Angel Heart

Vol.01 Ch.010 Dialogue with Her Heart

Vol.01 Ch.001 Destined to Shake Assassin Vol.01 Ch.002 The Memory of a Screaming Dream Vol.01 Ch.003 I Want to Meet that Man Vol.01 Ch.004 Great Disarray at Shinjuku! Vol.01 Ch.005 Guided by Memories Vol.01 Ch.006 Reunion with Her Memories Vol.01 Ch.007 Crazy Race Towards the Display Board Vol.01 Ch.008 Reunion in the Form of a Meeting Vol.01 Ch.009 A Shocking Encounter Vol.01 Ch.010 Dialogue with Her Heart Vol.02 Ch.011 The Truth Draws Near Vol.02 Ch.012 The Shock of the Truth Vol.02 Ch.013 Shinjuku in Panic Vol.02 Ch.014 The Shocking Memory Vol.02 Ch.015 The Fatal Lives of the Lee Brothers Vol.02 Ch.016 Secret of the Origin Vol.02 Ch.017 Seal of Fate Vol.02 Ch.018 Glass Heart's Panic Vol.02 Ch.019 Ryo with a Mysterious Style Vol.02 Ch.020 Declaration of War at Shinjuku Vol.02 Ch.021 Soldier's Decision Vol.02 Ch.022 The Reason to Keep Living Vol.03 Ch.023 A Comrade's Good Will Vol.03 Ch.024 The Forgotten Things Vol.03 Ch.025 The Reappearing Past Vol.03 Ch.026 Lavish Life Vol.03 Ch.027 Memories of Basic Training Vol.03 Ch.028 Returning to Life and Meeting Danger Again Vol.03 Ch.029 Mr. Lee's Punishment Vol.03 Ch.030 A Forgotten Name Vol.03 Ch.031 The Last Finale Vol.03 Ch.032 Dad Vol.03 Ch.033 The Impact That Spans Across a Year Vol.04 Ch.034 Release Vol.04 Ch.035 The Birth of a New Family Vol.04 Ch.036 The Funeral on the Boat Vol.04 Ch.037 Shadows of the Father Vol.04 Ch.038 Welcome Back Vol.04 Ch.039 Mr. Lee's Gift Vol.04 Ch.040 Disrespectful Vol.04 Ch.041 Old Man Chen's Shop Vol.04 Ch.042 Fashion Vol.04 Ch.043 Baptism Made in Shinjuku Vol.04 Ch.044 First Customer Vol.05 Ch.045 An Assassin's Habits Vol.05 Ch.046 Ryo, Benjamine and the CEO Wife Vol.05 Ch.047 Look for My Daddy Vol.05 Ch.048 Portrait of a Father Vol.05 Ch.049 Tanya's True Smile Vol.05 Ch.050 Finishing the Shooting Preparations Vol.05 Ch.051 The Bear with Balloons Vol.05 Ch.052 A Conversation with Kaori Vol.05 Ch.053 Saeko's Birthday Vol.05 Ch.054 Meeting in a Dream Vol.05 Ch.055 The Makimura Siblings Vol.06 Ch.056 Two Stray Dogs Vol.06 Ch.057 Stray Dog's Confession Vol.06 Ch.058 The Link Between Parents and Children Vol.06 Ch.059 City Hunter, Guilty!? Vol.06 Ch.060 Wounds of the Heart Vol.06 Ch.061 A Lonely Little Girl Vol.06 Ch.062 Mommy's Heart Vol.06 Ch.063 I'll Protect You, Yume! Vol.06 Ch.064 Unveiling the Truth Vol.06 Ch.065 Shanin's Decision Vol.06 Ch.066 The Heart of an Angel Vol.07 Ch.067 Unfair Happiness Vol.07 Ch.068 The Soft Sound of a Heartbeat Vol.07 Ch.069 Two Smiling Faces Vol.07 Ch.070 Shanin's Metamorphosis Vol.07 Ch.071 The Contract Is a Murder!? Vol.07 Ch.072 An Unspeakable Feeling Vol.07 Ch.073 A Clumsy Man Vol.07 Ch.074 A Five Yen Coin as a Farewell Gift Vol.07 Ch.075 A Link More Precious than Life Vol.07 Ch.076 To Live in this Period Again... Vol.07 Ch.077 A Real Family Vol.08 Ch.078 The Ring Left as an Inheritance Vol.08 Ch.079 Saeko's XYZ Vol.08 Ch.080 The Target Is Shanin Vol.08 Ch.081 Kaori's Tears Vol.08 Ch.082 The Smell of Danger Vol.08 Ch.083 A Sad Serial Killer Vol.08 Ch.084 The End of the Demon Vol.08 Ch.085 A Demon Missing Love Vol.08 Ch.086 A Place Full of Memories Vol.08 Ch.087 A Single Love Vol.08 Ch.088 A Bullet Loaded with Warmth Vol.09 Ch.089 A Late Happiness Vol.09 Ch.090 The Closest Feeling Vol.09 Ch.091 Truthful Expression Vol.09 Ch.092 Is This Love? Vol.09 Ch.093 A Feeling Deeper than Falling in Love Vol.09 Ch.094 Father's Love for His Daughter Vol.09 Ch.095 I Am in Love Vol.09 Ch.096 Distant Promise Vol.09 Ch.097 Smiling Face of Happiness Vol.09 Ch.098 Tearful Farewell to Your First Love Vol.09 Ch.099 The