol.17 Ch.148 One-hit Battle and Stand-alone Story Vol.17 Ch.149 Unique Flavor and Theme Vol.17 Ch.150 Selfishness and Favored Vol.17 Ch.151 Zombie and Devil Vol.18 Ch.152 Synergistic Effect and New Record Vol.18 Ch.153 The World and His Opponent Vol.18 Ch.154 Weekly and Monthly Vol.18 Ch.155 Studio and Notebook Vol.18 Ch.156 Margins and Hell Vol.18 Ch.157 Antagonists and Switching Vol.18 Ch.158 Drawn Out and In One Go Vol.18 Ch.159 Tempo and Ferris Wheel Vol.18 Ch.160 Perseverance and 900,000 Vol.19 Ch.161 Breather and Party Vol.19 Ch.162 Hot Spring and Two Nights Vol.19 Ch.163 Confirmation and Consent Vol.19 Ch.164 Decision and Delight Vol.19 Ch.165 Practicing and Charging Up Vol.19 Ch.166 Rumors and Articles Vol.19 Ch.167 Nonsense and A Few Words Vol.19 Ch.168 Corrections and Proclamations Vol.20 Ch.169 Voices and Responses Vol.20 Ch.170 Publicity and Popularity Vol.20 Ch.171 Microphone and Script Vol.20 Ch.172 Miho and Naho Vol.20 Ch.173 Moment and Last Volume Vol.20 Ch.174 How It Should Be and How It Ends Vol.20 Ch.175 Release Date and the Night Before Vol.20 Ch.176 Dreams and Reality Vol.20 Ch.176.1 13 Years Old Vol.20 Ch.176.2 14 Years Old
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