Asu no Yoichi!

Vol.07 Ch.025 Flip, Youngest Child

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Samurai Is Coming Vol.01 Ch.002 Welcome to Yokko High School Vol.01 Ch.003 Chihaya Pretending to Be Chihaya Vol.01 Ch.004 Like Me, Tsundere Vol.02 Ch.005 White Stockings, Black Tights Vol.02 Ch.006 Strip and Burn! Vol.02 Ch.007 Performance in Bed Is Very Important Vol.02 Ch.008 Lets Go on a Date! Vol.03 Ch.009 Bikini, Half-exposed, One Piece Vol.03 Ch.010 Love and Weird Are Alike Vol.03 Ch.011 Perverts Usually Go with the Wind Vol.03 Ch.012 Fly to the Fiery Summer Festival Vol.04 Ch.013 Chihaya Pretending to be Chihaya 2 Vol.04 Ch.014 That Time, It Was Your Fault Vol.04 Ch.015 Do You Love Your Childish Sister? Vol.04 Ch.016 Sakon-ojousama's Counterattack Vol.05 Ch.017 Fukurou-sempai Vol.05 Ch.018 Karasuma White Maid Team Vol.05 Ch.019 Lets Have a "Double Date" Vol.05 Ch.019.5 Episode 1 Ibuki Project Vol.05 Ch.019.6 Episode 2 Ayame Complex Vol.06 Ch.020 Closed Room Bikini Armour Vol.06 Ch.021 Dance! The Big Play! Vol.06 Ch.022 The Man with the Purple Shirt Vol.06 Ch.023 Black Knee-Length Socks and White Tights Vol.07 Ch.024 You Are the One Who Should Surpass that School Vol.07 Ch.025 Flip, Youngest Child Vol.07 Ch.026 Vol.07 Ch.027 Wobbly Yoichi Vol.08 Ch.028 First Contest 400m Vol.08 Ch.029 Rolling Vol.08 Ch.030 Angela's Depression Vol.08 Ch.031 Oboro Tsukiyo Vol.08 Ch.031.5 The Naked Queen Vol.09 Ch.032 Takatsukasa Angela’s Transformation Vol.09 Ch.033 Highsai Mango - Pineapple Vol.09 Ch.034 The Mother Is Wonderful Vol.09 Ch.034.5 [Extra Story] Little Present Vol.09 Ch.035 Good Kid, Bad Kid, Tone-deaf Kid Vol.09 Ch.036 Incoming Storm Vol.09 Ch.037 A Good Kid, a Bad Kid, a Homeless Kid Vol.10 Ch.035 Good Kid, Bad Kid, Tone-Deaf Kid Vol.10 Ch.036 Incoming Storm Vol.10 Ch.037 A Good Kid. A Bad Kid. A Homeless Kid. Vol.10 Ch.038 Night of the Awakening Vol.11 Ch.039 Aruko's Happiness Vol.11 Ch.040 An Indescribable Feeling Vol.11 Ch.041 The Amazing Chihaya Vol.11 Ch.042 Dance! Culture Festival Vol.12 Ch.043 Dance! Culture Festival 2 Vol.12 Ch.044 Dance! Culture Festival 3 Vol.12 Ch.045 Shadow My Own Path Vol.12 Ch.046 Crazy Christmas Carol Vol.13 Ch.047 The Amazing Chihaya 4 Vol.13 Ch.048 The One Who Holds the Red Line Vol.13 Ch.049 Light and Dark Vol.13 Ch.050 The Cat and the Puppet Vol.14 Ch.051 Cigarettes And Juice boxes Vol.14 Ch.052 Vol.14 Ch.053 Vol.14 Ch.054 Vol.15 Ch.055 Vol.15 Ch.056 Vol.15 Ch.057 One Thread Vol.15 Ch.058
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Asu no Yoichi! contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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