Feelings of Those in Love Vol.10 Ch.100 Finding Little Sister Vol.10 Ch.101 Did My Sister Live Happily? Vol.10 Ch.102 The Heart's Reaction Vol.10 Ch.103 Shinjuku's Angel Vol.10 Ch.104 Miraculous Match Vol.10 Ch.105 City Full of Memories Vol.10 Ch.106 A Little Wish Vol.10 Ch.107 Makimura's Determination Vol.10 Ch.108 City Hunter's Real Identity Vol.10 Ch.109 Ryo's Request Vol.10 Ch.110 Devoted Man Vol.11 Ch.111 Sayuri's Journey Vol.11 Ch.112 Request from a Highway Bandit!? Vol.11 Ch.113 Tea Pot Baby! Vol.11 Ch.114 A Misunderstanding Between Lovers Vol.11 Ch.115 Silent Night Miracle Vol.11 Ch.116 Destined Meeting Vol.11 Ch.117 The Changes of the Two Vol.11 Ch.118 Bai Lan's Mission Vol.11 Ch.119 Inner Insights Vol.11 Ch.120 Blessed Child from God Vol.11 Ch.121 First-time Affection Vol.12 Ch.122 Bai Lan's Determination Vol.12 Ch.123 Sorrowful Day of Operation Vol.12 Ch.124 Spiritual Food for Existence Vol.12 Ch.125 Inherited Life Vol.12 Ch.126 Bai Lan's Letter Vol.12 Ch.127 Believing the Heart's Voice Vol.12 Ch.128 Sympathy of the Heart Vol.12 Ch.129 Saori's Memories Vol.12 Ch.130 Ayane's Deception Vol.12 Ch.131 Takahata's Deception Vol.12 Ch.132 The Truth Revealed Vol.13 Ch.133 Dangerous Heart Operation Vol.13 Ch.134 Continue Living! Vol.13 Ch.135 The Proof of Living Vol.13 Ch.136 Takahata's Lucky Charm Vol.13 Ch.137 Saeko and the Mysterious Girl Vol.13 Ch.138 Zashiki-Warashi of the City Vol.13 Ch.139 Saeko's Reciprocation Vol.13 Ch.140 Dream of Wishful Desires Vol.13 Ch.141 Umibozu and Zashiki-Warashi Vol.13 Ch.142 Pure and Untainted Heart Vol.13 Ch.143 Longing for Mama Vol.14 Ch.144 Together Forever Vol.14 Ch.145 Seeing the Setting Sun in the Darkness Vol.14 Ch.146 The Kind-hearted Master Vol.14 Ch.147 Dangerous Star Actress! Vol.14 Ch.148 Joy's Secret Vol.14 Ch.149 Dearest Person in This City? Vol.14 Ch.150 Lover's Treasure Vol.14 Ch.151 Start Living Together! Vol.14 Ch.152 Miki's Happiness Vol.14 Ch.153 Like Mother and Daughter Vol.14 Ch.154 Joy's Destination Vol.15 Ch.155 Announcement Vol.15 Ch.156 Family Picture Vol.15 Ch.157 Ryo's Cell Phone Life Vol.15 Ch.158 Reason for Being Loved Vol.15 Ch.159 Love S-I-G-N Vol.15 Ch.160 Mystery of the Man Who I Loved Vol.15 Ch.161 Love Awareness Vol.15 Ch.162 Ryo's Big Mistake Vol.15 Ch.163 Drinks Between Women Vol.15 Ch.164 Where One belongs Vol.15 Ch.165 Yang's Request Vol.16 Ch.166 Could Love Save This World? Vol.16 Ch.167 Yang's Mission Vol.16 Ch.168 Heaven and Hell? Vol.16 Ch.169 The Invisible Man Appears! Vol.16 Ch.170 Yang, Begin the Operation! Vol.16 Ch.171 We Meet Again Vol.16 Ch.172 Mother's Way of Thinking Vol.16 Ch.173 A Bright Future Vol.16 Ch.174 Reisen's Worries Vol.16 Ch.175 A Couple's Future Vol.16 Ch.176 Sorrowful Couple Vol.17 Ch.177 A Man's Faith Vol.17 Ch.178 The Price of Prescience Vol.17 Ch.179 The Future of a Smile Vol.17 Ch.180 Intertwined Fate Vol.17 Ch.181 The Man Who Changed the Future Vol.17 Ch.182 Shin-Hon's Legacy Vol.17 Ch.183 Reiko's Future Vol.17 Ch.184 It's Hard Being a Father Vol.17 Ch.185 Umibouzu and Teacher Vol.17 Ch.186 Umibouzu's a Pervert? Vol.17 Ch.187 Miki's Disappearance Vol.18 Ch.188 Let's go to the Beach! Vol.18 Ch.189 The Pervert Revealed! Vol.18 Ch.190 Bus-jacking! Vol.18 Ch.191 Thrilling Car Chase! Vol.18 Ch.192 Family Conversation Vol.18 Ch.193 A Furious Strike! Vol.18 Ch.194 Father and Daughter's Determination Vol.18 Ch.195 The End of Summer Vacation Vol.18 Ch.196 Yang Returns! Vol.18 Ch.197 A Ring's Memories Vol.18 Ch.198 Christmas Present Vol.19 Ch.199 The Suitor from a Foreign Land Vol.19 Ch.200 The Super-Deluded Has Arrived
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