Aku no Hana

Vol.11 Ch.057 What Our Hearts Consists of...

Vol.01 Ch.001 Flowers of Evil Vol.01 Ch.002 Invitation to the Voyage Vol.01 Ch.003 The Reason for Blackmail Vol.01 Ch.004 Cloudy Skies Vol.01 Ch.005 Promise Vol.01 Ch.006 Corruption Vol.02 Ch.007 Rampage Vol.02 Ch.008 Confession Vol.02 Ch.009 Frayed Threads Vol.02 Ch.010 Melancholy and Ideals Vol.02 Ch.011 Beyond Salvation Vol.02 Ch.012 That Which Punishes Ourselves Vol.03 Ch.013 The Dawn of the Mind Vol.03 Ch.014 Melancholy Vol.03 Ch.015 Twilight Vol.03 Ch.016 The Hurtful Moon Vol.03 Ch.017 Cry from the Abyss Vol.03 Ch.017.5 [Special Chapter] Vol.04 Ch.018 The Sun Vol.04 Ch.019 His Dream Vol.04 Ch.020 Vol.04 Ch.021 Vol.04 Ch.022 Vol.05 Ch.023 Vol.05 Ch.024 Vol.05 Ch.025 Vol.05 Ch.026 Vol.05 Ch.027 Vol.06 Ch.028 A Heatless Sun Vol.06 Ch.029 Tomorrow Morning, Will You Have Accomplished Anything Vol.06 Ch.030 Soft Breaths in the Midst of a Leaden Darkness Vol.06 Ch.031 A Pure Gaze Befouled Vol.06 Ch.032 Let's Love! Vol.07 Ch.033 Those Who Can Lift-Off Will be Happy Vol.07 Ch.034 Important Feelings Vol.07 Ch.035 Avoiding the Distant Sky Vol.07 Ch.036 Chasing an incomplete dream Vol.07 Ch.037 The winter sunshine suddenly lightens Vol.08 Ch.038 Even the name has been forgotten now Vol.08 Ch.039 No cries from the abyss Vol.08 Ch.040 Breaking the harmony of the happy universe Vol.08 Ch.041 Sweet like a secret Vol.08 Ch.042 In short, I died Vol.09 Ch.043 That's your spirit Vol.09 Ch.044 What my sinful heart seeks is Vol.09 Ch.045 My Love For You, As Vast As the Night Sky Vol.09 Ch.046 The Fountain of Eternal Youth Vol.09 Ch.047 I'm Just Now Returning Home Vol.10 Ch.048 The Corpse of a Loved One is Wrapped Up Vol.10 Ch.049 Do You Know Anguish? Vol.10 Ch.050 I Still Remember Vol.10 Ch.051 In the Light of Your Eyes Vol.10 Ch.052 Have You Noticed It? Vol.10 Ch.053 To know whether the sea is kind and forgving Vol.11 Ch.054 Will the beach bound twilight yield answers to that day? Vol.11 Ch.055 Too much time has passed by afterwards Vol.11 Ch.056 We are people who wish Vol.11 Ch.057 What Our Hearts Consists of...
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