Area no Kishi

Vol.04 Ch.024 Misunderstanding

Vol.01 Ch.001 Brothers Vol.01 Ch.002 The Invisible Passing Route Vol.01 Ch.003 The Harsh Pass Vol.02 Ch.004 Confidence Vol.02 Ch.005 The Knight of the Area Vol.02 Ch.006 Last Pass Vol.02 Ch.007 Heart Vol.02 Ch.008 Aizawa Suguru's Soul Vol.02 Ch.009 Grey Mask's True Form Vol.02 Ch.010 Our Dream Vol.02 Ch.011 Awakening as a Forward Vol.02 Ch.012 Last Chance Vol.02 Ch.013 Let's Appeal! Vol.02 Ch.014 The Proof of Effort Vol.03 Ch.015 Confidence over Technique Vol.03 Ch.016 The Awakening Vol.03 Ch.017 Football Is Forever Vol.03 Ch.018 The Man Who Aizawa Suguru Acknowledged Vol.03 Ch.019 Enoshima High Football Club? Vol.04 Ch.020 Enoshima High FC Vol.04 Ch.021 FC vs. SC Vol.04 Ch.022 The Eleven at the Beach Vol.04 Ch.023 Blockheads Vol.04 Ch.024 Misunderstanding Vol.04 Ch.025 The Greatest Weapon Vol.04 Ch.026 The Phantom Pass Route Vol.04 Ch.027 Kickoff! Vol.04 Ch.028 The Organization vs. Everybody Vol.05 Ch.029 Trump Card Vol.05 Ch.030 Pure Blood Vol.05 Ch.031 Opening Show Vol.05 Ch.032 The King of Magic! Vol.05 Ch.033 The Best Show Vol.05 Ch.034 Connection Vol.05 Ch.035 All Attack and Defend Vol.05 Ch.036 More!! Vol.05 Ch.037 Birth Vol.06 Ch.038 The Return of the King Vol.06 Ch.039 You're Too Naive! Vol.06 Ch.040 Strengths and Weaknesses Vol.06 Ch.041 Passion and Belief Vol.06 Ch.042 Number 10 Vol.06 Ch.043 Strong Rivals and Allied Friends Vol.06 Ch.044 The Three Forwards Vol.06 Ch.045 I Want to Play! Vol.06 Ch.046 First Blood Vol.07 Ch.047 Iwaki's Guidance Vol.07 Ch.048 The Injury Time Offensive Vol.07 Ch.049 Egotist Vol.07 Ch.050 The Four Arrows Vol.07 Ch.051 Little Witch Vol.07 Ch.052 Perseverance Vol.07 Ch.053 Nana Mishima Vol.07 Ch.054 The Little Witch That Descend from the Sky Vol.07 Ch.055 Strange Guy Vol.08 Ch.056 Surprising Tactics Vol.08 Ch.057 Void in the Flank Vol.08 Ch.058 Possessing True Strength Vol.08 Ch.059 Trust Vol.08 Ch.060 Escalating Emotions Vol.08 Ch.061 Weird Change Vol.08 Ch.062 Demolishing the Lightning Flash Vol.08 Ch.063 Enoshima's Move Vol.09 Ch.064 Tenacity Toward Victory Vol.09 Ch.065 Attack and Defend Vol.09 Ch.066 Conclusion Vol.09 Ch.067 Suppose Vol.09 Ch.068 Contact Vol.09 Ch.069 Under the Mask Vol.09 Ch.070 Promised Date Vol.09 Ch.071 Enemy Vol.09 Ch.071.5 Extra The Encounter in Madrid Vol.10 Ch.072 History of the Witch Vol.10 Ch.073 Before Making a Decision Vol.10 Ch.074 Warrior Blue Vol.10 Ch.075 Vs. Shounan University-Affiliated High Vol.10 Ch.076 Araki Ryuuichi Vol.10 Ch.077 The Magician's True Strength Vol.10 Ch.078 First Goal Vol.10 Ch.079 The Preformer Vol.10 Ch.080 Iron Wall Vol.11 Ch.081 True Blooded Vol.11 Ch.082 Inner Obstacles Vol.11 Ch.083 Oppurtunity and Crisis Vol.11 Ch.084 Memory Vol.11 Ch.085 Showdown Vol.11 Ch.086 Instincts Vol.11 Ch.087 5th Vol.11 Ch.088 Number 13 Vol.11 Ch.089 Forward Vol.12 Ch.090 