All-Rounder Meguru

Vol.03 Ch.026 No One Starts Out Strong/Yes, They Do

Vol.01 Ch.001 [includes chapters 1-8, see forum thread] Vol.02 Ch.009 [includes chapters 9-18, see forum thread] Vol.03 Ch.019 Crushed by Her Spirit Vol.03 Ch.020 Fighting by the Rules Vol.03 Ch.021 The End of the Contest Vol.03 Ch.022 Line (Part 1) Vol.03 Ch.023 Line (Part 2) Vol.03 Ch.024 Line (Part 3) Vol.03 Ch.025 Gi* Training [*from keikogi (training uniform)] Vol.03 Ch.026 No One Starts Out Strong/Yes, They Do Vol.03 Ch.027 There Are a Lot of Things to Do in Life Vol.03 Ch.028 The Night Before Vol.04 Ch.029 Start of the Kanto Championship Vol.04 Ch.030 First Round Tournament Match (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.031 First Round Tournament Match (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.032 First Round Tournament Match (Part 3) Vol.04 Ch.033 First Round Tournament Match (Part 4) Vol.04 Ch.034 Interval Vol.04 Ch.035 Second Round Tournament Match ~Yudai~ (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.036 Second Round Tournament Match ~Yudai~ (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.037 Second Round Tournament Match ~Meguru~ (Part 1) Vol.04 Ch.038 Second Round Tournament Match ~Meguru~ (Part 2) Vol.05 Ch.039 Second Round Tournament Match ~Meguru~ (Part 3) Vol.05 Ch.040 Second Round Tournament Match ~Meguru~ (Part 4) Vol.05 Ch.041 Second Round Tournament Match ~Meguru~ (Part 5) Vol.05 Ch.042 Omen Vol.05 Ch.043 Tangled Up in Blue Vol.05 Ch.044 Semi-finals Kitamura vs Yamabuki (Part 1) Vol.05 Ch.045 Semi-finals Kitamura vs Yamabuki (Part 2) Vol.05 Ch.046 Semi-finals Kitamura vs Yamabuki (Part 3) Vol.05 Ch.047 Frustration Vol.06 Ch.048 Semi-finals Meguru vs Kagaya (Part 1) Vol.06 Ch.049 Semi-finals Meguru vs Kagaya (Part 2) Vol.06 Ch.050 Semi-finals Meguru vs Kagaya (Part 3) Vol.06 Ch.051 Semi-finals Meguru vs Kagaya (Part 4) Vol.06 Ch.052 Semi-finals Meguru vs Kagaya (Part 5) Vol.06 Ch.053 Semi-finals Meguru vs Kagaya (Part 6) Vol.06 Ch.054 Fighting Man Vol.06 Ch.055 Cut Vol.06 Ch.056 I don't Need a Reason Vol.06 Ch.057 Eat Your Heart Out! Vol.07 Ch.058 Amateur Kickboxing Tournament Vol.07 Ch.059 Inborn Vol.07 Ch.060 Kicker vs. Puncher Vol.07 Ch.061 Denial Vol.07 Ch.062 Just Jiu-Jitsu Vol.07 Ch.063 Ten Years Part 1 Vol.07 Ch.064 Ten Years, Part 2 Vol.07 Ch.065 Ten years, Part 3 Vol.07 Ch.066 Ten years, Part 4 Vol.07 Ch.067 Ten years, Part 5 Vol.08 Ch.068 Ten years, Part 6 Vol.08 Ch.069 Ten years, Part 7 Vol.08 Ch.070 Ten Years, Part 8 Vol.08 Ch.071 Ten Years, Part 9 Vol.08 Ch.072 During the Summer Vacation Vol.08 Ch.073 Kamiya-san’s Blue-collar Lunchbox Vol.08 Ch.074 Following Vol.08 Ch.075 Entering Osaka Vol.08 Ch.076 Kansai Championship Starts Vol.08 Ch.077 First Battle Vol.09 Ch.078 Kansai Championship - The Opponents Vol.09 Ch.079 Kansai Championship - 2nd Round 12 Vol.09 Ch.080 Kansai Championship - 2nd Round 22 Vol.09 Ch.081 Keiji Mitsuya Vol.09 Ch.082 A Part of the Gym Vol.09 Ch.083 What's the Gift? Vol.09 Ch.084 vs. Olympic Contender Vol.09 Ch.085 Hopeless [ness] Vol.09 Ch.086 Thoroughly Vol.10 Ch.087 Juncture Vol.10 Ch.088 Juncture, Part 2 Vol.10 Ch.089 Gifted child? Vol.10 Ch.090 Turning the Tables Vol.10 Ch.091 Good Father Vol.10 Ch.092 Conquering Meguru Vol.10 Ch.093 No Options? Vol.10 Ch.094 Once again Vol.10 Ch.095 Counterattack Vol.11 Ch.096 Strike-Throw-Submit, Revolution Vol.11 Ch.097 Cut 'em Down Vol.11 Ch.098 A Lecture on Winning & Losing Vol.11 Ch.099 Kansai Championship Conclusion Vol.11 Ch.100 Four Years Ago, Snow Country Vol.11 Ch.101 Way Of The Dragon, Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.102 Way Of The Dragon, Part 2 Vol.11 Ch.103 Way Of The Dragon, Part 3 Vol.11 Ch.104 Maki’s Awakening……? Vol.12 Ch.105 To Tohoku Vol.12 Ch.106 At Kamaishi Vol.12 Ch.107 Big in spa Vol.12 Ch.108 Happily, Seriously Vol.12 Ch.109 Type to Stick to Their Guns Vol.12 Ch.110 Play it by Ear? Part 1 Vol.12 Ch.111 Play it by Ear? Part 2 Vol.12 Ch.112 180cm vs. 179cm (?) Vol.12 Ch.113 Tohoku Grappling Tournament Finale Vol.13 Ch.114 roots Vol.13 Ch.115 Final 'Kumite' Vol.13 Ch.116 Nabe's Training Restarts Vol.13 Ch.117 Girl Power Ora! Ora! High Vol.13 Ch.118 Love Will Tear Us Apart Vol.13 Ch.119 All Japan Championship Opening Vol.13 Ch.120 Vol.13 Ch.121 Controlling the Transition Vol.13 Ch.122 Vol.13 Ch.123 Vol.13 Ch.124 Vol.14 Ch.125 Vol.14 Ch.126 Vol.14 Ch.127 Vol.14 Ch.128 Vol.14 Ch.129 Vol.14 Ch.130 Leg Lock Fool Vol.14 Ch.131 The Dogs Bark but the Tournament Continues Vol.15 Ch.132 Umezawa Genta vs. Yamabuki Takashi Vol.15 Ch.133 Proof of Life Vol.15 Ch.134 Vol.15 Ch.135 Vol.15 Ch.136 Vol.15 Ch.137 Vol.15 Ch.138 Vol.15 Ch.139 Vol.15 Ch.140 Vol.16 Ch.002 Vol.16 Ch.003 Vol.16 Ch.004 Vol.16 Ch.005 Vol.16 Ch.006 Vol.16 Ch.007 Vol.16 Ch.008 Vol.16 Ch.010 Vol.16 Ch.011 Vol.16 Ch.012 Vol.16 Ch.013 Vol.16 Ch.014 Vol.16 Ch.015 Vol.16 Ch.016 Vol.16 Ch.017 Vol.16 Ch.018 Vol.16 Ch.141 Vol.16 Ch.142
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