Atagoul Monogatari

Vol.01 Ch.001.2 [Continuation]

Vol.01 Ch.001 Silver Harp of the Shadow Cutting Forest Vol.01 Ch.002 A Tanuki Fell From the Sky Vol.01 Ch.003 Hideyoshi's Version of Treasure Island Vol.01 Ch.004 Girubarusu Vol.01 Ch.005 Plant Watch Tower (Part 1) Vol.01 Ch.006 Plant Watch Tower (Part 2) Vol.01 Ch.007 Karaage Barbershop Vol.01 Ch.008 Inside the Cat's Eye Rock Vol.01 Ch.009 Grape Forest Vol.01 Ch.010 Yuki-Machi Sake Vol.01 Ch.011 The Gambler with Scissors Vol.01 Ch.012 A Nap in the Kirara Shell Vol.01 Ch.013 The Winter Circus Troupe (Part 1) Vol.01 Ch.014 The Winter Circus Troupe (Part 2) Vol.01 Ch.014.1 Commentary Taijiro Amazawa Vol.02 Ch.015 The Winter Circus Troupe (Part 3) Vol.02 Ch.016 The Winter Circus Troupe (Part 4) Vol.02 Ch.017 This is Goronyao Broadcasting Station Vol.02 Ch.018 Bodacious Belly Dance Vol.02 Ch.019 Kunekune in the Crystal Box Vol.02 Ch.020 Sweat and Shaved Ice Vol.02 Ch.021 Swish, Bang Vol.02 Ch.022 The Man Who Summons Shooting Stars Vol.02 Ch.023 Fishing for the Golden Fish Vol.02 Ch.024 Paruparan Vol.02 Ch.025 Lotus Forest Musician Vol.02 Ch.026 An Endless Journey of Water Vol.02 Ch.027 Paroparo Island Vol.02 Ch.027.1 Commentary Hiroko Taniyama Vol.03 Ch.028 Po Eh Po Eh Paan Vol.03 Ch.029 Left Hand Paradise Vol.03 Ch.030 Strawberry Forest Fish Shop Vol.03 Ch.031 "Sudden Showers" Forest Vol.03 Ch.032 Sentan Beans Vol.03 Ch.033 Pollen Valley Vol.03 Ch.034 Night of the Barbershop Festival Vol.03 Ch.035 Red Fang Vol.03 Ch.036 Time Castle Vol.03 Ch.037 Birthday Vol.03 Ch.038 Accordion Vol.03 Ch.039 A New Record Vol.03 Ch.039.1 Commentary Koryu(Shang Shang Typhoon) Vol.04 Ch.040 Shaikona Vol.04 Ch.041 Crystal Walk Vol.04 Ch.042 Atagoal Weather Station Vol.04 Ch.043 Red Tuna Detective Agency Vol.04 Ch.044 Night Breeze Vol.04 Ch.045 Quince Heaven Ch.046 Golden Petal Ch.047 The Wind is Knitting Ch.048 8 Silver Coins Ch.049 Planet in the Spine Ch.050 Cheers! Ch.050.1 Commentary Keiko Takemiya
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