Final Feint Vol.12 Ch.091 Truth Vol.12 Ch.092 Strength Vol.12 Ch.093 Championship Favorite Vol.12 Ch.094 Sagami Gaura Vol.12 Ch.095 Surprise Vol.12 Ch.096 Real Ability Vol.12 Ch.097 Confession Vol.12 Ch.098 Heart Vol.12 Ch.098.5 Extra Vol.13 Ch.099 Start of the Game Vol.13 Ch.100 True Worth Vol.13 Ch.101 12 Men Vol.13 Ch.102 Which Side Will Score? Vol.13 Ch.103 Outside Calculation Vol.13 Ch.104 Duel Vol.13 Ch.105 The Sweat Shed Vol.13 Ch.106 Goal Vol.13 Ch.107 The Burden Vol.14 Ch.000 Vol.14 Ch.108 That Move Vol.14 Ch.108.1 Extra Vol.14 Ch.109 Younger Brother Vol.14 Ch.110 Elder Brothers Vol.14 Ch.111 Defeated Twice Vol.14 Ch.112 Eno High's Counterattack Vol.14 Ch.113 One More Goal Vol.14 Ch.114 Awakening Vol.14 Ch.115 MVP Vol.14 Ch.115.5 Read Online Vol.14 Ch.115.6 Iwaki Teppei Vol.14 Ch.115.7 Iwaki Teppei 2 Vol.14 Ch.115.8 Iwaki Teppei 3 Vol.14 Ch.115.9 Iwaki Teppei 4 Vol.15 Ch.116 Elite Vol.15 Ch.117 Dream Vol.15 Ch.118 Growth Vol.15 Ch.119 Girl Vol.15 Ch.120 Nadeshiko Vol.15 Ch.121 The Knight... Vol.15 Ch.122 The Golden Eleven Vol.15 Ch.123 The Apex Vol.15 Ch.123.5 Extra Vol.16 Ch.124 Quota Vol.16 Ch.125 Read Online Vol.16 Ch.126 Laurels Shine on You Vol.16 Ch.127 The Strong Feast on the Weak Vol.16 Ch.128 Baptism Vol.16 Ch.129 Just Barely Vol.16 Ch.130 First Appearance Vol.16 Ch.131 Representative Level Vol.16 Ch.132 New Start Vol.16 Ch.133 Raise the Curtains Vol.16 Ch.134 Team Strength Vol.16 Ch.135 Two Nadeshiko Vol.16 Ch.136 Evolution from the Summer Vol.16 Ch.137 Yell Vol.16 Ch.138 Initiative Vol.17 Ch.139 Everything On Offense and Defense Vol.18 Ch.140 Vol.18 Ch.141 Vol.18 Ch.142 Vol.18 Ch.143 Vol.18 Ch.144 Ace Striker Vol.18 Ch.145 Whirlpool vs. Wave Vol.18 Ch.146 Heart's Desire Vol.18 Ch.147 A New Outlook Vol.18 Ch.148 A Dream Drawing Near Vol.18 Ch.149 Vol.18 Ch.149.5 Vol.19 Ch.150 Vol.19 Ch.151 Vol.19 Ch.152 Vol.19 Ch.153 Vol.19 Ch.154 Vol.19 Ch.155 Vol.19 Ch.156 Vol.19 Ch.157 Evenly Matched Vol.19 Ch.158 Clever Tactic Vol.19 Ch.159 Evolution Vol.20 Ch.160 After the Fight to the Death Vol.20 Ch.161 Penalty Shoot-out Vol.20 Ch.162 The Victor is Decided Vol.20 Ch.163 Vol.20 Ch.164 Vol.20 Ch.165 In the toilet Vol.20 Ch.166 Ache Vol.20 Ch.167 Vol.21 Ch.168 Vol.21 Ch.169 Vol.21 Ch.170 Vol.21 Ch.171 Vol.21 Ch.172 Vol.21 Ch.173 Vol.22 Ch.174 Vol.22 Ch.175 Vol.22 Ch.176 Vol.22 Ch.177 Vol.22 Ch.178 Vol.22 Ch.179 Vol.22 Ch.180 Vol.22 Ch.181 Vol.22 Ch.182 Vol.22 Ch.183 Vol.22 Ch.184 Vol.22 Ch.185 Vol.22 Ch.186 Vol.22 Ch.187 Vol.22 Ch.188 Vol.22 Ch.189 Vol.22 Ch.190 Vol.22 Ch.191 Vol.22 Ch.192 Vol.22 Ch.193 Vol.22 Ch.194 Vol.22 Ch.195 Vol.22 Ch.196 Vol.22 Ch.197 Vol.22 Ch.198 Vol.22 Ch.199 Vol.22 Ch.200 Vol.22 Ch.201 Vol.22 Ch.202 Vol.24 Ch.203 Vol.24 Ch.204 Vol.25 Ch.205 Vol.25 Ch.206 Vol.25 Ch.207 Vol.25 Ch.208 Vol.25 Ch.209 Vol.25 Ch.210
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